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:hatching_chick: Nest Grant 1 $100k ($75k + $25k in ANT)

:hatching_chick: Nest Grant 2 $204.5k ($154.5k + $50k in ANT)

We are a community focused on making the **world a better place** through the use of blockchain technology! If you would like to contribute please get involved by taking a look at our [Contributors Guide](

Our flagship product, the Giveth Donation Application DApp is striving to bring new governance models into the nonprofit space. We created the Giveth Galaxy (the scope of projects we work on) to foster a larger network of organizations that will help us build the Future of Giving we envision; a truly decentralized one.

What have they built?

Giveth DApp

The Donation Application

Liquid Pledging

Ethereum contract to delegate donations to projects. Distribute donated ether while keeping ownership in the hands of the original donor.

Who’s using it?

Notable projects using the team’s products goes here.

What are they currently working on?

Team’s latest project goes here.

Other interesting info

Interesting stuff about the team or their projects goes here.