Getting Data from Aragon Client

Does Aragon client have an API I can use to get and analyse DAO’s data? I’m developing a tool to analyse DAOs from various providers, and the tool used to use the graph, but some subgraphs (like finance or voting) ceased to exist. What’s the alternative to the graph to get token and voting data of DAOs?

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We still use subgraph for Aragon client… but through Aragon Connect - GitHub - aragon/connect: (Aragon 1) Seamlessly integrate DAO functionality into web and node.js apps.


Thank you for your reply

Sorry, I already know about connect, but I thought the project was abandoned because there wasn’t any activity since December 2020 and there are some subgraphs that I couldn’t find deployed on TheGraph (I’ve redeployed them myself manually).

Relevant GitHub issue

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