Funding Proposal: Test the Viability of DAO Consultants

Hi, great idea! I agree that user stories and case studies are powerful for helping people understand the real value that Aragon provides!

DAO Consultants could surely use those as part of their arsenal for providing great advice to their clients.

I think Aragon’s focus for now is to onboard crypto projects for Aragon DAOs, but I do firmly believe that many traditional businesses and communities could derive benefit from an Aragon DAO even if they have no dealings with crypto at the moment.

For instance, two non-crypto types of associations I feel would benefit from Aragon DAOs are homeowner’s associations and parent-teacher associations.


Hey @Amazongirl hope you’re feeling better since your last post! How is the DAO Consultants experiment going?


@light Hi there! Thanks for asking!

I’m still collecting the responses. Overall, founders have been slow to respond and I think people are hesitant to make plans due to uncertainty caused by the pandemic.

I think timing is extremely important. So as people are less restricted in their movement and life returns to normal, causing greater optimism, there will be more founders interested in setting up an Aragon DAO.

Right now, I’m looking at some possible solutions for consultants to create a profile and be able to set up appointments, make use of AI automation for certain repetitive tasks, and charge/collect payments in cryptocurrency as well as fiat. So this would enable a consultant to create a profile and be ready to bill for time/services/packages and accept payments via an interface almost instantly.


Try to use simple chatbot for surveys, it might increase the conversion, because gathering data via chats is much more “emphatic” than surveys. Personally, I hate surveys :slight_smile:

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Also I was thinking about the mechanics behind DAO consultants, I propose to consider prediction market like Augur

The market creator sets the event end time and chooses a designated reporter to report the outcome of the event. The designated reporter does not unilat- erally decide the outcome of the market; the community always has an opportunity to dispute and correct the designated reporter’s report.

where market creator is a consultant (or DAO itself), event is defined as a series of consulting with specific outcome (like public report paper), designated reporter is a client (individual or group). This will allow to store meta about consulting, and also it allows to receive payments with trading mechanics - client bets agains the event with DAI, and consultant bets for the event with reputation. In case the consulting was successful, consultant receives payment and DAO receives fee. In case the consulting was bad, client receives reputation and his money back (minus fees), DAO receives fee, consultant gets penalty. Question only how to prevent fraud when client don’t want to pay for consulting, I propose that all the consulting sessions should be recorder and encrypted until the dispute, then they become public and community can see them and report the event.

Thanks Mike! I will consider that! More ideas are welcome.

Interesting!!! I think it would be hard to define what a successful outcome or successful consulting engagement would consist of. For instance, a consultant could have created a DAO MVP for the client but still not meet the expectations of the client. Plus a lot of consulting involves the giving of advice and presenting viable options to the client, and much of the value of information shared is subjective. It’s not like a sports event where you could quantify who is the winner and who is the loser; i.e., the team with the higher score wins the game.

Also, like you mentioned, a client who doesn’t want to pay could paint the outcome as unsuccessful.

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I agree with you that consulting job has no any strict criteria of success and mostly depends on customer satisfaction or deliverables estimated during the initial consulting. Also I agree on the fact that successful consulting do not always lead to some traceable actions - in most of the cases consultant delivers knowledge to the client.
Approach and details might vary from case to case, sometimes it will look like education, sometimes like brainstorming, sometimes like data analytics.
So, if we are going to forecast behavior of the average consulting, we will see following picture:

  1. Initial zero-knowledge request by the client
  2. Initial contextual briefing and case definition
  3. Deliverables estimation and proposal construction
  4. Consulting delivery
  5. Deliverables evaluation and payment
  6. Additional deliverables - repeat 3)-5)
  7. Feedback delivery

That means the smart contract should looks like proposal, be repeatable, have possibility to store meta data about deliverables & prices, have outcome confirmation/dispute, right?
I think about Augur because this reminds me outcome forecasting rather than development.
Let’s consider simple escrow contract with these properties and Aragon court as a dispute resolution. In this case if client would like to paint outcome as unsuccessful, nobody will stop him, right? Even in the court he just claims “I did not understand a shit from this consulting” and nobody can prove it.
From other side, let’s consider prediction market, where community can bet for the positive outcome because of consultant reputation, feedback etc. In this case at the stake of dispute resolution will be not just reputation, but real value of community bets, that enables wisdom of the crowd and theoretically might be used to prevent fraud.
I would love to discuss this in depth, because consulting is a very important part of impact economy and I am also looking for better and more resilient solution.


Sure. Let’s do a phone call! Will send you a DM.

Hi everyone!

I am testing this new funnel for Aragon DAO adoption known as Dreams of DAO:

24 tickets available for testnet DAO creation:

20 tickets available for mainnet DAO creation:

The XDAO token is for free testnet DAO creation while the MDAO is for paid mainnet DAO creation.

If I connect the stores to a Stripe account, the tickets can be sold for fiat as well.

Let me know what you think!

Also, DM me if any of you want to be on the DAO Consultants list for accepting paid DAO consulting assignments.

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So the Dreams of DAO business model and funnel work as follows:

  1. People claim a free ticket in the form of a tradable NFT created on Mintbase.

  2. They learn how to set up and run a DAO on testnet.

  3. They use their acquired knowledge and experience to become Dreams of DAO paid consultants.

  4. When Dreams of DAO sells tickets for mainnet DAO creation and related services, the work is assigned to the consultants.

  5. When a DAO is created according to a client’s needs, Dreams of DAO pays the consultant minus a 10% fee.

  6. The initial paid flat fee tiers will be from $350 to $2500. There may also be NFT tickets for 1 hour consultation, 3 hours, 5 hours, and so forth. I will possibly include a percentage fee where the DAO must pay a percentage of funds raised to the DAO advisor.

  7. As for the NFT tickets themselves, any unredeemed tickets are tradable on the free market such as on OpenSea, OTC, etc.

So every person who learns how to set up a DAO at no cost potentially becomes a paid consultant.

Goal: To speed up Aragon DAO adoption by providing incentives to become skilled at setting up and running DAOs, and by cultivating a large pool of skilled DAO consultants, provide readily available talent and best practices needed to stimulate interest in and fulfill demand for DAOs, and enable them to flourish for the long term.


Sounds great @Amazongirl !

I have been waylaid by other stuff recently but something has come up in the last few days with an old friend and colleague - which is potentially much bigger than the other stuff I have talked to you about. I am frantically try to finish a Google Doc overview and sort out some of the DAO issues with the guy involved but as soon as I get that done I would like to share the doc with you for comments if that’s OK?

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@philiprhoades Of course Philip! Happy to help you and you know how to find me! :smiley:

Hi @Amazongirl! Any more updates regarding this topic? What’s the outcome of the research? Is there a document summarizing the conclusions?

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