Funding Proposal: Test the Viability of DAO Consultants

Exactly. Just ignore the VAT part if it doesn’t apply to you.

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OK. Great. What should I put in the invoice for the Due Date?

Would the Due Date be the date when the voting period ends, or some other date?

A week after voting ends would be great

As instructed by @light, an invoice using the new CFDAO invoice template has been created, and the grant proposal post has been edited to include a link to the invoice.

I believe there’s been some confusion here. So sorry about this. To clarify, you do not need to post an invoice with your personal data to this public forum. As a result, I have removed your invoice from the original CFDAO proposal thread. If you really want to you can add it back, but there is no requirement for you to do so.

The Aragon Association only needs an invoice after your proposal has been created, but before the vote passes. So TL;DR: in the future just email me the invoice instead. Since I already have the invoice that was posted you don’t need to do anything more.

I apologize for the confusion around this new change. If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to reach out to me directly (via an @ mention or DM). Otherwise, best of luck with your proposal. Really excited about this! :slight_smile:

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@burrrata Sounds great! Thanks for the clarification. You have my invoice now, so glad that issue has been taken care of.

I am sharing some valuable information we could use for talking points and best practices for DAO Consultants.

As discussed in this thread, there are several approaches we could take, such as a professional membership DAO, a for-profit McKinsey type DAO, a reputation DAO (as suggested by @burrrata), a hybrid DAO (such as a model where revenue is not shared, but expenses are), or something else.

The following information is useful regardless of approach. We can always learn something from very successful consulting organizations and their time proven methods of serving their clients well.

I. For-profit McKinsey model

  • Leading strategy consulting firm where people are its biggest assets

  • Creates sustainable value for clients of which it extracts fixed fee or % of monetary value
    Customer promise is to create positive change that is:
    a. Substantial and Relevant (looks at organization from CEO’s point of view)
    b. Measurable (effects of the change must be measurable, ideally quantitatively)
    c. Sustainable (boost to company’s performance should be sustainable over several years)

  • Continuously evolving operational model is designed around its business model
    Operational model is based on 3 pillars centered around customer-centricity:
    a. Technical System
    b. Management Infrastructure
    c. Mindset and Behaviors

II. Non-profit Bridgespan model

Bridgespan Group is a leading social impact consulting firm serving nonprofits, NGOs, philanthropists, and investors. Bridgespan is a registered nonprofit 501c(3) organization.

Their services include consulting to nonprofits and philanthropists, leadership development support, and developing and sharing insights, all with the goal of scaling social impact. What they learn from their collaborations and rigorous research, they share broadly to advance social change. The “bridge” in Bridgespan is their ability to connect and learn from social and business sectors, donors and grantees, and ideas and practice.

Thus, Bridgespan not only advises their clients, but also shares their insights and research findings with the public to scale social impact around the world.

What are your thoughts and reactions? Really excited about the possibilities! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sounds cool, but what does that look like in the context of Aragon? If you added a third section for Aragon DAO Consultants, what would it say?

From what I can tell the key takeaways from the first two case studies are:

  • Find, cultivate, and retain awesome people.
  • Develop strategies for concrete growth.
  • Have a winning mindset.
  • Show your work.
  • Get paid.

This would apply both within the DAO Consultants organization, as well as within the context of consulting clients. Is that more or less the gist?


Great points @burrrata! People and talent are the key for sure.

  • Foundational Values and Organizational Structure
    What I got out of it are that the foundational values and organizational structure are directly correlated to success for the client, and all key metrics must be measured to see if there has been positive change. McKinsey is constantly pivoting and refining its operational model, and DAO Consultants should be open and flexible that way as well.

  • Ownership of Results Produced for Clients
    DAO Consultants must also “own” the results of the client and their interests must be full aligned with that of the client.

  • Relationship Manager Supported by Wide Network of Experts
    From the HBS post: “How are resources allocated to the projects? McKinsey’s solution is simple: a relationship-manager partner and a small dedicated teams supported by a wide expert network and a research arm (with a budget larger than the top 10 B-schools combined – don’t quote me on this). This ensures that the changes are substantial and relevant…”

Thus, there is a relationship manager who is supported by a wide expert network. It struck me that DAO Consultants should recruit not just from crypto circles but from a variety of industries and disciplines. Thus we could form an advisory network of DAO experts, crypto experts, McKinsey consultants, lawyers, accountants, serial entrepreneurs, experienced business executives and community leaders, etc.

Maybe we could set up a website like this:

The purpose of DAO Consultants would still be to advance the use of Aragon DAOs, but we would draw skills from a list of experts from multiple industries and disciplines. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Many questions:

  • All organizations (DAOs or otherwise) need to have measurable goals, otherwise it’s very difficult to help them. What kinds of goals do you think are or will be common among DAOs? Are there any example of this you can point to?
  • The interests of consultants need to be aligned with those of their clients. Beyond the obvious fact that a client won’t continue hiring a consultant if their performance is lacking, how else could incentives be aligned? Are there web3 and/or DAO specific tools that can help with this?
  • Knowledge is power. How do you plan to build this expert network and why would these experts want to help us vs all the other things they could be doing? Is there a short-list of DAO specific experts who you’re already thinking of or talking to?

In short, what you’re describing is an ideal scenario. How do we get there?

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Membership growth rates, active participation rate, funds raised, financial solvency, percentage of DAO’s short-term and long-term objectives realized, and approval rating of governance mechanism, etc.

Make at least a part of the compensation package performance based, such as dependent on achieving a particular membership size, number of network transactions (such as from voting activity), or revenue/fundraising target.

The beauty is that much of this information is on-chain, transparent, and independently verifiable so there is no need to take the client’s word for it.

I don’t know what kinds of tools are available for viewing DAO performance and activity data, but for instance I use Uniswap and enjoy this tool:

Well, I have approached some highly experienced developers to potentially serve as technical consultants for DAO Consultants, to provide advice on security, manage a team of programmers, and do the coding themselves if needed.

I think many advisors would hop on board if they found the work interesting and a chance to establish themselves as an authority/influencer/thought leader in a new niche with high potential. I could assemble a list and the advisors are free to accept or decline any given assignment. I would simply ask the people in my existing network and go from there.


The voting is now closed and this funding proposal has passed.

Thank you everyone for your voting support! I am super excited to be working on this! :+1:


Fantastic! I am really looking forward to this development!

I am still getting organised to buy some ANT - is there someone on this forum that is interested in selling or should I just go to some exchange and buy in the usual way?

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Philip, try buying some ANT from KyberSwap, available since last month! :grin:

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Ah, interesting! I will check that out . . thanks!

Sounds amazing, but my question is that we should focus more on traditional businesses and communities to get viable data in form of user stories - what exactly is missing in traditional operations that DAOs can provide.
Then this research would bring more value and establish an example approach for consultants


There is an interesting solution to the invoicing problem, check this out


Hi everyone! Been sick as a dog this past week. Besides that, it sure has been a historic and eventful week for crypto!

Here is what I have so far for the Aragon Founder Outreach Survey:

Let me know what you think and feel free to suggest any questions or changes!

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