Funding proposal: Swarm Hackathon Sponsorhip Madrid

Who will be speaking about Aragon and leading the workshop in this capacity?

There are some enthusiasts in our community that are involved in Aragon’s current status and state of the art, and they could do it, but of course it’d be awesome if someone from Aragaon can come to raise the standards.

hope that @ottodevs from the Autark team can make it since he’s in Madrid as well. I know that he and Carlos Buendía have collaborated in the past! I suppose it would depends on his availability. I’ve heard everyone is extra busy these days.

maybe @jorge himself would be in Madrid those days!?? :grimacing::grimacing:

Just updated: we are adding to our partnership list DAppNode. They will be providing support for devs using DAppNode’s infrastructure during the event. So cool!


Unfortunately I don’t think I will be in Madrid around those dates :slightly_frowning_face:

David from P2P Models team (who have built an Aragon Wiki app for DAOs) says he will definitely be able to make it:


I would love to do this, but a problem is I have plans for these dates already. I am trying to determine if I could update my plans and change dates, but initially I won’t be in Madrid those days. Anyway you have all my support guys!

I remember last year @sepu85 was in the winner team on the hackathon we organized with the Ethereum community, it was a really fun and interesting event.



Accepted! Thank you so much for your support, guys!
It’ll be awesome. Will forward details, pics and videos as soon as they start to materialize.


Please keep us updated with all the deets…

Hi all,

I’m Adrián, one of the organizers of the hackathon.
We are still looking for someone from Aragon to come to the hackathon to give a talk and workshop and give some support to the participants with the usage of the Aragon’s SDK.


Hi @AdrianClv! Is someone from the Aragon dev team required for this event to be successful or is this just a “nice to have”? This wasn’t specified in the OP’s proposal. Note that I pointed out David from P2P Models plans to attend, and they have experience building an Aragon app, you should get in touch with him!

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Hi @light,
No, is not mandatory. The presence of someone from Aragon in the hackathon is a nice to have to get the most out of it for the Aragon community (more support/info for participants). But the hackathon and the Aragon track with the promotion for Aragon will run either way.


Sorry for the late reply @AdrianClv, @light, I wasn’t following this forum thread.

As I said in the chat, we at P2P Models are so excited about this hackathon, and we are planning to participate. Adrian contacted me yesterday and I also will be able to give the talk and the workshop.

This is going to be exciting!


@light BTW we thought about giving some swag to the hackathon participants. Other projects that are taking part in the hackathon seem to like the idea and will bring some stickers and stuff like that. If you want you can send some swag of Aragon to us and we will distribute it during the hackathon (It’s optional).

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Our swag collection is currently in the U.S., much as I’d like to send you a shipment I don’t trust EU customs to deliver it on time with the event being just a week and a half away.

Great to hear! If any of this gets filmed, please post a link here and I will add it to our presentations video archive on the Aragon Wiki.

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It’s starting guys!!!

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@sepu85 @sembrestels @AdrianClv @tonytony are their any videos/slides from the workshops available from this event?

@sembrestels guided a workshop about [GUIDE] Custom Aragon Organization Deployment using the CLI, but I’m unsure there was a recording.

The hackathon itself is tracked here: