Funding proposal: Summit Sponsorship in Dubai, UAE

Dear Colleagues,

My name is Andrew Shaban. I am the founder of the custom software development company Fresh Lime Soft. We are based in Belarus. Currently we are working on a project that is going to employ Aragon platform as a base for a consortium of outsourcing companies in Belarus. Our project is going to be similar to, but we aim to make it decentralized in terms of organizing workflows, management of funds, handling disputes and other business processes that can utilize block-chain functions provided by Aragon platform.

We have an approval to participate as speakers at Outsourcing Summit in Dubai, UAE later this year: . UAE expresses big interest in applications of block chain technology for business and developing use cases for it. They actively invest money into this field.

What we would like to offer to you is your sponsorship to represent our project at this summit in return for advertising of Aragon platform and our payback to you of the requested amount in several months with Ethereum to run project on Aragon. The price of participation as a speaker at the summit is $4500. We will handle all other expenses.

Best regards,
Software Engineer, Entrepreneur.

Thanks for reaching out, but the CFDAO program is to support initiatives that are directly related to Aragon products and services. Just having an Aragon DAO as part of your project is not enough.

That being said, I would be curious to learn more about what you’re building. Where can I find more information on your project?