Funding proposal: MyDAODashboard Grant



MyDAODashboard is a project to create a user-centric dashboard for a user’s participation in DAOs.


MyDAODashboard operates as a DAO - with each member of the DAO holding equal decision-making rights.


There is a thriving community growing around MyDAODashboard, with regular open calls to discuss project progress, and a Telegram channel for asynchronous communication.


The project won “The Graph” prize at ETHBerlinZwei in September 2019:

image image

Since then, there has been steady ongoing development, including:

Here is a screenshot of MyDAODashboard on Ethereum mainnet today, showing the user’s DAOs, plus other information about pending votes:

  • Creation of providing an interface to query DAOs

Here is a screenshot of DAOScan today showing how to use this tool to query DAOs on Ethereum mainnet:

Grant Application

This project requests a grant of 2000 DAI for continued development of tooling.

If successful, please arrange payment to be made to the MyDAODashboard’s DAO on Mainnet.


Please leave any feedback or questions in the comments.

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What’s on the roadmap?

What do you think about the idea of adding “social” features to facilitate DAO interactions (see this thread)?.