Funding Proposal: Kipos: A Research on Aragon As a Cooperative Housing Tool Box

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we are Pol, Adrià and Mariona and we have team up for doing a research project based on Aragon usability in a specific social problem. We attach below our proposal and we would love to hear from your feedback.

Aragon Nest Proposal: Kipos: A Research on Aragon As a Cooperative Housing Tool Box.



Housing has become a major problem in cities like Barcelona. Speculation, banks monopoly of real estate, lobbies, gentrification and salaries stagnation are the main causes on this attack against one of the most important human rights. Furthermore, the colonization of sharing economy models doesn’t seem to be a solution but a way to perpetuate this endemic problem by a hyper-individualization of urban life.

The underlying financial structure that caused the last economic crisis has remained untouched and there’s is no rational expectation that local policies can reverse this situation. Locals seem condemned to a future of increasing precarity, almost a nomadic life without any ability to build meaningful collective networks and self-empowered communities.

New forms of collective acts of sovereignty are already emerging to face the housing crisis: cooperative building purchasing, communes, squating, popular resistance against eviction orders, rent strikes. Besides the perils and retaliation that this forms of resistance could face, a major handicap for the adoption of this forms of resistance is the lack of an optimal technological infrastructure to dynamically manage organizational disputes, funds, tasks and goals. Ethereum could provide a solution but due its scalability and expensive fees concerns, the Ethereum mainnet doesn’t seem a feasible infrastructure to support housing organizations.

We belive that this research will provide realistic feedback on using aragon on existing social problems.


Our motto is house-the-unhoused. We will provide a user friendly toolbox for the self-organization of common resources of buildings. Because of the knowledge gap between average people and blockchain technologies we don’t think a universal proposal to housing problems will succeed. That’s why our project is focused on an intensive field work with different entities of the Barcelona associative network, so we can set useful tutorials, workshops and strategies for an organic adoption of AragonOS by Barcelona citizens. We will also establish fluid channels of communication with Aragon App development teams so they can have a direct contact and give them real feedback from real users.

In addition, we can solve the Ethereum mainnet usability handicaps by deploying AragonOS and it’s modules into This way we can ensure low transaction fees and solve the scalability concerns of Ethereum mainnet. By setting a root hash commits of state into the Ethereum mainnet we ensure the security of the underlying organizations in case of a shutdown event.

Kipos housing research our PROPOSAL also may profit from the features of the Aragon ecosystem.
We think that is time to do a research on applying Aragon in Barcelona on this scenario, within the following context:

  • deployment in a local blockchain: even though mainnet provides a high guarantees on security and decentralization it is easier for social activists not familiar with blockchain to trust in a local network where the nodes are well known. Other problems like privacy or transaction costs are not fully solved, but these are problems that can be easily overcome.
  • english is not a native language in Barcelona, and the application should be understood by locals.
  • most of the Aragon functionality should be useful but writing a complementary aragonApp for a specific housing project could unlock its potential.
  • onplace research with locals on how to use decentralization with aragon, as also developing new concepts should be also a priority for success.
  • research on the possibility of deploying smart legal agreements for housing cooperative services with Aragon.


  1. Fully deploy Aragon on is a small PoA for social projects with nodes from UPC, UAB, UOC, UdG, UIB, URV university teachers, GuifiNet and members the White Hat Group, that at this moment is also developing a project on a complementary social coin for the Sants neighbourhood in Barcelona. This also includes the required infrastructure (like ENS or aragonPM) and a basic translation to catalan and spanish of some modules.

  2. A research paper in english with the key findings on using Aragon and decentralized technologies, in housing projects, probably including: pains/gains, usage scenarios, conceptual approaches for mass adoption, next steps, and (we hope) a first real usage analysis.

    • History and memorandum of all kipos meeting with Barcelona housing organizations. A detailed feedback from the Aragon dApp ecosystem teams.

    • A website or wiki promoting Aragon software to empower housing communities in Catalan and Spanish.

  3. A specific AragonApp to manage shared resources based on the research paper on housing projects problematic created.

Grant size


  • An initial 6k€ + 6k€ in DAI, split into chunks paid out over achieved deliverables.

Success reward

  • 4k€ in ANT, given out when all deliverables are ready.

Application requirements

  • Details of the team members, alongside with their willingness in terms of implication:

    • Pol Torrent (@PolTorrent): graduated in philosophy, works as a consultant for and as a teacher in Blintech academy. In charge of theoretical research of the project, part-time dedication (20h/w).

    • Mariona Farell: industrial engineer, organizer of the Women in Blockchain Barcelona (WIBB) meetup, in charge of technical development of the project, part-time dedication (20h/w).

    • Adrià Massanet: Barcelona ethereum meetup organizer, lecturer on secure blockchain programming at UPC university, member of the WHG Aragon Audit team, mentor of the project, 2-3h/w dedication.

  • Estimated average burn rate for completing the deliverables

    • Aragon deployment on 1k€/mo x 1mo
    • Research paper: 2k/mo x 4mo
    • Specific AragonApp: 1k/mo x 2mo
  • Legal structure to be adopted, if any

    • We will self-organize with an Aragon DAO on mainnet, we don’t want any legal structure behind us.

Development timeline

The development timeline will be the following one in regards to each deliverable:

  • Month 1 : Aragon deployment on
  • Month 4 : Delivery of the research first draft
  • Month 6 : Delivery of the AragonApp + final research paper

Hello, welcome and thank you for sharing your proposal! This seems appropriate for the Aragon Nest program, I recommend you read through the process and apply there: