Funding proposal: Hack For Inclusion | Hackathon


Hack For Inclusion is India’s biggest all-woman and Non-Binary Tech event organized by IIIT-Allahabad . This event is a celebration of diversity and aims to provide a safe and inclusive environment for developers to come together, learn, ideate, and build.

Over the course of three days, we here at IIIT Allahabad will be organizing a Developer conference , Bootcamps/Workshops , and a thrilling, edge-of-your-seat 36-hour Hackathon .
We invite top industry experts to mentor and help empower the participants to be ready for the challenges that lie ahead giving them a much-needed headstart.

Scheduled to be held from 13-15th May 2022 , Hack for Inclusion is preparing to engage a large and wide audience with leading experts. This idea of unity in the face of social and geographical barriers has made it an exemplary event.

Potential ROI/impact on the Aragon Ecosystem:

This is an event that can help bring in top developers into the Aragon ecosystem through the hackathon. Also, we can have speakers/workshop from your side to further increase the awareness regarding the ecosystem.

Amount of funding:
3000 USD

Metrics for success

We are expecting a participation of over 800 female and non-binary developers from all across the world.


Thanks for the proposal and kudos to you for creating space for a diverse and often marginalised group to build and learn together.

The proposal lacks depth as to what funds would be used for, milestones and other details relevant to discussion of the topic. Perhaps I would ask you to investigate further within the AN DAO wiki for guidance on the proposal that may help you further pursue.

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I am sorry that this proposal was overlooked bythe ESD due to the S1 funding process which was only approved in April. @LucaVJ can you advise what the current process is for event funding and required deliverables /metrics for measuring success? Inthe past events are something the AA has funded, would you like to see this as an ESD funded process moving forward? ESD funding information for process and reporting here @pratham29 who have you spoken to in regards to speakers/workshops and where are we at in terms of deadline?

Hi @b3n and @lee0007

  1. For workshops, we will be having 2 workshops in this edition of Hack For Inclusion. The first one being on Blockchain and Web3, being conducted by Moralis Foundation, and the second one is on Design, being conducted by Figma.

  2. The deadline for sponsorship is 10th May, 2022.

  3. We are currently requesting sponsorship of 3000 USD, out of which 2000 USD will be allocated for prize money, and the remaining 1000 USD will be used towards Merchandise for all participants.

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That sounds awesome!
Initial excitement aside, as pointed out there is a lot of lacking information.

  • Please link the event website
  • How does the sponsorship line-up look like and where does Aragon fit

Hi @fartunov

  • Link to website:
  • Link to website for 2021 edition:
  • Sponsorship Brochure - H4I_brochure.pdf - Google Drive
  • Sponsors for this year’s edition of hack For Inclusion - Moralis, dydx Foundation, Harmony Foundation, Uniswap Grants, Figma, Gitlab, Coil, Polygon, Tezos, Celo, FileCoin, Balsamiq. Other sponsors can be found at out website. We are currently looking to have Aragon as our Title Sponsor (3000 USD), which is the top tier.

Hi @b3n @fartunov @lee0007 and Team,

Just checking if Aragon is still considering being a sponsor of the event.
Do let me know if you have any further queries. Will be happy to help.

ESD General Meeting 2 May 2022 UTC 1900: Majority support (due to absence) to fund this proposal as requested. Look forward to hearing how this goes! Please post a summary of the event (as a comment below) to report on success metrics along with any relevant/ interesting links post-event. The finance team will work with you to secure sponsorship payment @Ricktik6

cc @fartunov @daniel-ospina