Funding proposal: Global Impact Hub community onboarding

***Update v1 22.04.2020 ***
***Update v2 22.05.2020 ***
Hey everyone! My name is Mike, I am researching Impact-oriented Economy (there is a thread with description)
Basically I would like to find out how to unite people from all over the world that are making positive environmental and social impact into one global community with decentralized governance, economy and enough resources to fix global problems and change our world to a better place.
I started my research inside of Lisbon Impact Hub community and now I would like to go global and study Global Impact Hub community of 16,000+ active members within 100+ locations across five continents, in more than 50 countries that consists of individuals, companies and organizations with high diversity of socio-economic attributes united and organized by the idea of global positive changes. The last global survey had conversion rate of 21%.
I set my-self a milestone - to produce report consisting of implementation plan ( ***Update v2: Covid19 changed a lot of plans, so now main focus is to create Manifest of Changes that will call for collaboration all other Hubs to find new business, governance and social models to protect Impact Community against the crisis) that we will present on Impact Hub Global Gathering: Vision 2030 (June 2nd-4th 2020) to the leading impact makers and influencers of the global community with aim to promote Aragon DAO and crypto-economy for transforming impact industry into the powerful decentralized conglomerate.

Scope of the proposal

***Update v2: Goals and deliverables
Main goal of this proposal is to on-board non-crypto community, represented by members of Impact Hubs of Europe, to Aragon DAO and to develop the methodology of non-crypto on-boarding, including lead generation chatbot, UX feedback gathering, video tutorials, Q&A webinars and incentive model. That’s why I post here my funding proposal consisting of 3 phases:

  1. Surveys for gathering general information about community members and their activities for the classification, evaluation and focus-group forming - 2-3 weeks part-time - €500 = 548 DAI.
    Questions will be composed as follows:
    1.2. Contacts, location, industry, employment status;
    1.3. Professional activity, impact activity, activity average costs, transactional frequency, funding sources types (philanthropy, investments, grants, bootstrapping);
    1.4. Collaboration type and used communication network, type and rating of the issues;
    1.5. Relations to digital innovations, decentralized governance, crowdfunding.
    *** update v1: modification of the survey from Eutopiagreen to build and share database of impact projects:
    *** update v2: survey will be implemented with Chatbot

  2. Interviews for gathering in-depth information about existing socio-economic elements, interaction between them and experienced problems for qualitative analysis of the focus group - 4-5 weeks full-time, €2000 = 2193 DAI. Questions will be composed as follows:
    2.1. Professional and impact activity description, goals;
    2.2. Funding process and objectives, costs structure;
    2.3. Impact generation process, measurements and KPIs;
    2.4. Current issues and troubles, possible solutions;
    2.5. Impact token user stories covering economic, collaboration and governance activities.
    ***update v2: €500+ will be stored to incentivize management teams and community members to participate in on-boarding process; exact amount depends on conversion rate from leads to customers

  3. Communication with Impact Hubs management teams for consulting and onboarding of their local communities to Aragon Network using Rinkeby test organization - 4-5 weeks part-time, €1000 = 1096 DAI. Will cover following topics:
    3.1. Reputation system for community rewarding and tracking;
    3.2. Decentralized Finance and decision making for impact facilitation;
    3.3. Impact-oriented economy implementation plan.
    ***update v2: communication will be performed and recorded in form of webinars with targeted groups of managers and participants; some of the test DAOs will be converted in fully functional mainnet applications via incentive model.

Collected data will be anonymized and divided into two datasets - social and financial to prevent reverse engineering personalization, and analyzed to produce intelligence about economic structure, networking channels and operational flow of the selected community, that will define types of social collaboration, economic dependencies, average financial volumes of demand and supply, revenue and cost streams routing, indicators of impact measurement, incentives and user experience cases. This data will be used to define suitable economic models, requirements for software infrastructure and to build a formal proposal to the Impact Hub Global network.

Expected results
I consider several levels of success of my work ***Update v1: including database of social enterprises:
Minimal result - report, formal proposal for Impact Hubs, onboarding of Lisbon Impact Hub and on-boarding methodology report;
***update v2: minimal result includes full report on communication, interviewing and on-boarding process including all used and created materials to provide future consultants with non-crypto on-barding framework.

Normal result - minimal result + on-boarding of Madrid Impact Hub;
Great result - minimal result + on-boarding of 3+ hubs from different countries, forming a team for economy development and on-boarding facilitation.

This research might be a beginning for a great project that will connect Aragon community with Impact Industry and bring more human and financial resources into our ecosystem!

The voting is Live! You can support this proposal via following link:


It would be really interesting to have a list with categories and detail information about all the social/ecologic impact organizations. A social network for impact organizations.

Perhaps something like with more categories and more details from winding tree are doing something nice “Arbor has created an efficient alternative to lengthy and expensive Know-Your-Business (KYB) processes. Search for verified organizations across various industries and get discovered by potential partners.”

Perhaps Arbor is a good example because they create value for the companies so they are interested in joining the network.


Thank you for the feedback! Indeed, it will be very useful to have such a database, so I included this question into the research. I think to collaborate with project that builds a database of green enterprises to take their methodology and adjust it for all impact industry.

That’s very interesting, I will research these solutions to understand how they organized the data gathering process and will use it in the research, thanks for sharing!
Also I think to use solution to build automated conversational survey and interview to increase conversion through people-friendly UX, I think it can be useful for the DAO Consultants as an instrument of gathering and pre-scoring the information from potential customers.
So far I see that this proposal will produce side solutions like enterprises knowledge database and automated data gathering that can be integrated with Aragon and used by the community.

This sounds cool, but will you actually deploy any DAOs and onboard people to validate the research?

Yes! That is the plan :slight_smile: First of all I would like to get a list of community members that are open to try something new or already aware of blockchain and/or Aragon. Next I would interview some members to understand how they see the process of using dApps and create UX cases. And finally I would communicate with Hub’s management (based on the surveys and interviews) about how to onboard organization, how to maintain it and how members can use it. This includes deploying test organizations on Rinkeby network, helping members to setup wallet (metamask), recording some guideline videos of how to use the system.
Based on conversation I had several months ago with @joeycharlesworth I plan to start from Lisbon Impact Hub (Portugal) and Madrid Impact Hub (Spain) by promoting reputation system and deFi functionality

Yes something like this is nice. I think it would be helpful if all the startups/companies solutions/products are listed as so i can click for example category: +energy++(sub category energy, small storage) +open-source and i see all storage energy open source solutions/products. if its a collaboration platform for impact organizations then the goal should be how to create a platform which helps impact organizations to collaborate, find solutions, get feedback from customers/users (for example with & start a legal impact organization via aragon. Aragon organizations will be the easiest to collaborate with and are governed by the community members.

I spoke with Andrea Canepa - the founder of Eutopiagreen - about creating the database of impact organizations and he shared with me the survey they use to gather data from the startups. The link to the survey is here.
My plan is to use this survey as a core structure of the chatbot conversation and build additional question leaves to cover the research objectives. When I will process the data, I will create additional conversational algorithm for reading the database, so there will be a possibility to have such an output:

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Hi @MikeAnanyin. Thanks for bringing your interesting proposal to my attention. :slightly_smiling_face:

It might be difficult to onboard people with no previous knowledge about crypto. So you should address this point: How would you reach out to impact folks who know nothing about crypto and get them excited about improving their collaboration processes by forming and running an Aragon DAO?

What are their existing methods of organizing and collaborating and how could these methods be empowered or improved via Aragon? For instance, they could use an Aragon DAO to recruit new members in an organized way; fundraise; systematically create, vote for, and fund proposals; form committees with separate responsibilities; rank the reputation of members; and reward members, etc. All of these activities have pre-built templates available and, furthermore, are paperless, transparent, and accessible online 24/7 regardless of member location.

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i like the chatbot solution. Chatbots are more fun to interact than filling out the form by your own. How does this work? Will the chatbot message each organization and start and conversation and through this conversation the chatbot asks those questions?

Thank you for your attention and feedback! And special thanks for the use-cases that I will use in communication with participants! :heart::pray:
I am very happy to answer your questions :slight_smile:

I will reach out people via chatbot survey, where between questions about professional and impact activities I will also ask their opinions related to the DAO subjects, like decision-making, dispute resolution, funds management etc., I will ask them to describe pros and cons of current solutions they use and their openness for something new.
Every person that will confirm openness will be chosen for a personal interview so I could ask more specific questions based on the survey inputs and introduce Aragon DAOs features related to the person’ pain. This will give me a list of leads ready to become customers, so the next step is to convert them into agents that will spread the DAOs use-cases into their networks and bring more leads (their teammates, friends, colleagues etc.). Next I plan to make webinars for participants with similar pain/goals to introduce Aragon DAO testnetwork, show and explain how this works and onboard them on test organization they can touch and give UX feedback.
To organize webinars groups I will use help of Impact Hubs management, they are open for crypto and even started something similar “Digital-currencies: solution for the new reality?
Also there is another feature of chatbot surveys, I can include between questions some Ad statements like “Did you know that Aragon community has their own digital court to resolute disputes?” with the link to the Aragon website/forum
I hope I answer your questions :slight_smile:

So here is the initial version I am working on, check it out :slight_smile:
Unfortunately, I’ve stuck to the limit of the free version and things are moving slower than I thought. I hope that my proposal will pass and I can get full version
It’s very cool tool, you can make a chatbot without any programing skills building it like an algorithm)

Hi, folks!

I appreciate your attention and support very much, and, as your feedback is generally supportive, I’m going to proceed with the voting on my proposal.

I took a lot of quality time to advance from proposition to voting, because I wanted to understand how I can deliver more value to Aragon Community, and in this post I would like to summarize my thoughts, your feedback and, as the result, my proposal updates (all updates I include in the first post with *** marks):

  1. Purpose: The goal of the proposal is to onboard the non-crypto Impact Hub community to Aragon DAO. I truly believe that this is very important - to start working with “analog” communities, because while focusing on “digital” folks we miss out on a big part of UX feedback from non-tech people - it is very crucial in regards to delivering real value to humanity (crypto or IT folks can use Aragon DAOs overcoming usability problems, thanks to their experience in software dev and usage, while the rest of people are not ready to have additional adoption pain). This proposal will attract such UX feedback and will reveal such pain that Aragon DAO will be able to heal targetedly, enabling mass adoption.

  2. Community growth: I will start from the Impact Hub Lisbon community in Portugal, which I attribute myself to. Using the support of my community, I expect to produce a top-quality on-boarding approach, which can further be scaled to Impact Hubs in all Europe We have good connections with the Impact Hubs in Madrid, London, Berlin and also there are several people working in the global team based in Lisbon Hub. This activity will attract attention of other Hubs all over the world and it may become a good start for integration of both communities.

  3. Methodology: I propose to use following funnel-type modules (based on my experience in consulting): chatbot surveys for lead generation (chatbots show better conversion rate and can be integrated with WhatsApp, slack, websites etc.), targeted interviews for extracting UX feedbacks and lead-2-customer conversion and webinar-based consulting of groups aggregated by the similar problems/pain for Aragon DAO features introduction, usability education and on-boarding. All received experience, including on-boarding issues, insights and tips I will process and publish as on-boarding methodology that can be used by individuals and companies willing to integrate Aragon DAOs into non-crypto communities (like DAO consultants).

  4. Incentive program: I calculated the expense of €500 (the number may grow according to the number of participants) from the funding to incentivize Hubs management teams by covering on-boarding costs of mainnet DAOs deployment and to incentivize community members by rewarding for metamask installment, joining DAOs and voting. I intend to do small airdrops and to fund new DAOs, so that members can vote for rewarding the most creative and up-to-date ideas of how Aragon DAO can help Impact Industry (Ideathon-like model).

  5. Database: From the collected data I will build a database of impact enterprises and individualsso the Aragon community could explore their purpose and interest, and facilitate positive social and environmental changes. I assume that I may overlook some interesting cases that might be empowered by Aragon DAOs or that could facilitate creation of amazing projects in the future, so I will be happy to share it with Aragon Community and I believe that this collaboration will definitely be of help!

  6. Social impact: In the end, all gathered data will be analyzed and used for the Impact-oriented Economy research to define and to build sustainable economic model that will facilitate impact activities and promote alternative form of socio-economic relations, where the core values would be positive environmental and social changes. Now, when we are going through economical and governmental crisis, it has became obvious that we need those positive changes more then ever and I believe my research will add value and motivate more entrepreneurs, engineers and researchers to look for alternative innovative solutions!

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The voting is live! Here is the link:

After the Token Engineering community call I thought more about AraCred project, and I’ve got a concusion that it will be useful to understand how we can connect analog impact community to the Aragon DAO in terms of collaboration rewarding, what would be the most painless adoption methods etc. It will empower impact community a lot as I understood from the last year!
Is a good moment to study it now because people continue to work from homes using digital communication tools, so I assume that after covid19 people will continue to use the most efficient tools, right?

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Hey folks! there is 16h left for the voting, I am counting on your support very much!
Just in case I would like to clarify that the main value this proposal will generate will be educational content for people with little or no knowledge in crypto about Aragon products and usability. As I see, this is very important now, and also it will give some UX feedbacks that can be used to build TOP quality products!
Hope it will pass :pray::pray::pray:

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Proposal passed!
I am so happy, thank you very much for your support! I am very excited to continue tis job and now I have much more motivation!
I will post here weekly reports of my activities as well as links to produced materials, would love to see your feedback and advises :hugs:


Hey guys! Thank you for your support and patience!
The work was going slowly, I am sad that it took me 3x more time to deliver first report :sweat: the quarantine changed a lot of things and disrupted a lot of families, it also influenced my family, so I wish you, my friends, to stay strong and take care of the people you love, its a great challenge we are passing through and in the end everything will be better then ever! :muscle:
Now here is my report:

  • I had several consulting sessions with the members of Impact community, people are inspired by my example and they would like to learn more how DAO can upgrade their projects!
  • I’ve started a conversation with Impact Hub Global team in order to receive the data from the last global survey from more than 3k people all over the world, it will facilitate the research and also will provide data for direct marketing to onboard much more people that I was planning to!
  • I made initial video about my experience with Community Funding DAO to inspire folks to learn more about Aragon and DAO, here is the YouTube link. I will be very grateful for your feedback, the plan is to add some simple animation to such videos and explain all the steps how to use DAO from zero.
  • thanks to collaboration with @Amazongirl and @philiprhoades I am going to develop onboarding methodology based on the following scheme with 2 funnels - one to generate leads who are ready to overcome adoption pain and another to educate leads and transform them into “evangelists” who will facilitate organic traffic acquisition to increase community awareness and lead conversion.
  • I have found this project that might be very useful in terms of providing DAOs with fiat gateway, check it out Personally I will study it better and give you my feedback in next several weeks.
    You are welcome to give your feedback and ideas how to make it more efficient :hugs:
    And lets make an Impact together :star_struck:
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Hi @MikeAnanyin :smiley:

Here is what I have so far for the Dreams of DAO initiative where every person who learns how to create a testnet DAO on Aragon potentially becomes a paid consultant on future assignments:

Very cool video! If you tweet about it, I’d love to RT and spread the word :slight_smile:

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I am very happy that you liked it! here is the link to my twit
I am even more excited to produce more of such videos and share my experience of alternative economy!)) :star_struck: :rocket: :sparkles: