Funding Proposal: Daolist


My friend, that’s totally your call.



Thank you very much @huangkuan for taking the time to express your experience with this matter, that’s precious feedback.

The question for me is now whether or not Aragon should have an Ethereum archive node that would be shared among devs and sponsored projects. The cost of such node is high, higher if configured in a fault-tolerant way, and will also keep getting higher as the chain size increases.

Maybe @jorge / @luis want to weight in on this strategic aspect?

edit: I’d be curious to see how this would work out. I’m open to start an Ethereum archive node now and fund it for 3 to 6 months. Out of this I’d get to increase my DevOps skills and we get to experience with the model I suggested. However, if we clarify that it’s useless to eventually have an archive node shared within the org, it’s probably best that nobody waste time with this idea.



I like this proposal. I would vote yes on it. Good work on daolist so far @onbjerg and the redesign looks nice too :slight_smile:



I’m sure @jorge has an opinion on this

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I think that having an archive node synced and available for Flock and Nest teams could be valuable. For example, generating EVM Storage Proofs requires an archive node, and we have only been testing with the latest block (totally misses the point) or local development nodes because we didn’t have access to the node.

An archive node would also be helpful in case there is an issue that requires us to inspect the blockchain at a particular block height in order to debug.

The fact that also needs it and Oliver is willing to set it up and maintain it, converts it into a win-win situation in my opinion.

Regarding daolist vs Scout I think they solve different problems and I use them both every day for different reasons. I would really love for both proposals to pass so these amazing services can keep improving!


Discussion Regarding AGP - Aragon Acquisition of DOTs

I’m curious to know, what are the different reasons that you use them?

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  • Daolist I use when I just want to get the figure of deployed DAOs and checking the names of new DAOs. It is also what I always use to show how people are using Aragon.

  • Scout I use mainly for personal use a couple of times a week, to check usage stats that Daolist doesn’t currently have.



Bumping this in relationship to: How to make proposals to the Community Funding DAO



Hey! In light of recent conversations around the cryptoeconomics of on-chain voting, I’m very curious to measure the metrics that could affect Aragon on-chain voting. There’s lots of services that provide a lot of data (Etherscan, CoinMarketCap, Scout, etc…), but they take time to parse through and mentally digest. It would be great to have that info displayed all in one place in an easy to read dashboard. Having a shared community archive node would really help with this. Are you still pursuing building said archive node?

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