Funding Proposal: DAO Mayuyaland

Hello there,

I have created this funding proposal because i had deployed a DAO called Mayuyaland. The reason about why am i create this DAO is to give good oxygen to our XCP based project MAYUYACOIN (here is a XCP Dex Order for 125m pepecash) which has a website And the entire project Mayuyaland. But we are running out of any kind of resurces, financial included.

Our Past

We had launched the campaign of our XCP based token Mayuyacoin on platform. However, we had received no funds from them and our personal accounts (emails, website, etc) were hacked by russian authorities temporally and our hopes to bring investors and anyone the possibility to have a palladium backed token were gone easily.

Why Mayuyaland

The way we want to launch the project Mayuyaland is re-orientate our purpose. We want to create a Saving Bank which include saving plans based on Palladium, Gold and Portions of Dividends from Gambling and Gaming Events on a website for that purpose. As we want to keep the project on maintenance.

Our Plans (For the next six months)

Our plans is based on receiving funds to create our website and hiring programmers to create the gambling games and develope entertaining games such as chess, shogi, chiness chess, mahjong and other games. As finance the basic infraestructure to maintenance of the DAO platform. We have plans to create a crowdfunding campaign starting as temptative in July, but we could launch that campaign earlier as in the Q2 of 2020.

One last words

We are open to hear suggestions on how we can cooperate with all community in order to make this DAO being transparent. We are on the road to make a budget on all needs for the basic infraestructure. And we gonna update frequently.

CF DAO Finance Request (Updated: 2020-02-15) Vote is now open

Finally, we decided to Request from CFDAO a finance for our Project of 162 ETH which will cover the following aspects:

  • Listing our XCP Token Mayuyacoin on Graviex: 25 ETH
  • Building, updating, and making our website: 2 ETH
  • Buying for infrastructure (Laptop, Internet Connection Service, Cellphones, Desktop PCs): 100 ETH
  • Buying Social Media Marketing: 25 ETH
  • DAO Maintenance: 10 ETH

If you agree with our request or you wish to make any sugestions, you can reply this topic.

Update (12-21-2019)

Today we updated the Bitcointalk Official topic announcing our six-month plan for DAO Mayuyaland.

We also, wish to create on here a discussion on how we must proceed to develope and evolve our DAO and how can we cooperate with other DAOs. We are learning about Solidity and JavaScript to create the games and inserting them into the DAO. However, we will be also accepting game project from our investors.

Hello Everyone!

Nice to know you have received well the 2020 with the same optimism from us to keep developing this ambitious project. I have yesterday (January 20th) received an Email from exchange BW giving us the chance to list our two tokens (MAYUYACOIN -from XCP- and MYY -the token of the DAO Mayuyaland). We want to express our joyful interest on be participating for the possibility to be listed without paying the 25 BTC fee (in the case of Mayuyatoken). However, we must fix many things first before make the final decision, such as write a Business Plan instead a WhitePaper. The reason is, as i’ve said, we have two token types XCP and ERC20, for each one we would write a OnePager with a description for each one.

Meanwhile, we know about our financial limitiations to make the payment for the fee of a token to be listed in BW. The free listing contest would be the relieving option to get finance to cover some of our goals. First to all, we must re-launch Mayuyacoin (XCP) which is been put in selling order on the XCP DEX Market with the following pairs.

By other hand, the importance on find finance resources to keep developing without odds is one of the best tasks we have. However, we must fix many things like have Social Media updated and, as i have said previously, write a business plan with the respectives OnePagers. We must also create, even for this DAO, some strategical skill to atract investors and Capital Finance Companies to our project as well between the six months.

This info is the same for the BitcoinTalk users.

Hello @maikelblogo,

Are you still asking for funding from the CFDAO or simply providing an update on your projects?

Cheers :slight_smile:

Both of these.

The reason about why am i updating about what we are doing from Mayuyaland Project is the need on letting the people know that we are on activity and what we would do with the financed ammount once started the crowdsale in july or before. I have read the news about DigixDAO about $64 million appoved to return investors on ICO funds after unsatisfied results and policies on keeping holding it there. We are learning about what investors and entire people want to have from a transparent DAO, and we want to put it in our business plan.

I’m gonna put updates about our activities in order to create interest on investors…

Hello guys!

I’m trying to do not post anything not directly related with the DAO, but i have request a coin listing for our XCP based token MAYUYACOIN in Graviex Exchange. Meanwhile, we are writting our Buisness Plan for Mayuyaland company which would be visible for everyone here by the end of this month or during next month.

Finally, i have deposited 500 million of MYT to the finance address. I hope to see an app which allows a crowdfunding set up on Open Projects. If any other way. Please show me how…

We have updated our topic…

Sadly, Graviex team cannot approve our XCP token listing. So, we can proceed to move forward with our DAO.

Edited: I have created a vote campaign

I voted no to this proposal since I don’t think we should fund DAOs with not a clear benefit for the ecosystem, or a social benefit in general. And to be more specific, I don’t want to fund a gambling DAO with the Community Funding DAO.


@maikelblogo First, I’d like to apologize for not commenting on this thread sooner. After your first post someone should have informed you that the CFDAO exists to help Aragon community members do things that directly contribute to Aragon. The CFDAO does not exist to pay for the equipment or token listings of other projects. As a result, this request is not a good fit for CFDAO funding.

Second, the vote is for 30000 DAI, which is more than the entire treasury of the CFDAO (13972 DAI at the time of writing). That literally makes no sense. Was this a typo?

I’m sure that DAO Mayuyaland is awesome and I’d love to learn more about the project. Also please feel free to reach out if there’s anything I can do to help you maintain and/or upgrade your DAO. That being said, this proposal is not a good fit for the CFDAO. Due to the above reasons, I am voting no.


Let’s see: It’s not only a gambling DAO. There is an entire company which would include saving plans on precious metal and investment in project which can cover other areas even different than gambling, as well as making massive asian & traditional european games like Mahjong, Shogi, Go, Skat, Tarot, Chaturanga, Xiang Qi, Luzhang Qi, Chiness Checkers and other games not related to gambling properly. The idea on investment in gambling as a half part of the purpose of the company is bringing self suficiency to the company and giving solvence at the time to pay benfits. It is well known that gambling and gaming industry has a huge yearly income above other industries. I know how could this seems, i have stept on sites like that which didn’t keep bringing benfits and then steal the money. Is good to learn from other DAOs about how to carry the platform.

No problem. Is a pleasure from you, no matter how long could be, informing and let things clear about the function of the CFDAO. I was thinking the same on you about funding. I was thinking that making that proposal could be too way expensive and non sense, even if that proposal doesn’t represent an entire or directly contribution for Aragon Community.

I’m here to learn and contribute for the efficiency of the platform. I will appoint some things about the invoice because i was not cleared about what i should put there.

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