Funding proposal: Aragon native mobile app


Tasit Labs would like to build a proof-of-concept native mobile app for Aragon.

The primary motivation is to make it as easy as possible to participate in Aragon votes or to create new votes (including votes to add new DAO members). I know I personally end up setting reminders using Siri to invite people to the DAO for my meetup group the next time I get back to my laptop, and that makes for a clunky experience.

We’re thinking that this would be a standalone native mobile app, not a PWA (progressive web app) within a dapp browser app. We would build it using React Native so that it would work on both iOS and Android.

It’s T.B.D. whether this project can fit within the budget of the Community Funding DAO or if it’s a better fit for Nest.

Past experience
Here’s an example of a 3rd-party native mobile app we recently built that lets you buy Decentraland land and estates:

Decentraland app code

I could go into a lot more detail here, but I’d like to keep this forum post short to get people’s initial reactions to the idea itself.

Tasit website
Tasit GitHub



Thanks for posting this!

My comment is possibly a bit tangential but interested in getting your perspective on this. I am not a programmer and don’t wish to start a flame war over languages so feel free to speak frankly about this :slight_smile:

I read an article a while back about how Airbnb moved off of React Native, they had some quite interesting conclusions about it that led them to make this decision. How do you think their conclusions would affect your choice to use React Native here?

For context:

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Thanks for a quick response! Yep, the blog post is a great read that made a big splash when it first came out.

The TL;DR of that five-part blog post is that ( A ) trying to add some React Native into legacy iOS and Android codebases ( B ) with associated pre-existing teams ( C ) at the time they originally introduced it didn’t work out well for them.

For a new project that’s in React Native from day one starting today, the conclusion would be different, and I think the Airbnb team would agree. React Native is seeing lots of adoption from engineers who are just starting out, and that’s a good leading indicator of where things are going.

Especially when your front-end dapp is already in React, which opens up the possibility of sharing code between the web app and the mobile app - something that benefits Lorikeet too.

Also, given that it’s a crypto-related app, using a common codebase between iOS and Android derisks the scenario where you spend a lot of engineering time on a new feature for one platform and then the app update is censored on that store. With it written in React Native, at least the users on the other OS can still benefit from the engineering work while the censorship dispute is resolved.

That last point touches on a whole separate topic, but that’s certainly something we can discuss in more detail too if you like! Here’s the quick version of my view on the censorship question: ( A ) The experience can still downgrade gracefully to a web dapp, so the user isn’t truly censored even in the doomsday scenario. ( B ) Over time, an increasing wave of dapp submissions should help convince Apple and Google to censor less and embrace permissionlessness (especially when users can do the same things with worse UX inside of a web 3 dapp browser app). In the meantime, they’re accepting most crypto apps as long as you’re not trying to scam users.



@light Do you have any ideas on how to make sure the heavy users of existing DAOs see this and get a chance to weigh in? I’d love to get their thoughts in particular. Thanks!



In my opinion I think we should prioritize making it a PWA :smile:.

Would you mind listing the pros and cons of native apps vs PWA?