Funding Proposal: Aragon 1UPs! 🍄

:crossed_swords: RaidGuild x 1UP :mushroom:

1UP your community!

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Proposal rationale

People already give each other one ups via thanks and emoji reactions. At the same time, tokenized communities want to share and exchange value easily. 1UP let’s you do both. Via a simple command, /1up, you can give people shoutouts and tokens at the same time. These tokens can be used for reputation, rewards, or even governance in a project!

Raid Plan

The main goal of 1UP is that sending people tokens is as easy as just saying “1UP!”

There are 3 main components to the 1UP system:

  • Bot and server.
  • Front-end.
  • DAO.

RaidGuild is using 1UP internally and it’s awesome. The bot, database, and front-end works. Currently, however, the DAO integration is configured to work with DAOstack DAOs. This is awesome, but we’d like to make 1UPs available to all the DAOs. To make this possible, esp for Aragon, we are seeking a grant to create an Aragon 1UP integration.

Currently the bot gives people points that are then stored in an Airtable database and reflected on the front-end. When users want to redeem their points they can click a button to submit a form to create a DAO proposal to mint tokens proportional to their 1UPs. This creates a balance of power between the off-chain 1UP system and the on-chain DAO. Every new token minting proposal needs to be approved by DAO members. If for some reason the 1UP bot misbehaves the DAO can revoke it’s permission to create proposals.

With this system 1UPs can represent reputation, a claim on a DAO’s assets, or governance power in a community or protocol. It’s a super simple and intuitive way to onboard community contributors into a DAO.

We’ve been running 1UP now for over 6 months and so far everyone loves it. The only complaint is that gas fees are so high it’s prohibitive to claim tokens. To make it even easier, we’d like to build it on xDAI! Of course 1UP will also work on Ethereum mainnet, but we’ll include an xDAI option as well.

The scope of this project is to create an MVP for an Aragon 1UP system (front-end, bot, and backend). We can then set up an instance of this for the Aragon community on Discord. Based on how many grants we get (AraCartel, CFDAO, CV Pilot) we might deliver an MVP or something rather fancy :mushroom:

Raid Party



Our legendary team of guilders have slayed Web3 demons near and far. We’ve even launched 1UP on Telegram and use it internally within the RaidGuild Discord. Learn all about here!

Dragon Slayers

  • burrrata: DAOs are cool.
  • Scott: A rare breed of wizard, Scotty is truly a Web3 native. He writes contracts in Solidity and connects them to React front-ends (a gryffindor). He helped build the first 1UP and he’ll help build it again!

Wise Wizards

  • Dekan: Dekan does all the things. He’s summoned DAOs, slain demons, and picked mushrooms from the highest peaks of Moorea. He’s going to help us 1UP this 1UP raid!
  • Sam: Sam is wise beyond his years. Where we see darkness, he sees opportunity! Where we see shiny temptations, he sees folly. Sam’s going to help us navigate the jungles of the codebase to avoid pitfalls and poisonous snakes.



With our mad skills (and limited availability) we expect this to take 3-4 weeks.



For our efforts we humbly request 4,135 DAI and 0.751 ETH. This is the entirety of the CFDAO’s tokens. Considering that the CFDAO hasn’t funded anything in a long time we think it would be much better to put the tokens to work creating great community onboarding experiences for DAOs!

Tokens can be sent to 0x94B34b3452F69563ACdf2c5C36D5BeBa4644b6ea.

We’ve also applyied to the CV Grants DAO for further support. If you have ANT, please vote!

Yonder Horizons

We look forward to contributing to the Aragon ecosystem and we appreciate your support!

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