Forum structure

With increasing activity in the Aragon forum it feels like a good time to open a discussion about the structure of the forum.

I think it is built with our usual level of over-engineering and complexity. We have many category or topic areas with no active discussion or posts in months (or years!). We have a section for “Treasury and Finance” and somehow a separate one for “Aragon Association Funds Transfers” (with zero posts).
Even this post I am making now (I think ?) fits under the category of “meta” which (to me at least) is an unnatural way of thinking about something which is simply for “discussion”.

With increased activity within the community, and new visitors from across the ecosystem, we should reconsider how to support them to navigate and focus via simplicity and increased accessibility.

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I believe I agree with you. If you want, I can take a look at it and conduct an analysis after I get done with Notion. We can come up with a better structure as well.

We can have a proper section wise structure for the Forum.

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I agree. I think there is a lot of potential within the forum. Although from the best of my knowledge this is meant to be a governance forum. With this in mind, I don’t think too much restructuring would be needed. More so trimming of the fat so that the important sections are more visible and more accessible. I have, however, been talking with dTech about utilizing their forum for a more broad topic range so that we can leave room here for governance.

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