Flutter - Why Is Being Preferred For App Development?

Flutter - an amazing gift by google to developers’ communities to build mobile apps, web apps and desktop applications using one codebase. Many people believe that flutter is a framework, but it’s not. It is an SDK.

SDK - an acronym for the software development kit. To understand flutter completely, let’s understand what is a framework and what is a library? The framework is working as the foundation of application and, to put it in simple words, is the structure providing an architect to build software.

Define a library - a code snippet that developers can reuse multiple times to make the application perform certain functions.

SDK is something bigger than these two. It has everything within it, including tools, libraries, APIs, and frameworks. It gives all the things that developers need to develop mobile applications.

One of the reasons why flutter app development company recommend this SDK for app development to developers is “Hot Reloading.” It allows developers to see the changes they have made within seconds.