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:hatching_chick: Nest Grant $150k ($100k + $50k in ANT)

Founded by Delawareans, Entrepreneurs, and Policy Wonks, the First State Fintech Lab is a partner with the State of Delaware’s Financial Innovation Hub. FSFL’s primary mission is to ensure that Delaware functions as the FinTech capital of the United States. FSFL’s approach is holistic, community driven, and co-enabled by government. It is a collective, highly focused group of industry, government, academic, and community leaders whose purpose is to drive systemic change in order to strengthen and grow the Fintech sector in the First State.

FSFL bridges the gap between financial technology innovation and policy. FSFL achieves this by developing an ecosystem to promote collaboration amongst key stakeholders – fintech companies, regulatory bodies, financial institutions, and professional services organizations.

FSFL maintains relationships with various State and Federal agencies including Delaware’s Office of the State Bank Commissioner, Delaware Prosperity Partnership, Office of the Secretary of State of Delaware, the Internal Revenue Service, and many more. These relationships lend to effective navigation through and support of the various policy and regulatory environments. Given its relationships and team’s expertise, FSFL is best suited to support Aragon for this proposal.

What have they built?

US DAO Digital Jurisdiction

DAOs and a digital jurisdiction to interact with the physical world and land jurisdictions

Who’s using it?

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What are they currently working on?

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Other interesting info

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