Financial Reporting AN DAO

Dear Community,

The Finance squad will provide all AN DAO’s financial reports of the coming months in this thread.

We would like to start with the end of Season 2 report of Aragon Network DAO

Aragon Network DAO - Financial transparency report S2

Click on the link above to find the report

For all contributors of S2, thank you for all the efforts during the season.

Also a special thanks to the guild stewards for providing input for this report & @owisixseven for helping with the design.


Hi Rick,

This report is great! Thanks for sharing!


Thanks for the report Rick is comprehensive

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Hey all,

Please find AN DAO’s financial overview for December here:

Find PDF version here


Please find the financial overview of AN DAO for January below:

Find PDF version here

Dear Community,

Please find here the last financial overview of S2 & S3:

Find the PDF version here

With this last report, Aragon Network “experiment” has come to an end.

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the AN DAO, without your participation, Aragon wouldn’t have been able to learn and improve upon the previous model. All efforts helped to shape the new direction of Aragon DAO.

Proof of AN DAO funds returned to AA

AN DAO Gnosis safe - balance
AN DAO Govern wallet - balance

Community Guild Safe - balance
Eagle Ops Guild Safe - balance
dTech Guild Safe - balance


Many thanks for all the diligent reports on the AN DAO @Ricktik6


Hi. I’m the only person that have opened the PDF. Can you unlock the PDF for public view? thanks.

I will look into the notion; I’m pretty sure it is the same as the image in the report.

Exactly, the images are the same as the pdf files in the notion page.

thank for your response - the goal was trying to get the spreadsheet - the hyperlink on the picture is not working. Thanks

I also cannot open the Notion Link.

It should be open now. A reminder that the AN DAO was closed down, when the Aragon DAO launched


Hi folks, quick question. I’m trying to provide a grant update, but the old thread for our grant Financial Proposal: DAOstar One was archived, and now I can’t seem to post new posts to any topic. Can I get my permissions upgraded?

Hey! Maybe it’s worth starting a new thread? That one was in the old ANDAO. Feel free :slight_smile: would LOVE an update from DAO Star one!

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When I try to create a new thread (under any category), I get “An error occurred: You are not permitted to view the requested resource.” Strange because I clearly had permissions to post the grant proposal before!

Strange! @AClay or @Shawncubbedge will help out on Monday. Sorry about that!