Financial Proposal: Transfer of funds streamed by the AA into the Main DAO Treasury (the Investments Vault)

Proposal Summary: The Aragon Association has started a stream of funds to the Main DAO. To use the funds, they need to be withdrawn from the streaming contract. This proposal puts forward a pre-approved schedule of fortnightly withdrawls.

Previous work on the proposal area: none

Proposal description: We’ll pre-approve the scheduling on the Main DAO of withdrawals (every 14 days) from the total amount available in the streaming contract (address: 0xcd18eaa163733da39c232722cbc4e8940b1d8888) and to the Main DAO’s Investments Vault (address: 0x9c1d24318966793a68e6005eb6b27edace3f28b8).

Proposal Rationale: The use of the Main DAO funds is essential to advance the Aragon project. This proposal seeks to enable such usage in a convenient manner by enabling the transfer of funds into their intended destination: the Main DAO’s Investment Vault.

Limitations of any benefits mentioned above: -

Expected duration or delivery date (if applicable): fortnightly scheduling until decided otherwise.

Author: danielo#2815