Financial Proposal: Sponsor S2 to spread the DAO narrative - GM bus

Proposal information

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Proposal Summary

This is a proposal for Aragon to become a sponsor of the GM bus for $10,000 in USDC. GM bus is spreading the decentralization ethos to real life communities, sharing the liberating potential that DAO’s bring & evolving the crypto narrative. As a leading player in the DAO ecosystem, Aragon requires a strong presence at the most relevant web3 events.

By partnering with the GM bus, Aragon is continuously visible at some of the most visited IRL events. Thereby raising awareness among potential community members and future DAO adopters, paving the way for a collaborative DAO engagement.

Proposal description

The GM bus aims to align with key figures in the space that are creating a starting point for new users in the web3 ecosystem (Bankless DAO Podcast, Gitcoin’s Green Pill book series, etc.), as well as players in the NFT space, education programs, and last but not least DAOs. As one of the prominent brands in the DAO ecosystem, Aragon will benefit from a seasonal sponsorship with GM bus.

The goal of the bus is to inspire people by the possibilities of web3 and by visiting these events in real life, it provides the opportunity to connect with value-aligned communities.

Furthermore, all sponsors will get a say in where the bus will go. It is possible to stack these voting rights up per season to increase your influence, in order to make sure that the bus goes to your desired events.

By becoming a partner in S2, Aragon would be added to a renowned list of web3 ecosystem sponsors from S1, such as Gitcoin, Bankless, and MetaCartel. During S1, the bus already attended Mcon, which is one of the most popular conferences in the space (track the bus here).

Proposal Rationale

As we all know, it is quite overwhelming to join a new community / ecosystem. As more and more people are joining the web3 ecosystem, education and guidance is a relevant factor. By connecting directly with new communities during events, it is easier to create awareness and visibility of the key players (like Aragon) in the space.

As a sponsor of the GM bus, Aragon has the opportunity to say where the bus should go (once per season) and therefore has an option to provide a stage for itself. In this way, Aragon benefits to broaden its reach by collaborating with other web3 projects (bus sponsors) and thereby sets an example of the collaborative web3 spirit. Furthermore, Aragon will have brand exposure on the bus in perpetuity, as the logo will be minted on the bus and will remain for the coming seasons.


Sponsoring the GM bus has the limitation of intangible results. There will be more exposure to the Aragon brand, yet it will be hard to measure what the return from the sponsorship will be (as brand exposure is hard to measure). The aforementioned risk is mitigated for Aragon as this is a shared initiative of the web3 community (symbolic for the web3 ecosystem), so all costs will be shared by multiple sponsors.

There is a risk of sponsoring the GM Bus, yet the initiative is not receiving the total requested budget. However, Season 2 can still take off if there is a reduced budget, as this only will result in a reduced tour. To mitigate this risk further, Aragon will send the funds, if this proposal passes and when GM Bus has a total commitment of $20,000 from other sponsors for S2.

Lastly, Aragon could also fail to utilize the opportunities created by this initiative (e.g. by not choosing an event and or not sending an representative). However, this can be mitigated by the support of the Growth team as they will make reasonable efforts to take full advantage of these opportunities.

Meet the team

SinJun Wesson

  • Creative director and artist at DAOpunk & Bankless DAO
  • Founder of Buy Back Our Attention - Media spaces for public good

Yalor Mewn

  • Global event curator & Chief Operations at MetaCartel
  • Focused on regenerative local economies

Stacey Fronek

  • Advertising Producer at Creative Cantina
  • Passionate about transforming the ad industry into positive sum game

Crypto Bushi

  • Lead artist and creator of DAOpunks
  • Meme lord at Bankless DAO

Funding information

In order to fund the S2 on site activities that the GM Bus facilitates, GM bus is requesting $10,000 from Aragon of a total budget of $74,340.

The bus will be on the road from February - Sept 2023 across the USA (unless other continents are requested by our sponsors )

Total S2 Budget breakdown

  • $25,000 - Human operations and event staffing
  • $20,000 - Van maintenance, summer prep and mileage charge (8 months x $2500 per month)
  • $12,500 - New wrap including sponsor logos and updated design
  • $8,000 - Podcast studio rental for event
  • $3840 - Diesel fuel at current price
  • $3000 - Supplies including paint pens, flyers, graphic design, and stickers
  • $2000 - Production of Season 2 shirts

As such $10,000 USDC is requested to this address: eth:0x4E547Ac6695F41F79b7e34c66b5ea54E5768Ba43


This proposal is composed by @fartunov @Ricktik6, in collaboration with the GM Bus team.

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Cool project and talented people championing web3 and living the dream. I remember seeing a tweet recently, if I recall correctly someone has taken a pic of this bus on the highway, they recognised Gitcoin and were stoked to see other web3 crew. Few questions

  1. How long is a sponsorship season?
  2. Would Aragon’s brand presence in season 2 be similar in size as say the Gitcoin, Chainlink logos shown below (via Twitter Oct 4, 2022)
  3. Could you provide a reference from the pic please as to a 10k example?

Is a sticker on the bus alongside other great ecosystem players the value proposition here? As a growth marketing consultant, sorry to say, I’m not clear on the value proposition, the measure of success or the actual marketing strategy here.

Typically brand sponsorship is a tailored, below-the-line marketing strategy encompassing activities that Aragon would have direct control over. Think about the branding around sponsored hackathons. The benefits include key audience targeting, improved measurability, and a stronger return on investment.

This proposal is more akin to an above-the-line strategy. ATL campaigns are largely untargeted and focus on building the brand. These are usually the mass marketing approaches - tv, radio, outdoor advertising - designed to reach as many prospective customers as possible AND communicate the brand and its benefits. While this might have reach will a member of the tour also be acting as an Aragon Ambassador to communicate the brand and its benefits?

Based on 10+ years of experience, I lead SEO and Paid Performance (advertising) at IndexCoop, resourced contributors and dedicated +three months (Jan - April 2022) to investigate, analyse (CPM, CPC, CPA) and compare the performance of several hundred ATL and through the line (TTL) web 3 advertising options.

Ultimately my recommendation was that brand-building advertising should not be considered until Product Market Fit is well secured - instead I recommended SEO (authority +trust), Public Relations (visibility + authority) and Cost-Per-Action models (incentivised, learn to earn). Until Aragon also secures product market fit I would stand by these recommendations and stick to purely BTL sponsoring of hackathons.

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Thank you for sharing your valuable insights @lee0007

Point 1: Season 2 sponsorship lasts from Feb 2023 till Sept 2023.

I think it is best to get point 2 and 3 validated by someone from GM Bus, @Yalor.

I think the value proposition is threefold here:

  1. Ecosystem wide value - Sponsoring an initiative that spreads the web3 & DAO narrative (Setting an example of collaborating with other projects, in order to achieve a positivie sum game)

  2. Aragon’s value - we are able to select one event where the bus should go, so we have a stage there (good to send an Aragon ambassador as well then)

  3. Aragon’s value - the brand will be visible on the bus for consecutive seasons (thus also when Aragon has secured PMF)

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Hey @Ricktik6 @fartunov, thanks a lot for such a well-drafted proposal.

All the best Crypto Bushi and SinJun! Always happy to see your cool projects.

Keep up the good work.

Hi all, I am Sinjun from the GM bus project. @lee0007 thank you for reply to this proposal and thank you @Ricktik6 for answering these questions.

@lee0007 I sense you are correct in viewing this as an ATL campaign. We are open if someone from Aragon would like to act as an ambassador and help us man the bus or even drive it for a leg of the tour. They could communicate the brand and it’s benefits best directly from the gm bus itself

We also will happily take any resources Aragon has for our traveling library and swag offerings. At MCON we had a large table with our educational poster designed by the artist Perchy, Greenpill books and Gitcoin swag that went over well.

In reference to the size of the logo - It would be determined by the size of the sponsorship. 10k would mean Aragon would be a featured sponsor and logo as big as Gitcoin and Chainlink

Thank you for tuning in here and helping to sense this out. Hope my answers have helped!


Hey Renee, thank you for your input.

As you point out, this is an amazing initiative and one that was brought to our doorstep thanks to the efforts of a few Aragon team members, demonstrating that what Aragon stands for aligns with the GM Bus and the overall ethos of some of the most progressive communities in web3.

I believe Sinjun and Rick covered most of your specific questions. @GalaxySurfer - thank you for being here! Appreciate you stepping in to help us clear out questions!

Maximizing the impact of this initiative specifically for Aragon would rely on contributors investing some effort. In addition to having the ATL exposure, you are talking about this initiative allows us to have a “space” at every web3 event the bus attends. Some ideas of how that space can be used:

  • Do a quick activation workshop
  • Gather IRL insight from prospective DAO builders
  • Explain when and where DAOs are useful to web3 enthusiasts
  • Distribute swag

We still have to send someone to “man the station” (how to be selective and inclusive at the same time, about who is there to represent Aragon is something for the Growth guild to determine).

Calling this a logo on a bus is similar to saying that when you enter an NFT-based DAO, you are simply buying a JPEG. You are right, if Aragon simply signs a transaction and forgets about the GM Bus, it will be “a logo on a bus” for Aragon specifically (although it’s a very selective bus, not everyone can put a logo on, and it signifies to the web3 space Aragon’s value alignment). However, it can be a lot more.


Given that several additional costs have now been identified if we are to make the best use of this opportunity could the proposal be updated to account for

  • $ Aragon representative funding for travel and time
  • $ Aragon representative pro rata per event attendance
  • $ Resources for travelling library
  • $ Swag offerings
  • $ Workshop resources

Or is it proposed that these costs are already included in the funding requested i.e human operations and event staffing?

Thank you for the suggestion. The proposal pertains to the GM Bus sponsorship specifically. These costs are not part of the proposal and will not be included.

The costs you list will be part of the growth’s guild events budget or specific event attendance proposals (I don’t know how the mechanics of funding event attendance will work in the DAO)…that being said, it’s unlikely someone will fly to an event to just give a workshop or hand out swag at the GM bus (as your line items would suggest). The likely scenario would be for someone sent to an event to represent Aragon to take up the opportunity to collab with the GM Bus, among their other responsibilities.

I am not aware of a growth guild yet it appears you’re saying that

  1. people not identified in this proposal and
  2. requiring additional funding and
  3. requiring additional resources

Are ultimately responsible to ensure the opportunity is maximised? Just my opinion that people presenting a proposal should be both responsible and accountable for maximising the impact of any proposed initiative.

Standard marketing best practice is that paid brand-building activity should stem from a comprehensive, cohesive marketing strategy and budget. If we fund this proposal as it stands, we set a precedent…where would we draw the line on funding industry event tours globally?

Appreciate the concern.

@Ricktik6 let’s add to the proposal before putting it up for voting:

risk/limitation: Aragon failing to utilize the opportunities created by this initiative

mitigation: Current Growth team endorses the support of the GM Bus and would make reasonable efforts to take full advantage of the opportunities it presents in the future.

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For transparency and future reference, can the authors include in the proposal the person accountable to “…make reasonable efforts to take full advantage of the opportunities it presents in the future…”?

…the lack of DAO contributor information or reputable on-chain credentialling can create issues of accountability. Information asymmetries between creators and contributors can open the door to fraud and manipulation and make legal recourse challenging.

Not suggesting that this proposal is in anyway akin to the worst case scenario referenced in the World Economic Forum publication above, only that

  1. lack of accountability is an identified weakness within DAO and one that we can solve here
  2. transparent accountability can mitigate risk - in this case we risk 10k representing paid brand advertising only if no one can be held accountable for activating this opportunity in coordination with GMBus.
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Thanks for the feedback @lee0007

I made the final adjustments in the proposal and put it up for a vote here:
Aragon Voice

I want to be involved somehow - mainly because I am in the US and I go to plenty of events like this locally as is. @fartunov and @Ricktik6 we should also discuss some ideas for this at a Future Friday social event next month.


Based on the vote result, this proposal has passed.

:exclamation:This is the prerequisite that is stated in the proposal :exclamation:

When the aforementioned requirement has been met, GM Bus team is free to share that here @GalaxySurfer @Yalor