Financial Proposal: Increase monthly allocation for the Executive Sub DAO members

Thanks Alex! @fartunov said he will post thursday

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For transparency, in light of the Coordinape circle slashing for AA team members I am revoking this statement and will be accepting the ESD fixed pay if the vote passes


Indeed I will

The technical issue is resolved. The proposal is going online in 5 min:
Aragon Voice

I see the vote does not include the performance requirement as I did not update the proposal.

For transparency during the vote are we agreed that

  1. under performance will impact the final payment each month and
  2. individual responsibility to report against KPIs?

CC @fartunov @daniel-ospina

@lee0007 FOR performance-based reward

Hey, yes indeed. As we discussed on one of the ESD AMAs the first message constitutes the proposal, the rest is discussion. As the update/change was not reflected I did not take the liberty to include it into the vote

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doesn’t seem like my kinda basic questions were worth answering directly… idk = whatevs?

Yes not in vote
Yes was left out that’s why it’s not included
Yes agreed to performace based funding and individual monthly reporting

Can I get a simple for or against please. Just to be super clear

ESD End of Month individual reporting to improve transparency as requested by community members on this forum

cc @alibama @Anthony.Leuts @fartunov @daniel-ospina

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I agree with all 3. Let’s discuss on the call today if the KPIs remain as stated or should be adjusted (they were defined as group performance)

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I fully support this proposal, the effort that ESD has put on a huge number of proposals is cristal clear and that should be equally compensated, retroactively.
I also agree with the suggestion of @alibama of including @Shawncubbedge and @SpectraCryptoVerse into the ESD

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Agreed on all 3. As discussed in the call we just had, this reporting is tripling the admin work but is 1) probably a necessary step until we can define better mechanisms and 2) shows our willingness to provide transparency to the community.

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Vote Passed: Aragon Voice

@Ricktik6 please take this in to account for this month