Financial Proposal - Fund Bounties for Leads through Dwork

Thank you Anukriti!

  • Just to clarify: The link to the deliverable is there in case someone wants to review it and dispute it…I doubt ESD members will go in double-checking the work on bounties (I certainly won’t, unless there is a reason for extra scrutiny)
  • Concerning success metrics - my take is that designing KPIs on $300 bounty feels like bureaucracy (unless they are instrumental for the person fulfilling the bounty to know what is expected from them). Hopefully whoever is designing the bounties can exercise critical judgment where KPIs
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Agree on bounties I regularly use the success metric of delivered as described, by the due date (with some leeway on due dates). That said, in the past month, I’ve discovered the need to be explicit to the nth degree - on deliverables. Bounties (and the need for them) are not in my experience, easy. But wow it works when you find the right person for the job!

Hey All,

Final Update on the bounties that have been posted in Month 3 bellow. You can find the AA lead bounties by filtering the combined page as well here: Aragon Network DAO | Dework

Report from Month 3 - July2022

6 Bounties Completed ($6800)
1 Bounty in progress ($960)

Total $ 7760

KPI From Proposal - 10 Bounties per month
(Running total of completed bounties for the Three Months 22/30 Goal)

The Main Completed Bounties have been a good mixture this month from design to culture to some technical deployments.

Completed Bounty Links:
Data and Insights Creator
Ops Secretary
Culture Catalyst
POAP Master
Seeking an experienced art/music/culture DAO expert
Seeking an experienced investment DAO expert

Final Total of Bounties and results of lead Bounties

22 Bounties have been funded, our bottem end Goal was to fund minimum 15 Bounties and maximum 30 Bounties over three months and we have ended on an average of 7 per month.

Average value per bounty has been $805 with 19 different contributors and 6 different AA leads posting a bounty.

Over all we have seen a good mix of bounties from subgraph deployment, culture, experts, design, Data, translations and ghost writing.

Over all this has been one small step in integrating the AA leads in to the DAO with much more work to be done going forwards.

CC @fartunov @lee0007 @daniel-ospina @Ricktik6


Dope! 1/3

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This was an excellent initiative Alex thanks for the report and for providing this opportunity for AA Leads to activate DAO contributors 2/3 cc @Ricktik6

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