Financial Proposal - Fund Bounties for Leads through Dwork

Hi ESD Members.

Posting a proposal for the Executive Sub-DAO to fund $20k per Month to be spent on Bounties in Dwork posted by AA/AL Leads and other DAO leads to seed increased integration between teams.


Currently there is a lack of integration between the DAO and the core team. There is also a feeling of a lack of band width for a lot of tasks in the Core team, leads would like to Bounty out work but do not have the mechanism to do so and they can’t rewrite a proposal every time for small bounties.


The request is for $20k in bounties per month for the leads to be able to bounty out certain tasks. This will all be facilitated through the DAO Ops team at first where they will post the bounty for the respective lead in Dwork. This is to allow the system to be set up correctly at first. In the second phase (season 2) it is anticipated that leads will just post bounties directly themselves.


All bounties posted will follow the SMART deliverables framework with clear guidelines for leads. Part of the reason for including DAO Ops is to make sure they are posted with Smart deliverables initially.

  • Core tasks are integrated with the DAO (4 core leads post at least 1 bounty)
  • Goal to fund 15 Bounties (5 per month) to be deemed a success with a top level at 30 Bounties (10 per month)

Bounties can be posted up to a maximum of $3000 in phase one and leads will have the autonomy to choose the bounties, they will have to set clear deliverables and track them for a bounty to be paid out.
This will allow us to fund a minimum of 10 bounties per month over the next three months.


There will be one report per month highlighting the work that has been completed. In Dwork it will be black and white on pay outs, either the bounty has been completed and paid or it has not been completed and will not be compensated.

Strategic Alignment

  • More Work is completed with more opportunity for contributors
  • Core team must engage and track bounties therefore integrating with the DAO increasing transparency
  • If work is posted by a lead it can be assumed to be a priority in growing the network given the time investment for the lead to track and formulate the bounty
  • Better information flows between the respective teams

Limitations and Risks

  • Core team do not post bounties due to work needed to formulate a clear bounty
  • Bounties are not completed to an adequate level
  • Risk that the right contributors are not found for the bounties or the price level is set incorrectly
  • More bounties are needed than funds available.

All Aragon leads - this will be a bounty by bounty initiative and it will be up to the individuals to choose if a bounty is necessary, set the KPIs and decide if they have been completed to an adequate standard

Alex Clay will compile the report each month

Funding request

We request $60,000 with the 70/30 USDC/ANT Split paid through Dwork for the remainder of season 1.


1/3 Approved: @daniel-ospina @fartunov Thanks for this proposal @AlexClay reducing the administrative burden (proposals) to just GSD is an immediate need with strategic purpose and clear deliverables. With the responsibility for establishing and assessing deliverables pushed out to the leads with the highest operational context I hope this can prove a highly-effective path for ongoing community funding. cc @Ricktik6

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As discussed - this is a long overdue step, should probably have been the first initiative within the DAO. So wholeheartedly in support. It will close the rift that the current DAO design has created between AA/AL and direct DAO contributors, so ultimately would lessen the load on @AlexClay @b3n, myself and others who are stretching to bring the network together.

I am a bit concerned that the commitments here are overly structured while team leads within AA and AL so far have very little information how to take advantage of this. We are a third in the month of May…getting 10 bounties published this month would be a stretch

To clarify - I support the funding request, while I would be pleasantly surprised if it hits the targets as currently set. I think it could be a success even if the stated objectives are not met and we are arbitrarily attaching metrics so we can just measure something.

P.S. Request for bounty - let’s get a ballpark across DeWork and other such platforms of the typical payout of bounties per type to use as benchmark for next seasons

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The proposal for setting up bounties/ micro tasks on Dework is well thought out i have experience with Dework an awesome platform that enhances community participation and enables deliverables are met in time if the proposal goes through i will be glad chimming in, thanks @AlexClay

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Thanks for the voice of support, agree the KPIs are maybe high, personally I feel like were are at level 0 of integrating the two Orgs and if this moves the needle towards level 1 I would deem that a success.

I have also reduced the number to 15 will be deemed a successful experiment with 30 being the top goal that we will strive for.

Lets get that bounty live asap.

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Hey All,

Quick Update on the bounties that have been posted in Month 1 bellow. You can find the AA lead bounties by filtering the combined page as well here: Aragon Network DAO | Dework

Report from Month 1 - May 2022

11 Bounties Completed ($2500)
1 Bounty in Progress ($300)
4 Bounties to be assigned ($1200)

Total $4000

KPI From Proposal - 10 Bounties per month

The Main Completed Bounties have been translation tasks for Ukrainian and Russian.

Completed Bounty Links:

Ukraine Translation
Translation of “What is a DAO?” article to Ukrainian
Translation of “How to DAO: Answers for Beginners” article to Ukrainian
Translation of “What Is It Like to Join a DAO?” article to Ukrainian
Translation of “How to Join a DAO” article to Ukrainian
Translation of “DAOs as Purpose-Led Organizations” article to Ukrainian
Translation of “What is a DAO?” article to Russian
Translation of “How to DAO: Answers for Beginners” article to Russian
Translation of “What Is It Like to Join a DAO?” article to Russian
Translation of “How to Join a DAO” article to Russian
Translation of “DAOs as Purpose-Led Organizations” article to Russian

CC @fartunov @lee0007 @daniel-ospina @Ricktik6


1/3 approved cc @Ricktik6

2/3 approved.

@Ricktik6 as discussed let’s please link the bounties to the output where applicable

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3/3 Approved cc @Ricktik6

@AlexClay @anukriti10, would be great if approved bounties (in the need payments row) contain a proof of delivery in the description (e.g. a link towards the written article).

Would be one of the standards that we should have with DeWork, so we have transparency in the bounty board itself.