Financial Proposal: ESD S1 Budget Request for Discretionary Strategic & Governance Funding

Oh I had forgotten about the DAO Star One and EVM Crisper

Exploring the limitations here, I supported @sembrestels months ago in advancing this proposal (amongst other things, developing the template for proposals that’s now in use based on the charter).

Are these supportive interactions outside of the remmit? I’m trying to understand whether @mheuer’s ones for the Umbrella would be different

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I worked with @daniel-ospina 8 months ago defining the Financial Proposal Template, so we could request funds for EVMcrispr, although who really got hooked with the proposal, helped me understand AN DAO dynamics, and scouted the proposal to the current form has been @brent and @alibama.

This is why I’d like to publicly acknowledge the value provided by these two memebers of Aragon dTech to the EVMcrispr proposal, and I nominate them to receive the rewards from the Scout Programme.

Obviously I also extend my gratitude to everyone involved in the discussions that conducted to the ultimate approval of the proposal: the ESD, the Technical Committee, the Core Team, and the rest of Aragon users who got involved in the thread. Your support and feedback has been key as well for the success of the proposal, thank you very much.


ESD General Meeting Monday 30 April UTC 1900: In regards to the request to release 7k strategic development funding as requested by @lee0007 post #14 above 2/3 support @fartunov @daniel-ospina @lee0007 recuse. This was not a stongly supported decision due to the challenges around the process which see us determining our own funding. Please refer to minutes This will be the FINAL retrospective funding request from the ESD, an approved Main DAO proposal is needed to remedy all future changes to ESD rewards.

cc @Ricktik6

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that’s super thoughtful of you! i’m genuinely flattered… your code is rad, and it’s a pleasure to be able to support developers like yourself.


if we’re gonna be 100% transparent here what i want more than $$s is a feature request :wink: is gonna be live soon & an llc’d e-commerce dao == super fun :slight_smile:

talked to @brent and agree we should put this $$s in to the @Ricktik6 coordinape bounty project to encourage more work in this space and thank everyone on the team for the work they’re doing = @lee0007 what’s the process here?

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Process here with rewards paid to whatever wallet you provide @Ricktik6

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First of all great work!
Just let me know on what address you want to receive the $3.000 Scout reward so you can delegate it yourself into a coordinape pool.

i think your proposal of getting team members and guilds to work together is right on, and would like to support that = so wherever that goes?

@Ricktik6 please read the Scout Program and the above definitions of the three funding allocation so that you are familiar with funding and not misdirecting people. Given that 3k is the maximum available to authors of proposals it would be highly unlikely that contributors would request or be rewarded the maximum.

@brent @alibama please request the value you believe you earned in relation to the EVM Crispr proposal here

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@daniel-ospina @fartunov

I would like to propose that the ESD allocate the following S1 ESD funding to dGov advisory circle Remaining funds as reported by @Ricktik6

Approved Funding Allocation USDC
Charter Adaptatng 8000
Strategic & Governance 11000

My reason for requesting this approach is

  1. consolidate multiple funding streams related to governance
  2. increase transparency for reporting on these funding allocations
  3. decentralise the current ESD responsibility to determine funding allocation through the use of coordinape circles
  4. increase the flexibility of governance funding

The funding for the Scout Program is not included in this request to reallocate funding via dGov as it intends to offer a more fixed reward structure guided by a documented process.

I agree with the approach (again a band-aid). However the funding should be returned from the ESD to the Main DAO and be disbursed from there. We are starting to have many-to-many flows.
For the sake of transparency it is easier if the whole budget of an initiative comes from a single entity within the DAO.

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Good call
Awaiting input from @daniel-ospina
cc @Ricktik6