Financial Proposal: ESD S1 Budget Request for Discretionary Strategic & Governance Funding

@fartunov @daniel-ospina in response to the ESD Compensation for March and April I would like to formally request the release of further funding to compensate to the same standard as all others have access to under this approved proposal

Charter: forum posts to provide clear and transparent guidance for DAO processes

$500 each for

  • Aragon Scout Program here
  • Strategic and Governance Funding here

The lesser of 5% or 3,OOO being 3k each for

  • 440k Continuous funding here
  • 360k New Initiatives here

For a total of 7k specifically to reward the development of S1 funding proposals and supporting documents. As the lead author of these proposals and documented processes, I wish to nominate the following contributors to this effort form a second coordinape circle to allocate these funds across the following @AClay @joeycharlesworth @b3n @ronald_k @fartunov @daniel-ospina @lee0007 I would further ask that all people in the circle be eligible to recieve GIVE rather than limiting the size and effectiveness of the circle