Financial Proposal - Eagle Ops

Eagle Ops

“A company can seize extra-ordinary opportunities only if it is very good at the ordinary operations.”


Welcome to Season 2 and 3 funding proposals for the AN DAO. We have been working as separate guilds over the past season and have come together with the combined goal to transition the AA team towards the DAO and assist the Current DAO guilds in their day-to-day operations.

There are three main goals for the Ops team going into seasons two and three.

  1. Assist the transition from the AA to the AN DAO of core teams
  2. Assist the Product teams in making sure they are not distracted by meta governance and can ship the product
  3. Maintain critical DAO functions such as Finance and Legal as we transition

Ops will be an overarching Guild with some AA members and DAO members the goal of the guild is on top of the above goals is to be the line in the sand for coordination and collaboration between squads and Guilds.

The squads will be:

  • Eagle Capital (Finance)- DAO Funded
  • DAO Data Team - DAO Funded
  • Devops - AA Funded
  • Legal - DAO Funded
  • Product Ops - AA Funded
  • DAO Ops - DAO Funded

The goal would be that by February 2023 some of these work streams would spin out to separate guilds for each of these functions.

The reason for keeping the Product ops, Devops and Agile in the AA, for now, is that they are currently close to releasing the product, and therefore they will begin to join DAO Ops in season 3. This will need to be an additional proposal but want to provide some clarity/transparency now on the work being completed.

We are aiming to limit the scope to maintain current functions and assist in the transition detailed in the Goals above.

Where we’re at (July ‘22)

  • The Operations functions, including finance, legal, DevOps and general operations such as coordination between teams are largely centralised under the Aragon Association.
  • This Ops Guild proposal was set up and funded by the AA and the AN DAO with the Goal of assisting the DAO in Day to day functions and transitioning the AA teams towards the DAO.
  • There has been some transition across from the AA into the DAO but it needs to occur at an accelerated rate.

During season 1 a number of these teams operated under there own separate funding requests. For the teams from Season 1 we have reduced the funding request. We have reduced the cost of DAO ops by 33% & Finance is adding a entirely new work stream for only an increase of .

:rocket: Where we want to be (Feb ‘23) - Guild level

  • The AA Teams have transitioned into the DAO
  • Eagle Capital has spun-out into:
    • Aragon Ventures
    • Treasury management DAO
    • Finance Ops guild (covering accounting, tax, payments, budgeting & reporting)
  • Legal Squad has spun out into it’s own guild
  • DAO Data team has spun out its own guild
  • The DAO is functioning efficiently with strong coordination

Full list of task and objective - Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Eagle Capital - Rick

Finance Squad

Finance is the core of any DAO and will be part of the core of the organisation going forwards. We will break Finance down into two Squads with very different goals. This will also avoid scope creep and allow us to take on the best talent with the respective skill areas

There will be Eagle Accounting, whose focus is to continue the smooth running of the DAO treasury and payments to contributors. The other Squad will be Eagle Farming, whose focus is on spinning up a yield farming strategy & team, in order to make the DAO ready for treasury optimization when the funds are transferred.

Legal: - Lion

Legal Squad

The goal of Legal with be multi-fold -

  • Securities Analysis (Focused on UK Canada, Europe, US, Singapore, Australia)
  • Aragon General Compliance
  • GDPR Compliance Analysis
  • Legal Wrapper Execution to aid transition
  • Contributor Engagement Enablement

DAO Ops - Anukriti, Ifun

Continuing to build on the work completed in Season 1

  1. Notion maintenance
  2. POAP and DAO Design needs
  3. TL;DR for guild coordination
  4. Forum Update for navigation ease
  5. Discord Changes
  6. Calendar Management
  7. Bots Clean up and Management
  8. DAO Tooling
  9. Dework Management
  10. Dissemination of internal Aragon Communications
  11. Who’s Who of AA and AN DAO Sobol
  12. Make sure guilds are informed of all relevant comms and stay up to date with decisions
  13. Managing and presenting recordings of meetings in usable format.
  14. Internal Tooling and Tooling hours

Data & Analytics - Fabs

Data and Insights Squad

In Season 0 a bounty was created for Data and this brought together a group of individuals with a passion for research and analytics. This group has been working since then to create insights for the different squads and guilds of ANDAO. It is now time for us to formalize this setup as a squad and ensure funding so that all our activities can be carried out. During Season 1 we have fulfilled bounties for Ops and dGov but this has proved to be an inefficient setup where resources are pulled in different directions and gains from coordination are not realized.

As such our work plan is divided into different work streams for guilds/squads as well as specific activities.

  1. DAO Data
  2. Assist guilds with surveys
  3. Assist guilds with data-driven KPIs
  4. Data dashboard management

Bounties will only be allocated to more critical tasks, for example the team will make them selves available to help with any product related data tasks.

Additional Transparency

Aragon Association Funded Teams


Purpose: Run servers, manage Saas accounts and many other things to keep the infrastructure running smoothly and give the DAO members the tools they need to do their work.

  1. Responsible for the Aragon tech infrastructure
  2. Responsible to set up proper CI/CD workflows together with the engineers
  3. Supporting the software engineering team in the development
    The AA will continue to fund this for the next two seasons.

Product Operations - Will start integrating by end of S2

Product Operations is a new function within AA, and it will continue to remain in the AA for season 2. You can see their current responsibilities below. The top focus will always be on Agile delivery of product and tech, which is currently occurring within AA. Nevertheless, AN DAO guilds can still request Agile Coaching support from them on an as-needed basis.

  • Provides strategic, tactical, and operational recommendations for products and services to improve value they add to the network
    • This should prepare future delegates with some kind of platform that supports coordinated and intentional decision-making.
    • TBD: No clear way to implement strategy within the network, but the closer to operations we get, the more concrete and actionable the recommendations become.
  • Establishes best practices in product development and related working groups to improve operational effectiveness.
  • Coordinate, integrate, manage independent workstreams, in particular when there are dependencies involved.
  • Provide agile facilitation as service to any and all agile squads, prioritizing product delivery squads. See Agile Lead (original AA/AL job description).
    • Act as Scrum Master directly embedded within squads to help enable the teams to do their best work and in accordance with the agreed upon ways of working.
  • Lead a training and development program for upskilling the organization in project management and to foster agility mindsets
    • Define recurring available trainings for DAO on various APM topics to empower teams - and request (very minimal) feedback to ensure the content is as applicable as possible to as many as possible.
  • Provide “on the ground” insights and communications to leaders and stakeholders, particularly the Executive Director and future guild stewards, to ensure they are well-informed of “on the ground” details.
    • Includes relevant strategic insights by performing ad hoc analyses of user behaviour and our organization’s ability to respond to these insights, collaborating with central data teams as needed
    • Takes on special strategic projects and drives them to completion


The total Budget request is $420,000 for two seasons for Finance, legal, DAO ops and Data Analytics, the main focus is to keep the contributor team as tight as possible therefore we have kept a modest amount of bounties to make sure we remain work driven:

Contributor Hours (Per Week) Payments (Per Month)
Anukriti 25-30 hours $4,000.00
iFun 20-25 hours $2,500.00
Bounties $5,500.00
Data and Insights
Fabs 25 hours $4,000.00
Part time contributor 15 hours $3,000.00
Sammie 15 hours $3,000.00
Bounties $4,000.00
Tooling $350.00
Lion 40+ Hours $6,000.00
Legal Consultancy Pool $5,000.00**
Finance - Eagle Accounting
Rick 40+ Hours $6,000.00
Part time contributor 20 hours $2,000.00
Part time contributor 20 hours $2,000.00
Bounties $2,500.00
Finance - Eagle Farming*
Part time Contributor 10-20 Hours $2,000.00
Bounties $2,000.00
Contributor Payments $34,500.00
Legal Consultancy Pool $5,000.00
Bounty Pool $12,000.00
Combined $51,500.00

You can find all the detail here:

*Eagle Farming has the possibility to increase $4000 per month in season 3
** Legal Budget is higher as a contingency for high legal fees in certain jurisdiction’s

We will be open to have the proposal re-voted on as soon as Delegates are implemented if it is requested.


  • Risk of contributor churn by using bounties to heavily (mitigate through clear work and paths to further contribution)
  • DAO not being in a state to take the AA teams onboard
  • Financial risk of a further downturn in the market affecting the finance team deliverables.


We hope that ANT holders will see this as good value to the network for the next two seasons. The goal of Ops will always to be replicable by any individual, it is a core function and we want to make it a priority that OPS operates in such a way that operations are smooth but if the DAO chooses a different team at any point the work stream should be able to be picked straight up.

A final Thanks, We thank the ESD @daniel-ospina @lee0007 @fartunov for there work in Season 0 & 1 in getting Ops to where it is. We will also continue to report monthly using the ESD template report.

This proposal will be re-ratified in when the new DAO structure is set with Delegates there will also be monthly reports on progress towards objectives.



IPFS deliverables after vote was live:


Hi team, thanks for the proposal! There are some great people in this team whom I’ve enjoyed working with and was lucky to meet in person!

I would like to flag a problem I see with this potential proposal passing which concerns me.

The proposal has nearly an even bounty amount to contributor payout amount. I absolutely love the idea of keeping contributor bloat down, this is an industry wide problem being discussed across the world. I have spoken face-to-face with over 50 notable DAOs at both EthBarcelona and ETHcc to discuss Aragon and the DAO space in general, especially considering the unbelievable drop in DAO treasuries and a looming recession. So thumbs up for considering this.

My question and concern relates to how can this team (with huge support from AA? Devops, legal, productops, data, finance) not be able to meet the operational needs of the DAO (someone mentioned there are 30-40 core contributors?). An example would be data & analytics (at AA we have 1 person) in the proposal it discusses how this team formed from bounties and are now operating as contributors. This is wonderful! If this team has become 45hrs a week of 3 contributors, and fulfilled bounties before to now move into contributor roles, why is there a need for 50% more requested funding from bounties? Thus allocating 67.5hrs per week of funding to data (with no product data)?

Just something I thought important to flag before you move to the voting stage as I suspect other people will have the same question.

Thank you!

PS. Love your goal #2 and hits close to the heart.


Thank you @Anthony.Leuts for your interest, contribution and for starting this important discussion.

I would like to suggest a unique way to understand this topic. There are more nuances which are hard to explain in such a focused document such as a proposal.

Firstly, it is important not to confuse full time employment with DAO contribution. While in the AA there is a full time person dealing with product data (mostly analytics), at AN DAO, the breadth of skills (surveys, qualitative, analytics) is larger as well as the range (not only products, but governance, satisfaction, people performance, squad performance, engagement etc.)

This means that the range of skills and experiences is quite different and therefore resourcing needs are different too.

Having said that, we do plan on working closely with the AA contributors so that we can co-develop and integrate to increase efficiencies and share experiences. Specifically we are looking at how we can use the unique skillset of our Data contributors to add insights on to the future users of Aragon App as well as satisfaction of current users as well as process optimizations.

A second issue is how do we make sure that we continue to attract and retain talent. Bounties are wonderful for this. Not only that, given the 8 month timeframe of this proposal, it is important to expect people to come and go (as they do in a DAO differently to how full time employment). In my experience, since Feb in AN DAO, I have seen a LOT of talent arrive. But few engaging and contributing to their full abilities. Specifically, for Data, I have spoken to PhDs, lecturers, coders and more. But we were only able to connect and start to build a team when we had budget for bounties.

Moreover, Bounties offer a flexibility which is often unavailable traditionally. We are able to use what we need, and what we don’t need at this moment is not taken. This continues to add to the flexibility of adapting over time, being able to retain talent and find the skills needed squad and guild also grows in complexity.

How do you find this suggestion? Does it help to clarify the issues you’ve raised?


A lot of info in that link on the issues that may arise. However, the deliverables are a bit unclear to me for this section. Any way we can clean up that notion page a bit to be more concise? No doubt Legal is mission critical, just need a bit of clarity.

If you need any help with any of this please let me know. I think the Community squad is in a great position to provide feedback and assistance.

Great proposal Gals and guys. Looking forward to Co-Creating all of this with you. :slight_smile:


The specific KPIs will be vague as by nature the entities that legal will have to engage with will demand anonymous interactions or will need to be confidential. There are however additional descriptions in the notion and have added some slightly more granular deliverables.


Hi Fabs,

Thanks for the response. I don’t agree that the DAO in its current state requires a data team to have the ability to spend 50% of their entire budget on bounties for additional support. Organisations of all kinds track exactly what you have mentioned: retention, satisfaction, people performance, squad performance.

The main point: The bounty pool for this proposal is over 372,000USDC / year which is a higher budget than the entire ops team here and for a team that receives support as I mentioned above. I’m sorry but I stand by my comment, and again, it’s not about the data squad per se (it was just an example). I think this bounty budget is enormous and will receive criticism from voters.


Hi there Shawn!

Thanks for the comments. Wanted to chime in to provide more context on the legal part and as personal feedback.

One of my responsibilities as ED is to guide the next steps for AA in terms of transitioning to AN DAO. Questions such as what happens with AA after transferring the funds, or the IP, etc. remain to be defined in the upcoming months.

The heavy lifting of the work to be done within AA’s scope will be done by @ronald_k (or someone from his team), as AA is currently an incorporated association within Swiss jurisdiction and he’s the best-suited person to provide the needed legal counseling in those topics covering specifically next steps for AA (in Swiss jurisdiction).

For this reason, I’d suggest decreasing the amount devoted to legal bounties, as I believe there’s some level of overlapping there, as it’s already included in AA’s budget for the same period.

Regarding the challenges that directly affect AN DAO Guilds, I think @lion917 will do a great job in the abovementioned initiatives affecting AN DAO and more generally, the legal challenges that lie ahead. I fully trust in his capacity to deliver those, and to lean on other trusted contributors to achieving them across different teams.

Lastly, I’d like to say that I don’t really believe that bounty-based produces the best outcome in certain environments. Definitely not for the Ops Guild. In fact, I don’t believe “bounty-work” can provide a stable, predictable, and optimal output in most of cases, as opposed to having a smaller, highly culture/value-aligned team of individuals that can fully rely on each other and commit with internal / external stakeholders.

Moloch rises exponentially based on the number of people that need to be informed/aware/decide in a non-linear way, and IMO one of the main challenges we’ve got ahead is to avoid being overcome by Moloch as we’ve seen happen in several other DAOs in the space. Ops will be critical to setting other Guilds for success, and it’s critical that it’s working in the most professionalized and efficient way.

What I’ve seen work in the past in many different environments is that fewer people, better paid, results in improved performance. I strongly believe that we should always prioritize organizing how to best effectively serve Aragon’s manifesto and vision, not to maximize how thin spread can we get.

Thanks @AlexClay @Ricktik6 @lion917 and @anukriti10 for the work put into this.

P.D: just to provide context, I haven’t been able to be very active in the Forum / Discord as I’ve been 95% focused inwards (AA and AL) during July. There were lots of important and urgent operational challenges within AA/AL that needed solving, and I’m happy to say that we managed to solve them successfully. During Q3 22 I plan to remain extremely focused on setting current AA’s Product & Tech teams for success (App / Core / Research / Vocdoni), as I deeply believe that shipping tech is Aragon’s core mission and we’re finally back on track. I do want however to increasingly participate in the conversations regarding the transition to AN DAO Guilds, but I probably won’t be able to do so before the end of September :pray: Looking forward to it!


Hey all,

Thanks for the comments so far. Appreciate the comments @Joan_Arus and @Anthony.Leuts we can maybe pull some of that budget in to the AA if it needs to be paid from there from the legal perspective. I agree that bounties are not optimum in many circumstances, they will provide us with the ability to be flexible in the way we work. We have a good group of core who will remain aligned and only bounty out work if necessary.

To keep me aligned posting some polls bellow

Do you think the Overall KPIs are in the right Direction

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

Do you think the Contributor Payments are reasonable for delivering the KPIs

  • Yes
  • No

0 voters

Do you thing the Bounty Pool is reasonable

  • Keep the same
  • Higher
  • Lower

0 voters


Really great idea with the poll Alex.


Overall, the proposal looks good to me. But a few comments

  • I share @Anthony.Leuts and @Joan_Arus vision on bounties. We should use them wisely to increase output from specific needs, but not for core things within the DAO. This doesn’t mean getting lots of full-time contributors, but indeed focusing on what really matters.
  • I have the feeling (not only because of this proposal but also here) that the DAO is growing based on desires instead of needs - meaning, instead of needs surfacing due to projects, products, etc, we create proposals thinking about potential future needs, and then start delivering things that do not deliver actual value to the current state of the DAO. I might be wrong here but just wanted to state my impression.

Why is this under ops and not a design working group?

Those should be heavily coordinated with product teams. Not a problem, just a comment :slight_smile:


Love the honesty from all here, Thanks you, providing critical feedback is hard.

I think this is a problem not only in our DAO Ramon but many, we should be goal driven community if there are any other points in the proposal please let me know.

Plan with POAPs will be that it will be a separate proposal. We will simply provide a home in the short term.

I will chat with the team on the bounties and see if we can make a couple of edits as I can see the direction of the polls.

Please keep the feedback coming!!!


that is the plan! My focus is to connect with Martin and Harry and you to make sure that everything we are planning and delivering you guys are 100% in the loop!


I love the Eagle Ops brand and while there is an undeniable need for an encompassing ops Sub DAO I would have recommended teams asking 10k or more a month, especially those formerly funded by the ESD - to deliver their own proposal in line with the practice of setting clearly defined objectives, deliverables/ milestones.

Instead, it seems to me the necessity for overarching and aligned Operations is being used to carry DAO-funded teams with no clarity on what they will deliver and at what cost (beside hours worked) during the next 8 month.

Can anyone of the people that voted yes to the "Do you think the overall Key Performance Indicators are in the right direction? Please quote me three KPI’s - qualitative or quantitative measures of performance or success relative to the DAO funded teams? Because as an example but reflected within every DAO funded team I can see clear

  • functional areas: Eagle Capital
  • purpose/responsibilities: DAO treasury & payments


  • deliverables: Monthly payment of contributor rewards by the 15th of the month
  • KPI: 100% on-time delivery of payments

Eagle Capital I have used only as an example because I understand from working with @Ricktik6 (who des a great job) their deliverables and the types of key performance indicators that could apply. For the teams yet to propose but discussed in this proposal, there’s leeway, but for the DAO-funded teams, I have more questions than answers from this proposal.

TL;DR for guild coordination?

Is this a weekly? monthly? seasonal? or an eight-month deliverable? I understand the need for the listed output but how can DAO Ops drive efficiency and effectiveness, sans any clarity of the time and resources allocated to achieve some quantifiable or qualitative end result?

I’m also confused by “Dissemination of Internal Aragon Communications” because I would have thought this was very much the realm of @jessicasmith and the comms team. When I think internal comms, I think the Eagle so what does this even refer to?

Sub Dao + Guild proposals

I would suggest y’all consider making this an overview of the Sub DAO being established and rework the proposals for every DAO-funded team as per the Community Guild Proposal dGov was established S1 to support community proposals. The ESD members are still here to support community proposals. There was a workshop for this very reason to address S2 proposal planning. I am more than happy to help and given a decent opportunity to contribute or engagement with my offers to support planning - there’s about a day’s work needed for Finance, Legal, Data & DAO Ops to deliver proposals that justify some of the funding requested.

Concerns Already discussed

I see Joan has addressed my concerns with the overlap on legal with AA and Ronalds teams, happy to know we haven’t foregone that expertise. But because it’s a bugbear of mine I’m going to repeat concerns on the bounty funding because I believe at the level requested it underpins a lack of planning/forecasting for human, intellectual and financial efficiency and effectiveness.

I see this comment reflected across the board on proposals and it never fails to astound me that being we are still looking for Product Market Fit correct?? -Why on earth is there this idea that we benefit from the continued growth of the contributor base? 21k of bounties only serves to perpetuate the fiction within the DAO Community.

While trillion-dollar teams like Google are slowing hiring and now calling a hiring freeze, why do we think we need to continue to attract and retain endless opportunities for new talent?. Should we not instead get clear on deliverables so we can propose and fund the work that aligns with shared outcomes and focus on taking better care of the people and teams we have.

I have no issue with the level of contributor reward funding requested but we will fail to set teams up for success when contributors do not have clarity of when and what they need to deliver and how success is measured. Maybe this information already exists somewhere and the proposal is simply missing some links?

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Thanks for the comment @lee0007 if you have a look at the links in the proposal is may be clearer, we kept the KPIs in the further details as the forum post was going to be come to long. I have listed them bellow though.

If you would like these in the main body of text please let us know. Also if these are still to high level please let us know.

Will be addressing the concerns about bounties early next week with the team as we are aligned on this.


Eagle accounting

Payment execution

  • 100% timeliness to compile AN DAO payments: prepare, sign and execute routine financial transactions within 10 days after voting is done
  • 100% timeliness to compile core contributor payments: prepare, sign and execute routine financial transactions by the 15th of the month
  • 100% timeliness to compile creator payments (bounties): prepare, sign and execute on a weekly basis

Reporting execution

  • 100% timeliness of monthly income/expense report & contributor rewards report posted on the forum by the 15th of the Month 21:00 UTC +0
  • 100% timeliness on the end of the Season report, posted on the forum by the 15th of December 21:00 UTC +0

Accounting execution

  • 15th of August, building an expected treasury stream overview for ESD & AN DAO (and maintain it for the rest of the season)

Concrete Deliverables

  • 30th of Nov, taking care of Dex & Cex operations
    • Conducting required data updates
    • Approval of new Cex / Dex’s
  • 30th of Nov, having a concrete wBTC plan (to execute)
  • 30th of Nov Write an ANT buyback plan (depends on Eagle farming)
  • 30th of December, Make a yearly budgeting plan
  • 30th of Nov, Have a set up for salary guidelines within the DAO
  • 30th of Nov, Set up a legal agreement party process

By the end of S2 we will review aforementioned KPIs and set new ones for S3

Eagle Farming

Yield farming strategy

  • 30th of November, write a yield farming strategy, which at least includes:
    • The risk appetite of AN DAO
    • Mapping several potential strategies, with different risk levels (spread over at least +30 different products)
    • A guide on how to put the strategies into practice (e.g. what aggregator is most suitable, what teams are required, and what rules need to be in place to manage this in a decentralized way)

Eagle farming team

  • 30th of November, build an Eagle farming team which includes:
    • Research
    • Risk
    • Execution
  • Yield Farming may need to post a new proposal during Season 3

Legal to be completed and continued in to Season 3:

  1. Review, amend and execute legal agreements between AN DAO and 3rd parties.

  2. Ensure that AN DAO is fully compliant with the laws and regulations of the jurisdiction in which its legal wrapper shall exist and where it operates,

  3. Ensuring that AN DAO makes best efforts to not engage in non-compliant activities that might be considered illegal in the majority of jurisdictions it operates in.

  4. Make best efforts to help ensure ANT is not recognised as financial security in critical jurisdictions (Switzerland, UK, Canada, EU, Australia, Europe, US, Singapore). Vetting all the related documents to ensure that there is no investment advice or solicitation of investment.

  5. Provide clear legal strategy and guidance to support business strategy with respect to Aragon Products.

  6. Align legal priorities and resources with network strategy.

  7. Develop the network risk profile and risk management with respect to handling of contributor data.

  8. Manage risk and regulatory approach with respect to the implementation of delegated voting. Individuals involved with governance can often be held legally liable for the DAO’s actions. Hence, preparing a legal strategy for the same.

  9. Develop a compliance framework to enable maximum contributor engagement from most number of jurisdictions. Enable a regime from the legal-finance perspective where contributors can showcase a valid source of income to respective tax authorities (Eg.IRS).

  10. Engaging and coordinating with different legal teams when they provide advice on specialised matters.

  11. Identify and remediate brand and reputation risk exposure with appropriate disclosures.

  12. Revise and draft different legal documents and contracts related to contributors which the DAO requires (specifically when all AA contributors transition into the DAO).

  13. Manage the legal budgeting and expenditure when engaging local attorneys.


  1. Finance
    1. [Fabs] End of Season Survey on satisfaction with payments
  2. Growth/Comms
    1. [Fabs] Survey of non-AN DAO members on brand perceptions and strategies for attracting people to contribute to AN DAO and create DAOs using AragonApp
    2. [Sammie] [continuous] Measuring Discord growth numbers
    3. [bounty] [continuous] Newsletter analytics
    4. [bounty] [continuous] Twitter analysis for #ANDAO, #AragonAssociation and others for:
      1. topic discussion
      2. Sentiment analysis
  3. Operations
    1. [bounty] [continuous] Analysis of Notion Analytics
    2. [Sammie] [continuous] Analysis of DeWork tasks and activities
    3. [Fabs] End of Season Survey on satisfaction from ops
    4. [bounty] Analysis of ANT trading and holder behavior, including voting, rewards, and staking.
  4. Community
    1. [bounty] [continuous] Monitoring stats from Discord
    2. [bounty] measures for Community Experience activities
      1. Onboarding
      2. Ambassador program
      3. Off-boarding
      4. DAO experts
      5. Community Engagement
      6. Events
  5. Culture / Umbrella
    1. [bounty] How many issues resolved?
    2. [bounty] What was the general theme of the issues encountered in the DAO?
  6. dGov
    1. [Bounty] [continuous] Monitoring stats from Discord
    2. [bounty & Fabs] [continuous] Monitoring stats from the Aragon Forum
    3. [bounty & Fabs] Surveys for governance engagement
  7. Aragon Product — When the correct timing for the product arrives
    1. [Julija] Contributing to the dashboard
    2. [Julija] product metrics
    3. [Julija] user research
    4. [Julija] Market analysis — chains, frameworks, etc.
      1. Voting delegation
  8. [bounty] Data output a Dashboard which holds all the metrics we are collating together.
    1. creation and maintainance of a centralized Results, Measurement and Reporting (RMR) Framework that can provide easy and quick overview of Guilds and Squad performance.
  • DAO Wide Survery [Fabs and bounty]
    • Once per season we are going to conduct a DAO wide survey to evaluate satisfaction with the performance and operation of:
      • Guilds and Squads
      • Governance
      • Community and culture
      • Bounties

Yeah cool,

It’s great to have an overview of the direction Ops is heading - whether that’s as a collective Sub-DAO or separate Guilds - but for a financial proposal there’s a lot of information here, that imo is not relevant to the funding request.

Deliverables are 100% what I would expect to see in a half-million dollar financial proposal. I don’t require information about non-funded teams nor details at the KPI level. My advice is that KPIs are best linked out to, yet I saw community guild was asked to re-include KPIs in their proposal by a member of ops so, had to ask…

Full support this team I’m just on this transparency bandwagon and in four months’ time when delegates start looking into the current funding state of the DAO, it would be easier if they can find a simple, clear concise set of the relevant information - which for every funded team to date, required clear deliverables/milestones.

Maybe you guys could have a separate all-encompassing post including the teams that are yet to propose a financial request. It would simplify the proposal and allow for transparency of the objectives and deliverables associated with funded contributors.

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Thanks @lee0007 that makes sense, I have pulled them out in to a drop down to make it more clear that they are not a part of the funding proposal but feel the additional context is helpful for people to see what ops is encompassing.


One thing to take into account here is coordination overhead. We shouldn’t duplicate workflows that need “alignment” and “coordination” and essentially create coordination challenges that don’t need to exist. The questions we should be asking are : Is there a need for this? Am I duplicating work that is already being done? Am I filling an existing gap? Is the gap I am filling worth the coordination overhead or is there a more efficient way to fill the gap? (this is happening all over the AA/AN DAO - just picking up on this root issue as its something we all need to consider carefully)


Awesome, thank you for the context @Joan_Arus.

Agree context is helpful

Reiterate that I feel it is 100% reasonable to expect ALL financial proposals at this scale to communicate clear deliverables/milestones to underpin the funding requested. However, with the exception of Finance - the information shared above is still primarily an expanded list of activity as opposed to timebound deliverables.

It should take at most an hour to transform them into SMART deliverables but just wondering who is providing guidance on this? So I will offer what I can glean from the information provided.

Data’s long list of activities can be summarised in four deliverables that can indicate the resource allocation and be reported based on status [not started] [in progress] [complete]

Data & Insight Deliverables [resource allocation]

1.1 Guild Performance Analysis, Tracking & Reporting [ 60%]

  • Establish Performance Baselines in collaboration w. each Guild Due: -
  • Monitoring & Analysis of Guild Performace Due: Monthly
  • Report Guilds Monthly Performance Due: Monthly
  • Report Guild Seasonal Performance Due: 31 November & 31 March

1.2 RMR Framework & Dashboard [30%]

  • Develop a centralized Results, Measurement and Reporting (RMR) Framework Due:
  • Develop Data Dashboard Due:
  • Ongoing Maintenance Due: Monthly

1.3 S2 DAO Wide Survey [10%]

  • Design & Deliver S2 DAO Wide Survey Due: -
  • Analysis of survey results Due: -
  • Final Report of survey insights Due: 31 November

1.4 S3 DAO Wide Survey [10%]

  • Design & Deliver S2 DAO Wide Survey Due: -
  • Analysis of survey results Due: -
  • Final Report of survey insights from Due: 31 November

Deliverables also establish clear and shared expectations as to what we can expect for 15k per month. Look I know I’m a performance-orientated, and results-driven individual and can be demanding of this from others. I don’t expect that I have the information above right as I’m not in the ops loop here but I hope it indicates the type of clarity of deliverables that imo is required for a 514k proposal cc @Fabs


I’m going to suggest again that this proposal would function better as a Main DAO proposal to establish the Eagle Ops Sub DAO. Why NOT? empower teams to propose and establish guilds now, with each of the teams Eagle Ops encompasses creating their own deliverables-led funding proposals. I understand this is what we are to expect from the AA-funded teams as they move towards a DAO. Could the AN DAO teams not also model that process? Ops is a black box to me so it’s clearly with you guys to decide, just know that I am here to support the DAO teams with proposals if the AA was to choose to enable teams to pursue this path.