Financial Proposal: Community Guild Proposal S2/S3 [Main DAO]

Completely agree and I have been saying this for ~ 9 months now. Due to the lack of communication and strategic direction, most of us in the DAO have been shooting blindly trying to do things we think will support Aragon. I can see how this could have been difficult considering some of the challenges the AA has been facing in the past year or so.

This is absolute top priority for me moving forward in order to lead the community in the best possible way to support Aragon and the DAOs we serve.

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Wonderfully said @lee0007

Hi Shawn, thanks as always for your professional response. I do not endorse a poll (if it is binding) in this situation as it’s been made clear that AA (Head of Core, BD, Comm’s, Product) and AL (Head of Product M) do not believe there is a role here, nor one that requires that level of salary or time. Always respect your energy and intentions.

Having someone come in and study what we are doing for 120 hours a month doesn’t seem palatable. Especially when there is budget allocated for “community wellbeing” also. Although I agree in the past there was confusion on direction, there isn’t anymore, which you know and we’ve been transparent about. See @brickpop Head of Core, above. We are laser focused on adding value through building the most incredible and human-centric DAO focused technology in the world. This is our focus.

I must get back to exactly this above. As always thank you. Again, this is of course up to the voters!

Gotcha. Message received and the section has been removed.

Appreciate the feedback, hopefully we can move on to any other comments people may have on the proposal.


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Do we have any other comments on this proposal?

This proposal has been on the forum for 10 days now. If we are comfortable and confident that it will pass vote I will create the vote on Voice.

I will wait until Monday the 8th for any further feedback and then create the vote unless there are any other edits that need to be made. I appreciate everyone for helping us make this proposal and the next season the best it can be. Community Guild is looking forward to pushing these initiatives forward and empowering the community for the next 2 seasons!


I am a proponent of this proposal and have been for a while. The community guild is the glue between all other guilds and the community. Without it, other guilds will struggle and the community will have chaos.

Due to the lack of additional comments, it is a good signal that there is a good amount of support as you have clearly addressed everyone’s concerns. Hope to see the vote soon.


Vote now live on Voice