Financial Proposal: A Path to Decentralised Governance (dGov S1 COMPLETE)

dGov Season 2022

$72,000 S1 Funding Requested
$61,545 S1 Funding Allocated

$TBD S1 Remaining

Core 2550 5000 5000 5000 17550
Flexible 1250 9525 8625 11095 30495
Coordinape 6600 2150 5100 - 13850
TOTALS 10400 16675 18725 16095 61545

Please note figures are subject to finalising August creator bounties

S1 Impact Deliverables 100% COMPLETE

  1. [COMPLETE]- Decentralise: Support work to document Charter adaptations 3 Voted 1 Proposed 2 In progress. Hard Stop when CIP 0-2 failed to meet quorum signalling clear lack of ANT holder support to adapt the Charter.

  2. [COMPLETED] - Awareness: Publish a governance timeline/calendar to promote and raise community awareness and forum engagement and voting participation + here + here

  3. [COMPLETED] - Decentralise: Investigate, compare and propose governance tooling and community mechanisms that support decentralised governance with at least one supported proposal (31 July) ** Demoing a TAO Voting DAO

  4. [COMPLETE] - Understanding: Plan and propose in collab with the community (30 June) the delivery of a series of governance campfire (3) workshops (2) to help our community define the AN DAO Mission, Vision and Values that inform individual positions on Governance proposals and voting. [COMPLETE 2 Campfire’s Trust & Community Rituals, 2 Workshops S2 Planning, S2 Debrief TAO Voting 3 Param Parties & 3 Debates & Final Proposal

  5. [COMPLETE] - Engagement: Provide a community touchpoint for proposal authors to seek guidance on proposals, seek feedback if requested and clarify questions as to the governance process dGov Advisory 1 2

S1 Operational Deliverables 100% COMPLETE

  1. [COMPLETE] Participation: Surface and define S1 Governance roles/functions to be shared between members of the dGov Coordinape circle (30 June) .

  2. [COMPLETE] Engagement: % Increase from baseline of participation in discord and forum based on the preceding three months (Feb-Apr) (May-July) [6 Month Baseline here 3:3 Month Performance here]

  3. [COMPLETE] - Responsibility: Provide easy access to documentation of dGov team member responsibilities, aligned objectives and metrics (30 May)

  4. [COMPLETE] - Accountability: Ensure routine and operational governance tasks have performance metrics applied for tracking and reporting

  5. [COMPLETE] - Understanding: Governance community survey to inform accountability, workshops and governance discussion S1 Survey & Analysis

  6. [PIVOT, COMPLETE]- Understanding: Document frequently asked questions to build shared understanding for inclusion in Community handbook v 2.0. As reported July recommend that the FAQ and S1 learning experiment content be repurposed to gamify the context-building process for DAO governance through self-paced discovery and learning. A plan was perpared here as part of the S2 Proposal which is considered unlikely to progress due to lack of transparency and strategic alignment with AA.

Monthly Routine Deliverables - 100% COMPLETE S1

  1. Transparency: Monthly performance analysis & reporting [Complete May June July Aug]
  2. Transparency: Monthly community call Meeting Agenda & Minutes
  3. Transparency: Weekly activity documentation Aug 2022
  4. Accountability: Weekly tactical goal setting & activity tracking Aug 2022
  5. Engagement: Weekly governance topic/reading/discussions COMPLETE

Changes to funding allocation

There are no coordinape circles in the final month of S2. Creator bounties and fixed allocations were used and more effective in terms of allocating fair reward for impact delivered due to the limited number of governance participants when people are not directly paid to participate.

Funding Request

Total USDC Equivalent $16,095

Financial transparency: Finalised record of payments will be reflected by 15 August 2022 dGov tab here S1 Financial Position - Google Sheets


S1 Conclusion

Below is one conclusion via the S1 funded governance analysts. I encourage readers to draw their own conclusions from the transparency provided within this forum thread and the performance datasets linked below

S1 Governance Survey
Pre & Post dGov Discord & Forum Reported