Financial (pre)Proposal: Simple Agreement for Future Tokens for TogetherCrew

Hey all

Last year, Aragon was the first of a coalition of partners who funded research into Community Health.
A framework to analyze community health was developed and published from that research. And we also delivered a community health report for Aragon’s community team.

After completing the grant, we decided to continue working in this area and have developed a tool to automate the process:

We’re now raising funds to accelerate the development of the tool and create a sustainable revenue model that can help us continue and compound this stream of work.

We have calculated $2 millions as the necessary funding for this next chapter and again plan to assemble a coalition of partners to split the costs.

As Aragon is not necessarily set up with the capabilities to assess the details of this proposal, we’re envisioning a simple agreement (e.g. SAFT) with an MFN clause* and requisite for other qualified funders approving due diligence could make this viable.

This is just an exploration at this stage, so curious about your thoughts.

*MFN clause: most favored nation clause. This refers to offering the same or better terms as to other funders. More info here

Thank you for reaching out to the Aragon DAO.

Prisma will vote “no” on funding proposals that do not support the recently passed 2023 Annual Strategy Guideline, which have been explicitly endorsed and voted in support of.

Prisma values and encourages exploration of new ideas and approaches to solving the complex community-related challenges faced by DAOs. However, we do not see this proposal aligning with our endorsed platform.