Finance Squad Proposal

As discussed, @AlexClay will respond to your questions and remarks to outline the segregation of duty.

A new overview was asked without the amount of days as it is just an indication but not accurate.

Therefore, I added a new tab in your working example.

For transparency reasons I post the tables also below:


** This contains the time that is necessary to spent without a clear deliverable, like aligning Finance with other guilds, maintaining and coordinating reworked processes, conducting interviews for bounties, and take a role as Coordinape Facilitator to get a best practice for the DAO.

This will be crucial for the main DAO proposals to decide on who clears the KPIs as delivered going forwards. For ESD Proposals we have the ESD proposals.

Hopefully the table above provides some clarity. The assumption was that we were working on bounties and not a fixed amount each month which I think is where the confusion has come. Hope this is clear now.

As for the other points think these can be cleared up in a couple of calls.

My position is 5k per month back paid for April, plus any additional bounties “currently undefined” in the original proposal. This is based on the fact that the originally funded proposal includes

  • A definition of bounties in the opening statement for DAO Finance Guild that specifies bounties as “currently undefined”, a definition then applied across multiple S1 proposals
  • A table showing the Finance Contributor was to be compensated 5k per month.
  • S1 deliverables provided in SMART_deliverables_Finance_Guild (1).xlsx - Google Sheets
  • S1 deliverables stated to be delivered within the S1

I would not have agreed to fund a finance squad without an S1 Financial Report within the core remit. Had this proposal presented as 5k per month funding focused solely on contributor rewards, my decision would have been as per both the data insights and learning proposals that were denied S1 funding,

It would be unfair and biased of me to treat this proposal any differently. @Sixto5 has been a long term, core and committed contributor to this DAO he delivered fully on his team’s S0 proposal and it was personally disappointing to have to get him that security of ongoing funding.

The absence during S1 funding process of multiple leaders is still proving itself @Ricktik6 this is absolutely no reflection of you and the clear contribution you make to this DAO, it is about fairness and my mandate to assess deliverables. I have advised as much as possible on what I assessed as deliverables

Apart from the fact, the May report is still missing the financial transparency link the rest is easy to approve funding for just NOT as you have requested. I repeat, I will agree to 7k plus bounties - any work that was undefined in the original proposal - which currently appears to be

  • expense request process $500
  • coordinape facilitator $ ?
  • other, does not include meetings or coordination activity

@daniel-ospina and @fartunov may be willing to release funding as requested so the decision is theirs to make and will set the precedent for the remainder of the funding available under this proposal.

Hi Renee,

Thank you for your response and the alignment session that we had yesterday.

As discussed Alex and I were not planning to bounty everything out in the beginning of the season, but this emerged due to miscommunication.

To prevent miscommunication in the future we agreed to do more often an alignment session, as this back and forward takes valuable time for us both.

As discussed yesterday, lets solve this to create more transparency.

For the remainder of the season there is a fixed 5k reward per month for @Ricktik6 as Finance Coordinator.

Additional bounties - any work that was undefined in the original proposal @AlexClay
(new bounties can be added during the season if priorities change)

I have updated the above mentioned May report (S1) as well. (see post 26th of May)
@fartunov @daniel-ospina

1/3 Approved cc @fartunov @daniel-ospina

Thank you @Ricktik6 for working to find shared understanding here. You have my full support for 5k base + bounties + retroactive rewards.

Sorry to be so picky on financial details but can I request some formatting edits for precision please

Add TOTAL funding to the reported funding request = 9650 correct
Format funding request $0000 sans decimals or commas

Q: Should we expect the coordinape facilitator work to be recurring 1500 per month? Is that an ongoing bounty amount shown completed just for May? And if recurring would you expect this cost to reduce as teams become more practised in the use of coordinape?

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Fair points, adjusted the format (also on every tab in the spreadsheet)

Expect to spend less time as a Coordinape Facilitator each month, so also a reduction in the bounty each month @AlexClay

2/3 Approved!

Thank you for fixing the sheets - it’s much easier to navigate now!

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Finance squad June Report (S1)

@lee0007 @daniel-ospina @fartunov


Monthly core contributor reward payments June (Complete / On going)
Monthly income and expense report, June (Complete / On going)
Monthly contributor reward report, June (Complete / On going)
Maintain and coordinate reworked processes (Complete / On going)
Implementing weekly bounty holder payments with DeWork (Completed / will start in July)

Additional bounties - any work that was undefined in the original proposal

Bounty info:
Link to the DeWork board:
“Opening” bounties will be published on the DeWork Finance board, this week.

Funding Request

  • Total requested $8.650
  • USCD 90% Total: $7.785
  • ANT 10% Total: $865
  • Amount Contributor rewards $5.000
  • Amount Coordinape Rewards: $150
  • Amount Bounty Rewards: $3.500

For more details on the payments see: S1 Financial Position - Google Sheets

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1/3 approved @Ricktik6
Is the parcel bounty reward shared across how many people “Rik & the parcel team” interested to hear how the implementation lift is being split. How are people selected for the TBD roles? Open bounty, I’d like to recommend someone from llamaDAO for the DAO treasury management bounty

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The “& Parcel team” is to indicate that we collaborated with the team to implement it (not that we are doing everything by ourselves), think about getting a demo and responses on questions. It was not indicated to split @AlexClay.

Bounties will be open for everyone to apply, so also someone from llamaDAO!

2/3 approved @Ricktik6

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Finance squad - End of the Season Report (S1)

@lee0007 @fartunov @daniel-ospina

Initial Funding

  • Deliverable Funding $20,000
  • Bounty Funding of $22,000

Final Expenditure

  • $20,000 Deliverable funds spent (full amount)
  • $12,000 Bounty funds spent with 13 bounties
  • $ 1,150 Coordinape funds spent on 2 epochs
  • $ 360 In expenses
  • Total: $33,510 spent of $42,000 (80%)

Original Deliverables

  • 100% timeliness to compile all payments, prepare, sign and execute routine financial transactions by the 15th of the month 2100 UTC +0 - Complete - Continuous
  • 100% timeliness of monthly income / expense report posted to forum by the 15th of the Month 2100 UTC +0 - Complete - Continuous

  • 1st of May, define contributor reward payment and reporting process - Complete

  • 1st of May, deliver visualisation of token flow to aid transparency into the grants funding rated 8/10 or higher by community polling - Complete (without the rating)

  • 15th of June (2nd payment cycle), start initiating the first payments via the Polygon chain - Complete

  • Prepare an overview of all contributors per guild (and their addresses) within a week after the guild is approved for funding by ESD (to get contributors paid in time) - Complete

  • 1st June, Deliver the Finance notion page, that will be rated by the community on: transparency, easy to understand, helpful (aim for 8/10 at community polling) - Complete (without rating → results of DAO survey are not yet in @Fabs )

  • 1 July, Initiate the necessary change in the Charter, to increase efficiency in the payment process - Complete

  • 15th of August (after last payment cycle), deliver an overarching AN DAO S1 Finance Report, which provides an overview of the financial status of AN DAO, a look back on S1 and an outlook to S2 (will be rated by the community and aim for 8/10) - In progress and will be posted on the 15th

Additional deliverables

(see bounties Finance Squad | Dework)

  • Implementing a new payment tool - Complete

  • Wrapping BTC research - Complete

  • Implementing expense request process - Complete

  • Build an autonomous reporting process - Complete

Deliverables/Initiatives Not Executed

  • Every Continuous & Discrete deliverable is complete


  • Advisory & Guidance (April - May - June - July) - @AlexClay - Complete

  • Coordinape Facilitator (May - June - July) - @Ricktik6 - Complete

  • Treasury manager (July) - @Hammad1412 - Complete

  • Shadow Accounting Bounty (July) - @andrewfowl - Complete

I would like to thank the ESD for their trust and the good collaboration in S1. I also would like to thank @AlexClay for his great input during the weekly meetings. It is awesome to see that we started to expand the team at the end of the Season, and I am looking forward to collaborate more with @Hammad1412 & @andrewfowl in S2.

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Thank you Rick! 1/3


thank you Rick 2/3


3/3 Approved

However, we would like to extend the delivery date for the S1 Financial Transparency Report to the end of month. @Ricktik6 if you can drop the current working version (not PDF) in the Executive Sub DAO discord channel and tag us please, the ESD would like to review and provide feedback to help finanlise this