Finance: income and expense report (April)

The Finance Squad is thrilled to introduce the following reports:
· Income and expense report (monthly)
· Contributor rewards report (monthly)
· Overall report (once, at the end of the season)

We are excited to share the very first monthly income and expense report (April). These reports aiming to provide more transparency in the money flow of the DAO.

See Notion post here

More reporting details
For more information on the spent funds, read Contributor rewards report (April) and have a look at the reward dashboard

Approved budget
For more information on the approved budget that ESD will receive during S1, read ESD S1 budget request

As always, feel free to provide feedback on this report so that we can improve further iterations

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  1. Continuous Funding 440k
  2. New Initiative Funding 360k
  3. Strategic & Gov Funding 60k + 7200 ANT

Great report @Ricktik6 thank you

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