Finance: Contributor Reward Report (June)

Dear community,

Hereby the monthly contributor reward report (June). These monthly reports aim to provide more transparency in the contributor payments.

More details on the composition of the payments per guild/squad can be found here: S1 Financial Position - Google Sheets

Payment (process) information
If you want more information regarding the payments, please inform this page
Here you can find an outline of the current payment process

Disputing rewards
In case you feel like there are rewards that we have missed, or you would request adjustments to the amount of the rewards, fill out this form

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Thank you Rick! A suggestion you can ignore if it doesn’t make sense, but maybe we can set a reporting thread and just add a monthly update there - it will make for a neater forum

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Was literally considering this before posting, haha.
Makes total sense as these reports doesn’t raise any discussion in the replies.

I made one thread per report where the monthly updates will be posted in the replies.
In S2 we can also look for indeed 1 report per month, reporting will get some more priority in S2 anyway as we need to prepare for the treasury transfer :wink:

I also “flagged” the now unnecessary threads, so the admin can maybe delete them??
Don’t know how to delete a thread otherwise, haha

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