Finance: Contributor Reward Report (April)

The Finance Squad is thrilled to introduce the following reports:
· Income and expense report (monthly)
· Contributor rewards report (monthly)
· Overall report (once, at the end of the season)

We are excited to share the very first monthly contributor reward report. These monthly reports aiming to provide more transparency in the contributor payments.

See notion post as well

More details on the composition of the actual payments can be found in the reward dashboard

Payment (process) information
If you want more information regarding the payments, please inform this page
Here you can find an outline of the current payment process

Disputing rewards
In case you feel like there are rewards that we have missed, or you would request adjustments to the amount of the rewards, fill out this form


Thank you for the work on this Rick, will it be the same multisig making payments through Dwork?

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Same multisig for the ANT split payments.
Aiming to introduce the Polygon multisig for the USDC split payments.

Thanks - this is a great overview

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