Finalizing details for App Mining Launch

Over the last two months, we have been working to create the infrastructure necessary for the App Mining Program that was proposed in AGP-104 and have involved the community in discussions (1)(2) related to the progress and implementation details. We are now at a point where the basic implementation is complete and we simply have to finalize some details and coordinate logistics so Application Publishers know how they can participate in the program.

Please review this post, participate in the polls, and raise any concerns if you have them before the end of the week so we can move forward with launching the App Mining program.

Scoring Rule

As discussed in the previous thread, some potential levers can be adjusted when determining scoring rules. Specifically, the weights and whether or not to apply a quadratic function to each KPI when calculating the organization scores. Based on the previous discussions and analysis, our recommendation is to use 70/15/15 and the quadratic scoring policy. Based on data as of March 16, 2020, this document shows how apps would be scored based on that policy.

Do you approve of using the 70/15/15 weights and Quadratic scoring policy?

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Eligibility Criteria

Applications should meet some basic criteria to be eligible for App Mining rewards that ensure they are broadly useful and composable building blocks for DAOs, rather than custom components built to service only a single user’s needs. Based on the feedback and discussions in the previous thread, we have come up with the following eligibility criteria.

  • The Aragon App must be open source
  • The Aragon App must be an original work or a derivative work offering novel functionality
  • The Aragon App must be useful as a standalone application or module
  • The maintainer of the Aragon App must provide user documentation including installation instructions

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Application Process

As discussed previously, participation in the App Mining program is opt-in. To receive payouts, an Application Publisher must request their application be reviewed and approved before it will be considered eligible to receive App Mining Rewards.

To manage the review and approval process in a fair way, we have worked on a process with the Aragon One team to leverage the recently launched Aragon Court before the official launch of Aragon Agreements. The intention is to create a process that closely emulates what we would expect to use in the future once Aragon Agreements has fully launched. We’ve done this by creating an Aragon Organization with the Address Book app and the Delay app configured to manage a registry of Aragon Apps, which will be considered eligible for App Mining Rewards.

Application publishers can use the following instructions to submit their applications:

Before getting started, they will need:

  • Access to the Ethereum account that they use to publish changes to the APM repository associated with the Application they are submitting.
  • The Ethereum address of the APM repository associated with the Application they are submitting.
  • An account on the Aragon Forum.

When you are ready to submit:

  1. Using the publishing account, navigate to the address book, and click “New entity.”
  2. Enter the Application’s name in the Name field and the Application’s APM Repository address in the Address field. These should match what can be found on
  3. Create a new thread on the Aragon Forum titled “App Mining Application: [App Name]” and include any information you want to present to jurors, including links to Github and documentation.

An administrative account will pause delayed action while the dispute is created and resolved. If the Aragon Court ruling resolves in favor of the proposer the delayed action will be unpaused, allowing it to be added to the registry, otherwise the action will be cancelled.

Timing for first payout

Assuming there are no major objections and general community support of the process outlined above, we will begin accepting applications in the next two weeks. The first payout calculation would be scheduled 6 weeks after applications open, allowing for applications submitted in the first two weeks to go through the full court appeals process if necessary. Application Publishers can submit or re-submit their applications after the first two weeks. However, we cannot guarantee that they will be processed and approved by the first payout calculation.

Subsequent payout cadence is intended to be each 90 days thereafter, however, in light of the Aragon Association’s intention to sunset the AGP process, the long-term future of the App Mining program and its budget will be left entirely to the discretion of the Aragon Association.

Payout process and invoicing requirements

The eligibility list and scores will determine payout amounts, which will be published on the forum. For each eligible app, their payout amount will be their score divided by the sum of the scores of all eligible apps times the app mining budget.

Due to the Aragon Association’s accounting requirements, publishers must invoice the Aragon Association to receive App Mining rewards. Payments are not required to be received at the same address that manages the APM repo, but if there is any doubt the publisher may be required to prove ownership of the publishing accounts.