Final Results of the Aragon Network DAO Sub-DAO Committee elections

With the Aragon Network DAO officially on mainnet, I’m pleased to announce that the following members shall make up the Sub-DAO committees of the Aragon Network DAO. Members denoted with a * were elected by the Aragon Association committee.

Compliance Sub-DAO

Tech Sub-DAO

Executive Sub-DAO

As a next step, tokens will be minted to each of the above members in the relevant Sub-DAO.

Big congratulations to these new committee members that will be driving the Aragon Network DAO forwards and helping to keep the Aragon network safe.


Massive! Congratulations to all sub-DAO members. It’s day one :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::rocket:


Here is a summary of their addresses and BrightID verifications:

Compliance Sub-DAO Committee Members: (Tayy) (Ronald Kogens) (Eaglelex)

Tech Sub-DAO Committee Members: (Voronchuk Wenzel) (Pau Escrich) (Samuel Furter)

Executive Sub-DAO Committee Members: (Daniel Ospina) (Lee0007) (Ivan Fartunov)

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