Expert Network - request for funds

I’ve updated the Nest funding proposal for the expert network on Github. Also including a copy here.

Summary: The proposed expert network is a directory of all Aragon DAO members, together with their skills and associated reputation. The following opportunities and challenges were identified during the group discussion:*

  • A freelancer marketplace like Bounties.Network or Upwork could be created as part of the expert network. Alternatively, we could just integrate or fork This could be used for hiring proven talent, which is typically the largest challenge that founders have when building a startup.
  • It was suggested that the expert network could also provide a critical missing part of the architecture for Aragon’s upcoming arbitration court. Specifically, it would enable a fairer system to decide who is qualified to arbitrate a specific issue.
  • It was suggested that “reputation and tasks” could be a strong motivator to drive users to the Aragon network. Seeing what tasks you can perform for Aragon DAOs and knowing that you will earn a reputation score for doing them would likely increase the number of people wanting to work for Aragon DAOs.
  • It could be used as a filtering system to reduce the amount of notifications to users and “Information Overload” through more targeted filtering of tasks based on a user’s skill sets. For example, when assigning new arbitration requests or other tasks created from within other Aragon DAOs (such as with the Open Enterprise “Projects” app), related notifications could be sent only to users with matching skills in that domain. This would also be useful in helping the overall communication and proposal making systems to scale through more targeted notifications.
  • It was suggested to integrate Sourcecred, a reputation protocol for open collaboration. Sourcerank uses the PageRank algorithm to generate a score, called cred for every contribution. By integrating Sourcecred into the Expert Network, it would enable us to understand how worthy member contributions were to Github repos, Twitter, Discourse forums etc. This would generate valuable reputation-based data points for both technical and non-technical communities. It is envisaged that Sourcecred would just be one data source of many that makes up a users’ weighted reputation score. Other potential data sources include:
    • a) The task rating given to a user upon task completion within the Open Enterprise “Project” app.
    • b) Member reputations on Bounties.Network.
  • It was also suggested to integrate 3box (already ongoing by Autark) to view more friendly user profiles together with their native user identity validation (Facebook, Twitter, Github etc). The idea would be to then display the user’s skills and reputation score next to their 3box generated profile.
  • The exact formula to calculate reputation requires further research and continuous optimisation. Some members thought it was unfair to use “amount paid” to an individual as a reputation proxy, given that pay asymmetries exist based on people’s geographic location, discrimination etc.
  • Another idea was to use “member reputation” as an optional method of distributing DAO proceeds between its members instead of existing distribution methods such as proportion of tokens held.