Event gathering DAO - ticketing NFT 721 solution?

For-profit? Non-profit? DAO-profit!

Any profit from the event will be sent to the Convergence DAO on Aragon for blockchain-based participatory budgeting.

£1 of value added to Totnes Convergence (via purchase or labour) entitles you to 1 CVG (Convergence Token)/1 vote. For example:

  • If you buy a £150 ticket, you are entitled to 150 CVG
  • If you do £1000 worth of work to make Totnes Convergence happen, you’re entitled to 1000 CVG

Is there a simple ticketing solution based on Aragon?

HMMM… Do you think it could be a valid use case?


Example from docs: https://docs.ethhub.io/built-on-ethereum/erc-token-standards/erc721/

NFTs are the digital manifestation of items like movie tickets, in that they can contain information in addition to just the owner, lending them all sorts of uses and unforeseen value.

Selling tickets directly on Aragon so that the funds land directly in the DAO?

Or maybe initially a separate smart contract for selling NFT that is benefiting the organizer?

(no DAO during the organization of the event as voting can be time-consuming)

Posting here because if there is already an Aragon app for that, that would be nice :slight_smile:

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So you’re saying that it would be great if it were just as easy to mint NFTs in Aragon DAOs as it was to mint ERC-20s?

Yeah, something like that.

Aragon DAO adding an app allowing to mint NFT tokens (representing tickets in this example).

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