ETHWaterloo Fundraising experiment

Hi :wave: Would like to invite everyone interested on learn about DAOs and DAICOs in practice to participate on the following experiment. We been gathering a few ideas to hack during the event with the community last couple of weeks and to make the process more entertain we thought it could be a great opportunity to showcase the recently announced Aragon Fundraising app on Rinkeby :dollar:

The repo with the current ideas and explanation can be found here.

We also have created an Aragon organization with a presale already running for every idea, the presale will be open until around the time the hacking begins. So everyone can participate even if you are not attending ETHWaterloo or you already have other project you will be working on.

You can request test DAI on the Aragon Black faucet and the current organization address are:

The main goal is to see what are the ideas with the most shareholders (i.e. interest) and at the same time start the discussion around those ideas to form teams willing on buidl them. Part of the Aragon SDK team will be there during the whole event to support teams as mentors, looking forward for your feedback :pray:

A big thanks to @chrishobcroft for sharing his experience on ETHBerlin and to the whole Aragon Black team for building an amazing tool :raised_hands:


Since the DAI comes from a tap (and is unlimited), are we just using the honor system? and if so, is there a recommended amount of DAI use to purchase the presale tokens?


Hey @burrrata sorry I missed your message. But yeah the idea was to not spam those daos. This time this experiment was not very successful probably for the small amount of time to engage.

I think the idea is quite interesting and we should keep in mind this type of interaction, maybe with an online hackathon an more time to setup correctly could become in a super interesting use case for fundraising experimentation

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For sure. New tools require new experiments to identify viable use cases. Would be really curious to see more of these experiments play out :slight_smile:

I think part of it was to do with the fact the Aragon black faucet is a bit flakey

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Yeah it wasn’t working for me a few times over the last week