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Sharing and storing files is a fundamental necessity in every organization. The majority of services available today (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Onedrive…) are centralized and though they provide cheap and easy access to storage, there are also numerous consequences to this centralization: far from perfect server availability, arbitrary censorship, flawed privacy, possibility of power misuse and these are just a few examples of the drawbacks it can cause.

What have they built?


The Datastore lets DApps easily store files and manage their permissions decentrally. It consists of two modules:

  1. A javascript library to store files in a distributed file system, IPFS and Swarm as of right now. It will also handle the encryption/decryption process.
  2. A solidity smart contract that keeps the information of those files and manages permissions.


Espresso Drive is an application that allows easy file storing and sharing within your Aragon DAO. It is a decentralized alternative to apps like Google Drive and Dropbox.


Aragon Comments offers an easy way for developers to integrate discussion threads to their Aragon app.

Who’s using it?

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