ESD Statement: Aragon Scout Program

To encourage inbound requests for funding, the ESD will provide compensation to author/s of funded proposals as of 15 March 2022. Compensation can be retroactively funded at ESD discretion or shall be requested in future proposals.

  • ESD Funding Requests: Create proposal as per funding allocation process

  • Main DAO Proposals: More information will be developed and linked here for MainDAO proposals

  • Fee Request: people are encouraged to request a payment that they believe they have earned.

  • Fee Limits: In all cases the maximum fee request must be the lesser of either 5% of value funded or $3000.The final allocation will be open to negotiation with the ESD. Funding will not be dispersed until ESD is formally notified as per the fee notification process.

  • Fee Notification: requires that authors add a comment to this post with the following information.

  1. Link to Authored Forum Post once funding approved
  2. Statement of the fee request
  3. Advise allocation of reward payable to tagged authors
  4. Link to this post in the #governance-general discord channel
  5. Tag @Executive Sub-DAO members in discord
  • Fee Approval: Once formally notified, ESD will engage on this forum post to seek further clarification if required. Funding approval will be agreed at the next scheduled ESD meeting, provided the required notice.

  • Nominations ESD members also reserve the right to nominate authors for this reward snd to make asynch decision on funding in advance of the next ESD general meeting in order to meet contributor reward deadlines

  • Required Notice: Seven days notification on both this forum post by tagging @lee0007 @fartunov @daniel-ospina and @Executive SubDao Members in the Discord Governance channel. If notification has not been on the forum and advised via discord for a minimum of seven days, decisions may roll over to the next meeting agenda. Decisions will be posted fortnightly in this forum post. Once approved, rewards are payable in the next scheduled monthly payments.

  • Budget: 20k per season approximately across all Main DAO & ESD proposals (subject to funding approval)

  • Performance: Strictly performance-based this compensation is available to author/s (not otherwise compensated) of funded proposals.

  • Limitations: This funding is only available to authors who are NOT rewarded contributors within the authored proposal.

  • Agreement: ESD will allocate funding but NOT mediate on the division of the reward. Where multiple authors contribute the funds shall be allocated as determined by honourable agreement between authors or if required through a formal mediation process

  • Payment: Scout rewards are eligible for payment upon successful funding of the project. Once approved, rewards are payable in the next scheduled monthly payments. Please note, you will need to advise a member of payroll of your wallet address

This programs is subject to edits and updates as we [ESD] intend to adapt the funding based on what we learn from the scout rewards requested in S1. We welcome your feedback, questions and enquiry. Please tag @lee0007 @daniel-ospina @fartunov in this forum post or @ExecutiveSub-DAOmembers in the channel


What’s the rationale for having this to apply to finance proposals only? For example, if a community submits a tokenomics or governance proposal, should this not also be incentivised?

For finance proposals, it is a fixed fee reward per funded proposal? Or is it tiered?

Where do scouts go to make a referral and what’s the process they should follow?

I think setting it as a % of the funding for discretionary/strategic initiatives that the ESD receives from the main dao would make more sense than an absolute value. That way, we aren’t capping financial incentives that can be awarded to the community and they are more proportional to the funds received by the ESD.

Good questions

I will clarify in the statement that

  • Process: As per request for funding Noting that this is the ESD funding request process and more information will need to be developed for MainDAO proposals
  • Fee: people are encourage to request a payment that they believe they have earned, which will be open to negotiation with the ESD. We [ESD] intend to adapt the funding based on what we learn from the scout rewards requested in S1

This program is designed around funded proposals to link compensation to performance.

We seek to incentivise proposals that meet strategic priorities. I do not believe it is financially prudent to pay people just for posting in the forum and I certainly do not want to incentivise random posts.

However, other types of governance proposals could be compensated - subject to funding of the current request for strategic funding.

Finance, governance, tokenomics are all listed as priorities for discretionary funding which allows authors to access this program.

This proposal was drafted using % allocations, which I preferred however the design presented accounts for the feedback of fellow ESD team members that

  1. rewarding % might negatively incentivise the creation of proposals that maximise author reward
  2. to enable people to request a fee that more accurately reflects their time and effort (not all proposals are equal)

The hard cap at 5k is both a signalling mechanism (bounds) and for budgeting. This can be increased if required subject to approval of our discretionary funding request

really stoked about this concept… i see it as a way to build our community and address some short term staffing needs

The scout program fee request has been updated

20k budget request for the Scout Program is set at 5% proportionate to the total 360k discretionary funding plus other 40k strategic funding requested by the ESD season 1.

CC @fartunov @daniel-ospina @AClay


Just to clarify, do you mean to have the reward per proposal contribution as % instead of having an absolute cap or do you mean to have the total budget for rewarding proposal contributions as % of the ESD budget instead of having an absolute cap.
I have opposition to the first, not the second

In the updated model, people can still request a fee that they feel is commensurate with their effort capped at the lesser of

  • 5% of funded value or $3000

The 20k season 1 budget is also capped and proportionate to 5% of the discretionary and strategic budget (excluding scout program) so 5% of 400k =20k

I am assuming people will typically claim the maximum 5% or 3k however this remain open to negotiation and ESD approval I want to avoid creating a one size fits all model without blowing the budget.


  • This program necessitates improved transparency around our funding to avoid a situation where scout rewards exceed the available budget.

  • The great unknown here is the value of unforeseeable main DAO proposals, although to date the author is usually rewarded within the proposal and therefore not eligible for scout funding.

  • For Main DAO proposals without a $$$ value we have capped charter adaptation to a budget of 10k season 1 with a fixed reward of $500.

  • Further funding is also available to SubDAO members under the 60k strategic development


EDIT: Requested update to formalise recent mention of this process

cc @fartunov @daniel-ospina can you please confirm your approval or rejection to include a nomination process for the allocation of the scout program funds

I think it makes sense for this season while contributors get used to the mechanism and start requesting the funding themselves.


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Same as Ivan. Makes sense for this season.
Moving forward the scouting programme feels like a band-aid solution and could perhaps be replaced by the coordinate circle for decentralising governance.

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Both Anson and I worked with Blossom Labs (EVMcrspr) lobbying to get their proposal up and approved along with discussions and review. I request a total of $2k to be split between both Anson and myself on this

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Dear ESD Team: @lee0007 @fartunov @daniel-ospina I would like to officially request $3000 for the Aragon Ukraine Response WG Proposal Aragon Ukraine Response WG Proposal. The proposal was, in my opinion, a success in bringing a wide variety of opinions from both the DAO & AA/AL together to respond to a huge global event. Through varying opinions I crafted the proposal to have a positive impact on Aragon and the entire DAO space and spoke with 25+ different stakeholders. Some of the benefits outside of the donation include deeply involving three external DAOs: UkraineDAO, Unchain, & Giveth (creating ecosystem interaction). The bounties have attracted the most attention of Aragon posted bounties and brought in new community members, up to 15+ applications for up to 10 Dework proposals. I personally spent 30+ hours on this work outside of my scope, I posted in both the discord channel & WG notion page if anyone else would like to receive scout benefits, no one responded, and thus I would like to send a portion of the proceeds to some of the individuals who spent time helping, including: @luizfernandosg (10%), @AClay (5%), @Harry (2.5%), Anson (2.5%) & @b3n (2.5%). I will donate another 2.5% either through Gitcoin or Giveth. Edit: As per the requests below: Alex, Harry, Ben, & Anson will donate their shares along with my 2.5% to Giveth or Gitcoin. Those funds can be sent to me and I will donate them and send a receipt to them.

Thanks you, please don’t hesitate to reach out for any more information.


@Anthony.Leuts could you please donate anything you think should go to me, instead to go along with your donation to Gitcoin or Giveth?


Approved 1/3

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Approve 2/3 cc @Ricktik6

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Following with @Harry here = Gitcoin or Giveth sounds great.

And @Anthony.Leuts you’re a fucking baller




Second Harrys sentiment here, please do the same for me


@AClay noted for both of you.