ESD Discretionary Funding: Honorary ESD Allocation

As per the process here and decided at the ESD General Meeting 13 June 2022

The ESD unanimously support rewarding @AlexClay for his work with and on behalf of the ESD in the months of December '21 through April '22 at the amount allocated to ESD members of 200 ANT per month - a total of 1000 ANT

This amount is in no way intended to reflect the immense value Alex brings to the DAO. It is the nominal fee allocated to all Sub DAO members. We consider Alex an honorary member of the ESD and we would not have made it past the first month without your support and leadership.

1000 ANT is payable in full and not subject to concerns about the cross-over between AA <> ANDAO work. This will be allocated from the strategic development funding approved here denominated 100% ANT cc @Ricktik6


Really appreciate this. Thank you @lee0007 @daniel-ospina @fartunov. Will keep doing my best to help.