ESD Compensation

Firstly before this post, a thank you to the Executive Sub DAO for the work they have completed over the previous 3-4 weeks (and before) on the proposals coming through they have been working well above and beyond what was expected and have kept proposals on track, well structured and in the best interest of Aragon. This is not something that can be taken lightly.

Thanks to @b3n for raising this in the charter change thread. I agree there is an urgent need to solve the disparity between time and reward. I would like to propose as a first step using the the correct portion of the scout program 20k that was set aside being used this month in a coordinape circle for the ESD with the amount of work that they have had to undertake.

That would be at 5% of the approved funding requests for this month based on the funding requests I believe this is around $6000 (two proposals approved) under the approved scout program. The amount of work required to get these proposals across the line should not be ignored and members should be compensated fairly.

Happy to hear opinions on this and longer term changes will be required, but would like to see something happen in the next week.



*(Not saying this amount covers all the work completed but want something as a first step)


I Definitely agree with you Alex!
As the majority of the proposals were a back and forward, with the result of better / more concise proposals, this should be rewarded.

Also willing to have a chat on how to handle this in the future!


Hey Alex
Ideally, all the teams we’ve worked with would be the givers in a coordinape circle, right?

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Yes, individuals you have directly collaborated with could be part of the circle (rather than just members of teams)

I agree with the sentiment - ESD is underpaid, which is a criticism I raised while the Charter was being drafted and then again when the election process was taking place.

To be honest, I am struggling to follow what the post is proposing since the proposed actions, as well as justifications and explanations, are all rolled into one

Hey, to be a bit more constructive and structured:

  • As part of THIS proposal, there is already $30k for the season for “Governance Development by SubDAO members” for the Season 1
  • I propose to set up a Coordinape circle with the ESD members and @AlexClay and @b3n (Alex and Ben being allocators only) to reflect Daniels’s remark that from a game theory perspective 3 person circle doesn’t work
  • The selection of Ben and Alex is based on the fact they are the highest context individuals outside of the ESD and who do not financially depend on ESD funding specific proposals (so no conflict of interest)
  • As ESD had to do substantial work in March we can overweight April as 2 months ($12k total) and keep the rest going month for month

To clarify the budget averages out to $2k per month per person on top of the ANT package
(currently valued at $660 per month)

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Sharing my thinking on the operational requirements of the ESD role, feedback and questions welcome. But from this imo 200 ANT covers the monthly routine for administration and communications only.

What is not covered yet is the variable work around proposals. This is currently taking significantly longer than required and the hours I’ve indicated are best case scenarios on the basis of also needing to

  1. improve strategic alignment AA <> AN DAO (all levels) [in Progress]
  2. improve governance communication flow
  3. socialise ESD strategic planning ahead of season proposals [ S2 July, Not Started]
  4. narrow the work of ESD by delegation to the community (dGov) [Proposal here]
  5. openly engage the community in the proposal feedback process prior to the forum [in Progress]

In reference to the operational requirements of the ESD role, sharing my work March April (hrs)

Covered by ANT

  • ESD Admin (7)
  • Commuications (15)

Seeking retroactive funding

  • ESD Funding (52)
  • S1 Proposals (42)
  • Beyond ESD (35)

This is the time that I can directly account for which does not cover the many additional hours in Discord, team meetings, forum and communicating and developing proposal like dGov

I would highly recommend compensation be linked to performance. The ESD should be held to exemplary standards in terms of the delivery of our work so that if we are not delivering 86 -100% across KPIs there should be no additional payment and that within the 86 -100% bracket payment should be reduced in line with execution of deliverables as our commitments to the community.

200 ANT falls well below the routine work.

Between office hours, ESD meetings and the all subDAO ones, we’re talking about 10h/month
then to engage in discord it’s at the very least 4h/month
and to read proposals and review deliverables, it’s easy another 8h/month

so maybe 22h/month for a low estimate.
At a base rate of say $150/h (which is low given the level of expertise required)
we’re talking $3300/month. So it’s been about 2.5k short of the baseline effort (even more now given current ANT price).

Check the notion Proposal assessment is under variables not routine admin or comms. I have 3 hrs per proposal each which may seems high but was below average for me S1 due to abscence of additional perspective

The issue here is giving even more power to the AA and also unless AlexClay and B3n join all calls, they will still have no visibility on the work being carried.

That’s where we could find a better solution through 1) a higher baseline compensation for ESD members and 2) broader coordinape circle (a guild) where the additional work around governance is rewarded (a lot of that work is not part of the ESD’s remmit after all, so best rewarded through a separate circle).

The adiditonal inclusivity and flexibility of the coordinape circle will enable the community to engage more broadly and the higher baseline of ESD compensation can be balanced by these being publicly elected positions that cna be changed at any time through a community vote.

In that note, the whole mechanism (ESD pay + dGov circle) should be ratified by the community as a whole.

Would appreciate your feedback on dGov given it may align with your suggested approach, including community ratified via vote

  • We discussed and agreed to use a mechanism that has an expiration. It is something for this season only. Ideally, by end of season, we’ll have a new Charter, new scope, new compensation, and new elections
  • Honestly the “giving power to AA” boogie man is getting old. The AN DAO design and the Charter have mostly created conflicts that @b3n, @AlexClay have gone to great lengths to alleviate. They are being included in the circle based on contribution towards the DAO, high degree of context as well as independence from the ESD

I think this was discussed two weeks ago already and agreed upon on the call. But just in case, the proposal has my support 1/3 cc: @lee0007 @daniel-ospina

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2/3 has my support although feels like a conflict of interest to approve our own funding, the proposal 1) comes from an independent party 2) deploys funding approved via due process (Aragon Voice) and 3) was allocated as specified

I also see it as a temporary S1 fix while we work to have the community approve needed changes to the Charter, ESD scope and compensation and next election process. My understanding is that the next ESD elections would be S2 September.

@AlexClay can we update the proposal please to clarify the source of funding is strategic not Scout Program

As per my comments in Discord here I have requested the release of additional approved funding here @fartunov @daniel-ospina To clarify as advised in discord repeated here and here the above ESD compensation round is allocated from the 30k strategic development allocation

Strategic Development: There is further work required next to the particularly defined SubDAO responsibilities which we propose to reward over and above the 200 ANT per month.

Given the average of 2k each per month falls well short of the high season investment of time and talent I am seeking additional funding under the strategic development funding equivalent to the standards established by the Charter and Scout Program allocations equivalent to a further 7k.

As a note for the Finance team @Ricktik6 @AlexClay the Strategic and Governance Discretionary budgets are seasonal, not pro-rata and was approved on the basis that

It is purposely USDC to balance the fact that for months now SubDAO members have received ANT only. Although for transparency I will note here that I also took up the Proposal Tracking Bounty which was rewarded in 50:50 USDC ANT in pre season. I waived one fortnight of rewards due to cross over with ESD admin work and general lack of forum activity.

Definitely agree here. The ESD is handling a lot of back and forth about proposals which should be compensated.

Perhaps we could compensate in ANT but tie it to the current price vs. USD or a stable coin.

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