Enabling Vault app for a new org to receive ERC20 tokens

For an old org created before Sep 11 2019, the org used to receive funds from Gitcoin Grants using the org’s Vault app address.

Because of EIP-1884, I created a new org recently (after Sep 11 2019) to migrate over to, and I can’t find how to enable the vault app or view the vault address for the new org.

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Oh, because the Agent app is a superset of the Vault app (source: Agent app, arbitrary actions from DAOs) I’m guessing I can use the Agent app’s address for this purpose. (I did enable the Agent app for this new org.)

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Yes! You can have an Agent and a Vault, but if you select Agent in a template your Org will use it instead of a vault. Under the hood, Agent is a Vault with extra functionality