ELI5💡DAO Epoch 5️⃣ Request -$500

Hello all👋🏼!
Just we just returned from ETH Denver and talked with Samantha. She recommended I post our DAO’s request here. We are requesting a $500 grant to test Aragon for 3 months.

TLDR: ELI5 DAO stands for Explain It Like I am Five years old - Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). Our DAO reviews tools created for decentralized organizations and explains their use in an easy-to-understand manner.

We do this by taking deep dive into the tools in three month periods called epochs. To date we have tested tools like colony.io, Samudai, and Common Ground and we have discovered bugs, improvements, and helped made suggestions to all of them.

What’s in it for the Aragon Community? After an epoch we write detailed reviews of the tools, create two videos, a TLDR, and put it together in a report to share with the development team. We would love to have the Aragon community participate in the epoch as well as the development team to see our process.

After testing colony.io our DAO members showed interest in in Aragon which has brought us here. Each epoch costs $500 and we are requesting that for one epoch (3 months of testing). The money goes back to the community for completing their reviews and running the weekly challenges. Would love to answer any questions.

ELI5 Home Page
Yellow ELI5
Colony Builder Spotlight
Example of Reviews


Most Eli5DAO members belong to many different DAOs of all natures and sizes, and the amount of discussion and brainstorming that happens around tasks structured for an epoch is also a high point in the value proposition for this grant.
The conversation starts in Eli5DAO but it propagates to many other DAOs.

Aragon team members will also be part of the conversation and have a direct channel of communication with everyone playing with Aragon to talk about bugs, improvements, feature requests, etc.

Yes thanks Jaf! We just spoke at Eth Denver and that is a real world example of propagating the tool as well. People were super interested in what we were testing and having that background knowledge of Aragon vs Colony vs DAOhaus and others is key to helping new founders in the space!


Hey @johne I remember you and Samantha speaking about this. Super cool idea. Ive noticed you have reviewed 1 product and are in progress on two others. A couple of questions:

  • What qualifications do your reviewers have? Are they devs? Are they people who run DAOs? Are they regular folks trying to make a few bucks?

  • How big is your community? How many people will see this review?

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Hey Shawn!
Yes that is correct we finished Colony and are just wrapping up Samudai. Common Ground we are in our third week of challenges. Please find my answers to your questions below.

  1. We have a mix of all of the above! We would not want to have 10 people of the same background to ensure we get a diversity of thought/reviews. My background is in Organizational Leadership, but we have Doctors, Web3 Founders, leaders of projects (in the Web3 space), regular DAO contributors, newcomers (who want to learn about the project) and OGs. Specifically for Aragon, we have users who used the older versions and also want to see how the updated version feels.

I think you will see looking at the previous tools we have tested that we have a very active core group and we have fun doing it. Ironically, however, it is those who are new to the tool that sometimes provide the best feedback. I like to think of this as a new set of eyes. For colony for example we found a bug where the proposal verbiage was not showing up, and reputation need to be forced (when it shouldn’t have been). These were not found by developers, just by our group using the tool on a daily basis.

  1. I think we have 80+ people who are in the discord, but of that I would conservatively estimate between 15-20 core members. For the reviews we recently made some changes. These are the items Aragon would get following the three months:

11 Personal Reviews (Think amazon reviews)
2 Videos +1 Quality Control/editor
1 Summary of the Tool +1 Quality Control/editor

Side note we also keep a “Parking Lot” of issues, suggestions, and improvements to share with the dev team if desired

Aragon can ask for specific feedback on features or ask us to specifically test a component for a week or add a question included in the survey. Following the three month epoch the reviews are free to the public. Think of us as a Consumer Reports for Web3. We post them on The List of DAO Tools (List of DAO Tools) but also send a copy of all reviews to the project team who can do with them as they see fit.

I Hope this helps. Also we would be happy to connect Aragon with the tools we have tested. I think they have found our epochs super valuable!



Gm ELI5 DAO! Can you share an example of a report you made? I’m asking because there is a Growth guild that just received funding in the Aragon DAO that handles much of the tasks you’re explaining here (such as explaining the Aragon stack in easy to understand language in mixed media like articles/tweets/videos) and a Product guild that also recently received funding and covers many of the other tasks (tests for bugs and shares them with developers).

So, I’d love to see if your proposal includes something that isn’t currently funded for in the Aragon DAO so there isn’t duplication of work, and the report might fit that. Thank you!

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Of Course! We have two reports out now. I just wasn’t able to drop a PDF in here. I can send it to you on Twitter as well but here is a google doc link. It is is also in our Discord (free for download).

Also not included in the report are the two videos but those can be found on lenster, or are also i the Discord.


I’ve got to agree with @Samantha here, there just doesn’t seem to be a lot here that we aren’t already doing internally. Our users are consistently providing us feedback and identifying issues, bugs, and possible feature requests.

Also, from what I’ve seen in the review that you provided, the feedback seemed a bit generic and surface level. Do you have anything in place to ensure people are just going through the motion to get the reward associated with the review?

Thanks Shawn,
So our DAO is called ELI5. ELI5 DAO stands for Explain It Like I am Five years old. So those reviews are very intentional, and seek to be understood by those not in the space as well as those in it. I would actually argue the opposite, that our reviews are much more in depth than others (and easier to understand).

Regarding the motions maybe the weekly challenges may help. Holistically we have the 3 month epochs but every week we have specific challenges that testers are asked to complete. One note these aren’t required, but are highly encouraged. Overseeing this we also have a tool manager that creates these challenges and gets people using the tool in depth.

One last thing on the intrinsic vs extrinsic value. Our review bounties are around $10 so the people who are completing these bounties are honestly doing it to learn about the tools and help others. The reviews are simplified and then posted after the testing phase. We are also looking to be a 501 (c )(3) UNA so by default our mission is education.

Either way I understand though. If your on the fence here I would recommend talking to some of the tools we have or are testing. I know the value I think we provide… but think getting it straight from them may help.

Another option could be joining the Common Ground epoch that happening now…we are in week 4 challenges as we speak. it might give you an idea of how we run the epochs.

Just letting you know Aragon is in the lead for our next tool to be tested…we have 94 hours to go.

jokerace a heads up…our community is voting on the next tool to test ad Aragon is leading the pack so far

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Sorry think my first post got hidden cause of the link. I just wanted to let you and @Samantha know our jokedao for ELI5 is going on now for the next tool we are going to test… and Aragon is in the lead. We have 94 hours left though.


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Good to hear! We’re excited for your feedback!

Uh oh :blush:


How do we get to Chipi Fest to share these beers with you and the team?! :smiley:

www.chippicon.com its a semi-secret web3 community party…we may or may not be at permissionless

Oh no, we won’t be there! But i’ll send you a little something to your deployment on Aragon. :slight_smile:
Looking forward to the results of your test!

Edit: just realised it’s on Goerli. Let me know if you have a deployment on Polygon or Base I can send it to. :slight_smile:

Thats very kind of you! Here are our wallets.

DAO wallet governance on Gnosis: 0xD5b23a95c261D46C7Ec52106f10369Cb8Fc0d5EA
Mult Sig on Eth: 0xecf0990a1B5f35AACE922423b5178cfbbcf91480

Our mascot slurtle is the treasury keeper.[Slurty :sloth:+ :turtle:]


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