Election: Candidates for Aragon Network Tech Committe Sub-DAOs

Description of the Action:

As we prepare for the launch of our experimental Aragon Network DAO, it’s time to source the candidates who’ll campaign to be elected to lead the different Sub-DAOs.

Below you’ll find a description of the role of Tech Committee member. For the official version (essential read if you wish to apply) check the Aragon Network Charter here

Long Form description & Rationale:

This proposal aims to implement the vision outlined in the Aragon Network Charter and, in doing so, enable the Aragon Network to further decentralise and deploy funds effectively to advance its mission.


Tech Committee member:


As a member of the Tech Committee, you’ll be responsible for overseeing the quality of the Aragon Network’s code and smart contracts.

You’ll lead and facilitate the conversation in matters of quality assurance, having the power to decide when a proposal containing code can be implemented or requires a code audit.


  1. Review technical proposals in the Main DAO and Sub-DAOs to assess them from a technical risk perspective.
  2. Remove technical proposals in the Main DAO and Sub-DAOs that represent a material, technical risk to the project.
  3. Approve technical proposals they believe would be beneficial to the Aragon project and DO NOT require a 3rd party technical security audit due to being low risk.
  4. Suspend technical proposals they believe would be beneficial to the Aragon project, pending the completion of a 3rd party technical security audit.
  5. When needed, add approved proposals to Github and other repositories and merge the code.
  6. Maintaining a list of whitelisted technical security auditors they deem to be sufficiently competent to audit Aragon smart contracts.

Compensation: 200 ANT per month.
Additional compensation through Aragon Association Salary or Aragon network Community rewards (e.g. SourceCred compensation)

The proposal to elect these roles will be launched on the 11th of October 2021 the earliest

If you wish to apply, reply to this post with

  • Your name/nickname
  • Why do you believe you’ll make a great member of the Sub-DAO
  • Your ETH wallet address
  • Other identifiers (if you’re applying to the Tech Committee, make sure to include your GitHub handle)
  • Identity Proof**1:

1**: a proposal is underway to choose a decentralised Identity solution for the AN DAO. Once the vote finishes, candidates will have to prove their humanity using the chosen solution

Limitations of this proposal:

This proposal only refers to the roles outlined in the AN Charter. Multiple other roles (official or otherwise) will be needed to operate and develop the Aragon Network.

Contact info for proposal’s facilitator:

Discord handle: danielo#2815
Twitter: @_Daniel_Ospina


Hi Daniel,

As a member of AA would I really like to be a part of the tech committee to bring the Aragon Network to the next level.

  • Samuel Furter | nivida
  • Because of the knowledge I have already about Aragon and the entire Ethereum & Blockchain space am I sure that I can have a big impact on delivering of high quality technical products to the Aragon Network.
  • 0xa974A0436b5D2842f47312832618900b1B633617
  • furter_samuel on twitter and nivida on github.
  • Identity Proof: Will get provided as soon as the vote finishes.

Hi Daniel,
I would be happy to join tech committee to help building Aragon Network to be the best DAO ecosystem in Metaverse.


Hi Daniel,
I would like to apply to join the tech committee, as individual but also as a representative of the Aragon Labs engineering team.

  • Pau | p4u
  • As CTO on Aragon Labs I have a good understanding of the Aragon ecosystem and I’m constantly connected with the engineering team (which I plan to involve on the decision making). I also have a good experience building and participating in Open Source communities and doing academic research on p2p netwokrs and blockchains (since 2011).
  • 0x05cE4A75dB7dE6B5db8367680f1179f4e208906D
  • github.com/p4u & wildp4u (twitter)
  • Identity Proof: Will get provided as soon as the vote finishes.

The vote is live here:

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Please find a link to the results of the Tech Committee Sub-DAO member elections - Final Results of the Aragon Network DAO Sub-DAO Committee elections

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