Election: Candidates for Aragon Network Executive Sub-DAO

Description of the Action:

As we prepare for the launch of our experimental Aragon Network DAO, it’s time to source the candidates who’ll campaign to be elected to lead the different Sub-DAOs.

Below you’ll find a description of the role of Executive Sub-DAO member. For the official version (essential read if you wish to apply) check the Aragon Network Charter here

Long Form description & Rationale:

This proposal aims to implement the vision outlined in the Aragon Network Charter and, in doing so, enable the Aragon Network to further decentralise and deploy funds effectively to advance its mission.


Executive Sub-DAO member:


As an Executive Sub-DAO member, your job is to act as a strategy facilitator and finance director for the community.

Together with your fellow Executives, you’ll be responsible for scheduling payments for the everyday running of the AN DAO. Equally, you’ll be expected to facilitate and lead community conversations related to strategy and strategic planning, to decide on key initiatives to fund from the Operations Vault (The financial treasury entrusted to the Executive Sub-DAO by the Investment Vault of the Main DAO).

This is a hands-on, community-oriented role for servant leaders and community representatives. As a team, you’ll have to set in place mechanisms for facilitating community-led ideation and receiving feedback. And you’ll have to strike a balance between listening openly and discerning where to direct funds and community attention.

Finally, you’ll also have to inspire the community to keep funding the activities of the Executive Sub-DAO by transfer funds from the Investments Vault (the reserve treasury controlled by the Main DAO) to the Operations Vault.


  1. Pay members of other Sub-DAOs
  2. Make grants to other community members at their discretion, providing:
  3. such transactions are disclosed transparently on the Aragon Forum website
  4. An Escrow is used to hold funds until the completion of the agreed-upon deliverable.
  5. The deliverable has been fully assessed by the members of the Executive DAO.
  6. Pay suppliers of the Aragon network, providing such transactions are disclosed transparently on the Aragon Forum.
  7. And Executive DAO members have the following responsibilities:
    1. Keep an up to date record of their activities and use of funds.
    2. Hold a General Meeting (online or offline) every fortnight and keep a record of the meeting available to the ANT Holders.
    3. Not miss any more than 3 consecutive General Meetings without providing a valid excuse (medical or force majeure) or a public explanation to ANT Holders.

Compensation: 200 ANT per month.
Additional compensation through Aragon Association Salary or Aragon network Community rewards (e.g. SourceCred compensation)

The proposal to elect these roles will be launched on the 11th of October 2021 the earliest

If you wish to apply, reply to this post with

  • Your name/nickname
  • Why do you believe you’ll make a great member of the Sub-DAO
  • Your ETH wallet address
  • Other identifiers (if you’re applying to the Tech Committee, make sure to include your GitHub handle)
  • Identity Proof**1:

1**: a proposal is underway to choose a decentralised Identity solution for the AN DAO. Once the vote finishes, candidates will have to prove their humanity using the chosen solution

Limitations of this proposal:

This proposal only refers to the roles outlined in the AN Charter. Multiple other roles (official or otherwise) will be needed to operate and develop the Aragon Network.

Contact info for proposal’s facilitator:

Discord handle: danielo#2815
Twitter: @_Daniel_Ospina


I’d love to give continuity to this project and continue to offer my skills to advance a humanistic and regenerative vision for DAOs in general and for the Aragon Network in particular.

I envision an Aragon Network DAO that’s open and collaborative, working together with hundreds of others projects and building a community-owned platform upon which we can create the organisations of the future - organisations that are more just, effective, and valuable for all stakeholders.

If elected, some of the priorities I wish to address are:

  • empowering the community to contribute and be rewarded, so that we can increase our work capacity exponentially.
  • helping build a marketplace of apps that can be connected no-code with the Aragon OS, so that advanced DAO functionality is available to your community whatever your technical skills.
  • launching a dGov squad (open to the community) so that Aragon can quickly turn user research into prototypes and tools that facilitate better coordination in DAOs (some key areas of interest: voter apathy in DAOs, elections that bring people together rather than apart, delegation mechanisms, plutocracy, etc.)
  • Your name/nickname:
    Daniel Ospina

  • Why do you believe you’ll make a great member of the Sub-DAO
    I facilitated the creation of the Aragon Network Charter and I’m very familiar with its intricacies. Equally, I have staked my reputation (and my job) in making a success of the AN DAO.
    Finally, my background encompasses a rare mix of skills that allow me to translate complex concepts around governance and organisation design into practice and community empowerment:

    • experience as an entrepreneur and executive (having started 2 companies and also led a turnaround of a mature enterprise).
    • facilitation (6 years of experience leading workshops and advising teams in Google, the UN, BCG, Daimler and numerous startups).
    • community building (was part of Sandbox.is Governance, took Crossmodalism from 0 to 1500 members with events across 8 countries, and have participated in a number of tech and open source communities in addition to having a background in Hospitality).
    • self-management (contributor to self-management publications like Enlivening Edge, certified Holocracy facilitator, 3 years practical experience bringing self-management into a traditional family enterprise).
    • management, psychology, systems, and social sciences research (ex Resident at Oxford’s Experimental Psychology department, Visiting Lecturer at Oxford University’s Business School on Innovation and System Design, ex-Associate Fellow at the Institute of Philosophy of the School of Advanced Studies, London University).
  • Your ETH wallet address

  • Other identifiers (if you’re applying to the Tech Committee, make sure to include your GitHub handle)
    twitter: @_Daniel_Ospina
    linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/conductal/

  • Identity Proof**1: to be added once the vote on Identity Solution is concluded


Your name/nickname:

Why do you believe you’ll make a great member of the Sub-DAO
I’m a co-founder of Utopia Labs: the modern system for managing + automating contributor payments, expenses, and more for your DAO, built right on top of Gnosis SAFE.

I think I can be a great member of Aragon Executive’s Sub DAO as I’m currently working towards codifying the processes of compensations, transactions, and can help with managing the day to day DAO ops. We’re currently working with several DAO’s to understand and learn more about optimized processes, and I’d love to take that knowledge to Aragon.

Your ETH wallet address

Other identifiers (if you’re applying to the Tech Committee, make sure to include your GitHub handle)
twitter: https://twitter.com/0xkaito


Hi Guys,
My name is Fernando

I believe that i can make a great member of the Sub-Dao because:
I started of my journey in this space studying dao’s and have published multiple articles related to it. Furthemore more i have previously participated in the DaoStack Alchemy DAO and have had approved proposals leading to the publishing of a few reports that were later used for an organization i helped co-found Caribbean Blockchain Network and in which i had had many responsibilities related to organization and community managment. Next, I’m motivated to actually building in this space and am currently enrolled to the consensys blockchain bootcamp, my MVP is a dao for digital art creation.

Finally, Im passionately driven to contribute to the world and people at large, my motives are based on my values which go against the current system of wealth centralisation through capital control and exploitation of the commons by the hands of the few. I believe that the tooling that daos provide the general public could potentially pave the way to more open, inclusive and fair systems of economic organizing.

Given my experience in the dao space, my passion for programming and blockchain organizing and my worldview. I know i would be more then able to handle the tasks required for this position while serving the comminty as diligently as possible and bringing fresh perspectives to the table when it comes to the implementation of mechanisms for the community let ideation process.

my eth_address:

other ways to know about me:

A New Blockchain Narrative
report on viability of decentralized decision making
dao’s an opportunity to challenge the status quo
curadao monthly recap
the first ever dao in curacao


I’d love to contribute to the future of the Aragon Network, and the DAO communities we are here to support. I’m 100% committed to the Network Charter and believe we have one of the leading manifestos on the planet.

Kia Ora, I’m Renee

I believe my strengths as a member of the AN DAO and Executive Sub-DAO are informed by my identity. I’m here to stand for indigenous women in leadership. I bring with me a world-view that I believe can add value at all levels of the DAO.

Kaitiakitanga: Guardianship and Stewardship
Kotahitanga: Cohesion and Collaboration
Matauranga: Knowledge and Understanding
Rangatiratanga: Leadership, Identity and Self- Determination
Whanaungatanga: Participation

Law-school drop out, I instead have a business degree with majors in 1) enterprise (new venture) development and 2) communication management and journalism. I am a start-up generalist and co-founder, a growth specialist and have held a number of governance roles with non-profit organisations.

I describe my role within teams as “catalyst, strategist and collaborator” A current example of my work is our APAC working group proposal and I am currently a contributor to Index Coop, Gitcoin DAO and an Aragon Ambassador. My favourite role is as mama to my beautiful son for whom I work to build a brighter future.

I’m a solid team member and work best in high-performance and results-orientated teams where I can live my personal values of excellence, service and integrity, collaboration, solutions and gratitude.

It would be an honour and privilege to work alongside the other people proposed here and I feel blessed to have this opportunity to contribute to what I believe and hope is the future of equality and freedom for people, communities and nations.

EDIT: to add Identity Proof


Nick Szabo’s ideas from “Shelling out” of how money is a coordination primitive that enabled the emergence of human civilization really resonated with me. “Evolving” the financial system with blockchain feels inevitable, but we have the opportunity to push it further and revolutionize human coordination. I aspire to help Aragon Network play an active role in that journey, not in insulation but through collaboration with the many great projects building alongside us.

  • Your name/nickname:
    Ivan Fartunov
  • Why do you believe you’ll make a great member of the Sub-DAO
    Within Aragon, I am currently driving the effort for a more open organization that embraces the ethos of web3 to tackle the challenges we are facing through better coordination across projects and teams.
    My previous experience in both the traditional world and the blockchain space makes me well suited to strategically allocate capital to grow the Aragon Network, which is the currently defined objective of the Executive sub-DAO:
    • Advised sovereign wealth funds and multinationals on incentives design for digital and industrial ecosystem development
    • Participated as both an issuer and bidder on multi-million public tenders alongside EBRD and IFC in multiple European countries
    • Advised tech and renewable energy companies on strategic and financial merger and acquisition topics
    • Scaled a team from 3 to 13 members and grew revenue from zero to ~$5m (annualized) for a CeFi player during the 2019 bear market
    • An early member of several exemplary DAOs in the space (Bankless, Forefront, Friends with Benefits) - observer only
    • Active experimenter in the web3 space (clr.fund trusted setup signer, 440+ degen score, Level 6 Rabbithole scholar, “How to DAO” student)
    • Built venture portfolio pipelines and contributed to 25+ start-ups in web2 and web3 as an investor and advisor since 2017
  • Your ETH wallet address
  • Other identifiers (if you’re applying to the Tech Committee, make sure to include your GitHub handle)
  • Identity Proof: To be provided once option/s are selected

Disclaimer: As Head of Partnerships at Aragon I am in charge of growing the networks ecosystem. I however have not directly participated in setting up the AN DAO Charter, or this election process, and in that context, I believe I should not be considered a privileged insider.


You have my vote!


Hey All, I am Alex

I would love to participate and drive the Aragon Network DAO forwards as part of the Executive committee. Having spent the last six months in Aragon, I do not think it can be underestimated how important this project is for Aragon and all organisations.

Alexander Clayhills-Henderson (Alex)

Why do you believe you’ll make a great member of the Sub-DAO?

As I am currently the Head of Transparency for the Aragon Project and part of the Operations team helping manage the treasury for the Aragon Association, I believe I would be in a good position to sit on the AN DAO. I want to make sure the Aragon Network DAO is set up and run efficiently in the early years to allow for funds transfer as early as possible. I want to make sure the community is kept up to date with all the developments and decisions, as this is a vital project for the future of organisations. Additionally, I have an overview of the entire Aragon project.

My experience stands me in good stead for the Executive DAO. I have experience in early-stage finance and tech start-ups, raising funding for over 80 tech businesses. I managed a team of 12, and I have also reported and run a SEIS Fund.

I have strong finance experience from an MSc in finance, running a fund of 12 companies, and I am currently undertaking the CFA exams.

I also currently sit on the Aragon Court Council and would like to see this transferred to the AN DAO at the earliest opportunity.

I want to leverage my experience in the finance industry at the early stages of the AN DAO to make sure it is managed and run transparently to allow it to run the future of organisations for all communities globally.

What is your Eth Address?


Other Identities



Identity Proof: To be provided once option/s are selected


The vote is now live here:



Please find a link to the results of the Executive Committee Sub-DAO member elections - Final Results of the Aragon Network DAO Sub-DAO Committee elections