Election: Candidates for Aragon Network Compliance Committe Sub-DAOs

Description of the Action:

As we prepare for the launch of our experimental Aragon Network DAO, it’s time to source the candidates who’ll campaign to be elected to lead the different Sub-DAOs.

Below you’ll find a description of the role of Compliance Sub-DAO member. For the official version (essential read if you wish to apply) check the Aragon Network Charter here

Long Form description & Rationale:

This proposal aims to implement the vision outlined in the Aragon Network Charter and, in doing so, enable the Aragon Network to further decentralise and deploy funds effectively to advance its mission.


Compliance Committee member:


As a member of the Compliance Committee, you’ll have the ultimate responsibility for safeguarding the Aragon Network.

You’ll lead and facilitate the conversation in matters of risk, sustainability, and ethics, developing the systems and culture necessary for the effective functioning of an exemplary DAO.

You’ll be tasked with defending the Aragon Network Charter and its spirit and facilitating the community process to evolve the Charter as needed.

Members of the Compliance Committee are granted an extraordinary veto right over all proposals in the Aragon Network (except their own appointment to the role). It will be your job to wield this power wisely and ensure it’s seldom needed.


  1. Reviewing all proposals in the AN DAO and any-sub DAO for compliance with this Charter and overall legal compliance, providing feedback to proposal creators where appropriate.
  2. Remove any proposals they deem to be non-compliant with any part of this Charter or illegal.
  3. Legal responsibility - The Compliance Committee members assume full legal responsibility for the approval of any illegal, unlawful, criminal or fraudulent proposal.

Compensation: 200 ANT per month.
Additional compensation through Aragon Association Salary or Aragon network Community rewards (e.g. SourceCred compensation)

The proposal to elect these roles will be launched on the 11th of October 2021 the earliest

If you wish to apply, reply to this post with

  • Your name/nickname
  • Why do you believe you’ll make a great member of the Sub-DAO
  • Your ETH wallet address
  • Other identifiers (if you’re applying to the Tech Committee, make sure to include your GitHub handle)
  • Identity Proof**1:

1**: a proposal is underway to choose a decentralised Identity solution for the AN DAO. Once the vote finishes, candidates will have to prove their humanity using the chosen solution

Limitations of this proposal:

This proposal only refers to the roles outlined in the AN Charter. Multiple other roles (official or otherwise) will be needed to operate and develop the Aragon Network.

Contact info for proposal’s facilitator:

Discord handle: danielo#2815
Twitter: @_Daniel_Ospina


Hi, I’m Shawn Cubbedge, I believe I’d be a great fit for this position because firstly I wholly believe in the Aragon vision and the goals that this vision entails.Since i was first introduced to cryptocurrency, ethereum, smart contracts, and web3 i have wanted to help this movement in any way i can as a truly believe this is what will help lead us to a better future for each individual and collectively as a whole. The more involved i become in this movement, the more I believe in it and the more I’ve dedicated my time and effort in learning as much as i can and directing that knowledge in a way that will help progress in a way that’s beneficial to humanity.

Secondly , I pride myself on being able to view any situation with detachment and discernment providing a clear and unbiased judgement based on the given information and rules set out by the Aragon Charter. Ive read and fully understand the Charter and wholeheartedly believe in the manifesto and the morals it entails. To be able to ensure that each member of Aragon is able to participate and contribute to Aragon equally and without discrimination is something i would be honored to do and would take with the utmost sincerity.

Thirdly, I have ran multiple businesses and have led teams of up to 50 people ensuring that not only is it a profitable business but also that it was ran fairly and that each individual felt appreciated and heard. Each person knew that if something was happening that they felt wasn’t right they could come to me and openly tell me about it and i would either investigate the issue or explain to them in a way they would understand as to why that was taking place. In my almost 10 years experience in upper management my turnover rate was almost non existent and very rarely did i have issues among the staff and I believe my openness to my employees was a big part of that.

Lastly, and on a more personal note, having this position would help be able to transition to Aragon and the DAO space on more of a full time basis enabling me to focus solely on Aragon and the future of governance for the Web3 space. Helping free people of the way in which things have been done in the past is a huge passion of mine and its something I sincerely take seriously and would put my full effort into.

I appreciate your consideration and regardless of the outcome of this election i look forward to contributing to Aragon and watching this community grow in size and influence over the years.

Thank You,
Shawn Cubbedge
Discord Handle: shawnzywonzie#4546
Twitter: @ShawnzoGonzo


Hey Everyone, my name is Sonny, and I would love to be an active part of this community.

Here’s why I believe I would make a great - Compliance Sub-DAO Committee Member:

  1. I full-heartedly believe in DAO Communities and Governance. I think they are the future of all organizational structures.

  2. My previous work history has given me the right set of skills for this position.

Union Representative

  • I was a Union Representative (or “Steward”) for a US Federal labor union for almost 10 years, and completed the Regional (5 States) Training Program. (I recently quit to pursue, well, this type of opportunity.) I represented and defended the interests of my fellow employees through a national Grievance procedure (similar to Aragon Court).
  • I helped monitor and enforce the provisions of our CBA (Collective Bargaining Agreement , very similar to the Aragon Network DAO Charter) - to ensure nobody violated the terms of the agreement. Including compliance with all federal, state and local laws and regulations.
  • On a daily basis, I had to communicate and disseminate official union policy, memos and directives, while also promoting union consciousness and values with our members as well as organizing with other Unions and Sub-Unions.


  • Elected by a majority vote, I oversaw the financial affairs and ensured the branch adhered to all legal accounting practices. Kept books and produced financial statements, kept records in order, filed detailed reports with the Labor Department and Internal Revenue Service.

Executive Board Member

  • Appointed by the President, composed of 5 trustees to oversee the financial affairs of the union, auditing its books, reporting on the audits and other financial information, and managing its property.

Newsletter Editor

  • I published a newsletter that was received by every member, active and retired. The newsletter represented the union’s agenda on political, legislative, labor and workplace issues, with an emphasis on factual presentation so members can make informed decisions.

Website Administrator

  • Designed website enhancements and managed content. Added multi-cloud support to other Branch officers. Built pages, fixed bugs and performed system upgrades. Maintained property rights to several domains and official branch emails. Established monthly web-based video conferencing procedures.

I am very passionate about ethical behavior and the rights of a collective. Not only would I be a stout and respectful representative of the Aragon Charter, and the Compliance Sub-DAO Community, but would also commit to the progress of it’s spirit.

My ETH Address: 0x9CAf0149A2a4466e92De8d977Cf11549d5EBC9DC
My Twitter: @SyntrooperSonny
My Telegram: @SyntrooperSonny
Bright ID:


Hi Everyone,

I’m a Swiss qualified seasoned FinTech-lawyer and tech-enthusiast working at a large business law firm in Zurich. I represent many of the large layer 1 and layer 2 DLT-software protocols (e.g. solana, eos) as well as DAO projects (e.g. HOPR, Ethereum.World) and help them to implement proper governance structures through decentralization.

I’m an out of the box thinker, actively contributing to tech-communities to push the development and adoption of technology forward. I guide projects through the legal and regulatory landscape with the aim to bring out the best of the used technology and seek for challenges to reshape existing structures for the greater good and to create efficiencies.

As a co-contributor to the Aragon Network Charter and legal counsel to the Aragon Association, I would be pumped to be elected as a Compliance Sub-DAO member to show skin in the game and help the Aragon ecosystem to grow in a sustainable, fruitful and compliant manner.

Let me know if you have any questions.



My Twitter: https://twitter.com/r_kogens
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ronald-kogens/
My Ethereum address (for privacy reason a clean wallet): 0x9c05Ea2B1f6BcAfF36Eae0574123D4CC092C6B5C


Taylor Rawlings (Tayy) -

I believe my skillsets in law and regulatory compliance (KYC/Transaction Surveillance) will be of great value to this role & Aragon Community. I am meticulous and objective when necessary; also, I have been active in Bankless Legal Guild, contributing a legal narrative on governance and regulation. The narrative is soon to be published. Finally, I am active in LexPunk and LexDAO, both legal DAOs at the forefront of law and regulation.

  • Eth Wallet Address: taylorrawlings.eth
  • Discord: Tayy#3241

link to my resume via Dropbox: Resume

Thank you for your consideration!



Dear Aragon Community,

My name is Javier Pascual, I am a lawyer and founder of Cysae, firm specialised in Fintech, technology projects based on Blockchain and, in general, tech companies.

In recent years, I have advised multiple projects that are closely related to Aragon: from pure DeFi, to projects of digitization of organizations thanks to Blockchain. Currently, I am advising DAO projects that can interact with the real world (off-chain), so that the DAO can, in practice, enjoy a de facto legal status. The study of this subject is challenging and exciting.

In my opinion, the implementation of pure DAOs in our society must be preceded by a series of intermediate phases. In this sense, DAOs can currently be very useful for governing certain centralized companies, technological start-ups, companies with a high transnational component, companies created for a specific project with a limited duration, public administrations, collegiate bodies of universities or professional associations, among others. These types of companies could be more efficient, transparent and fairer if at least some of them were DAOs. However, for these companies to be able and willing to migrate part of their structure to a DAO (or to create a 100% DAO ab initio), they must generate trust.

And trust is based on security, both technical and legal. A platform such as Aragon should offer different technical and legal alternatives, depending on the needs of the DAO. In my opinion, Aragon is currently at 1-5% of its full potential and the legal development of DAOs is 100% necessary for its full growth.

In recent years, I’ve had experience in the payment services sector (we advise a crypto payments project within the Spanish regulatory Sandbox), tokenisations and issuance of all kinds of tokens, regulation of exchanges, staking… I also collaborate actively with supervisory bodies in Blockchain matters and, in the corporate field, I managed to ensure that Spanish companies can hold shareholders’ meetings in writing and without session, thanks to the digitalisation of these meetings through a tool that we internally developed: https://portal.boardchainapp.com.

To sum up, I would love to be part of the Compliance Committee of such a promising project as Aragon!

Thanks in advance.


Nickname: JaviP

Eth wallet: 0x13e63f9d3C93C99765A6928D5De3Bec9702B468d

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/javier-pascual-maldonado-659b3690/.

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gm community,

I joined Aragon some days ago, but I was aware of its goals and its products since 2019. I stepped in because I was very interested in the innovative DAO structure. A detailed system of checks and balances built on-chain.

I think that I would contribute well to the sub-dao due to my interest in DAO-governance and my real life experience with different Institutions and authorities. In fact, I am constantly in the position of checking compliance issues!

In Bankless DAO, I am the coordinator of the legal guild and a member of the Grant Committee. Moreover, I am actively involved for addressing legal issues in the Polygon Ecosystem DAO in LexDAO and in Lex Punk Army.

In RL, I am a University Professor and a lawyer qualified for the upper instances in my jurisdiction. Within my University I am a member of the Ethics committee. I am a member of the National Ombuds office of the most important independent Authority of my country. I am a Council member of the European Law Institute.

Thank you very much for your consideration. Should I not be elected, I will give the best for the community in trying to contribute to the shaping of governance best practices!

ETH address: 0x75cD58A01883C6A115A1293C4Dd4CE67D11928f0
Discord handle: Eagle#2979
Twitter: eaglelex_eth


The vote is live here:


Please find a link to the results of the Compliance Committee Sub-DAO member elections - Final Results of the Aragon Network DAO Sub-DAO Committee elections

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