Donation to the Ethereum Cat Herders


The Ethereum Cat Herders are a group of independent contributors serving the Ethereum community. We are here to support Ethereum developer teams by coordinating Hard Forks, monitoring EIPs, creating PM processes and retroactive reports, relaying information between teams, taking notes during All Core Devs calls and much more.

Our aim is to bring the minumum amount of order that chaos needs to move Ethereum forward.


The Ethereum Cat Herders are seeking funding for their Ethereum project management efforts. As one of the projects that benefits from their work by building on Ethereum, I’d like to propose that we help support the Cat Herders in their mission.

I propose a one-time donation of 600 DAI, or about one month of funding for their efforts.

Fun fact: The Cat Herders were an early adopter of Aragon!


Hi @light - this is great to see, the Ethereum Cat Herders seem to be gaining some traction at coordinating efforts across the Ethereum ecosystem.

I have one question though: why is the donation not being made to the ethcatherders DAO?

Hi @chrishobcroft, good question. In the call for support that drew my attention to their need for funding, Tim Beiko pointed to this address and the cat herders have solicited donations to that address elsewhere too, so that’s where I decided to send the donation. Is the Aragon org still used? If so, perhaps you could get them to deprecate the old address and point people to send donations to the Aragon org instead?

BTW sorry for the late notice, I was distracted before by an issue that was causing the AGP10 Voting app to not load in my browser. But the vote on this proposal is now live: