Donate dao.eth to ethereum commons

Hello everyone. It has come to my attention that the Aragon multi-sig launched in 2017 holds the dao.eth domain. I am curious what intention the Aragon community has for this important and broad namespace. Would you consider donating it back to ethereum so that other DAO users might build on top? A long-term contributor to ENS DAO, validator.eth has volunteered to manage this in trust for the ecosystem. If Aragon would request funds, what would be reasonable? Overall, I see it as a net positive for Aragon to be seen as the protector of this domain from otherwise extractive or exclusive efforts and noticed it has been dormant.


I am not sure why Aragon needs to donate the ENS. If there is any DAO that has a usecase for the ENS name, they could reach out and secure a partnership with Aragon.

Plainly donating the domain just because it sounds nice has no actual value in my opinion. I am new to the DAO space, so I might just be uneducated on the actual value of doing this.


I agree with Tony.

I concur with Anthony.

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Aragon creates products for DAOs. Hence, it is fairly logical that we might have secured the domain at the time.

As @tony-stark-dex stated, it doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense to donate the same. Also, donation requires a cause. What’s the exact cause we are donating this for?

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I don’t know the community’s intended use but I would like to see it in production, either with Aragon or more broadly. One potential area for exploration could be with the DAOstar group working on open standards for DAOs.

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I think it’s more important to first secure the transition of the entire Aragon Project into a DAO (currently active). Then allow those teams to begin planning use of assets, such as this (which would make more sense when Aragon is a full DAO), before exploration of donating tangible assets that could be used to benefit the community through marketing, ecosystem, growth, etc. In short: Aragon has more use of this in the future and we shouldn’t make a decision on this before we even have the ability to use it in the right circumstances.


We have short-term plans to use the dao.eth domain for DAOs created on the new Aragon App (and therefore, the new core). As the lead DAO platform, I think it is super fair that the Aragon Network can provide such a great branded domain for its DAOs


This is fire. :fire:


Love to see this! Look forward to seeing it in action

If anything, it would be a nice feature to provide subdomains to Aragon (or other) DAOs…

Potentially leading to revenue generation.


This is epic!

+1 tony = well said + thanks for jumping in on this!

@z0r0z this forum is definitely the right place to have raised this request and I appreciate the public and transparent nature of this approach. As a heads up though as per our governing Charter : Aragon Governance Proposal Process S 5 (f) technically your proposal as it currently stands could potentially be vetoed. It falls into the category of OTHER proposals defined in the Charter as requiring

f. Process for Financial Proposals and/or Other Proposals: in sequential order:
i. Public deliberation phase: A post with the draft of the proposal is posted in the Aragon forum for a minimum of 7 days and a maximum of 14 days with the format:

  1. Title of Proposal (in the format “Financial Proposal:[title]”)
  2. Description of the Action
  3. Description of why the author believes it will help to increase the number of Active Aragon DAOs

#3 Is difficult for a request of this nature. There are further requirements for the voting process so I’d encourage you to check out the Charter if you decide to move this proposal to vote.


Thanks everyone for commenting. I searched around and found no discussion of the dao.eth domain in Aragon chats. The value or “cause” in donating this domain is Aragon being cool and demonstrating alignment with everyone and not being seen as a domain squatter. I am not aware of any other platform securing such a broad domain space related to its product offering. If you don’t believe this is a value add to Aragon in securing alignment and partnerships, then I am not sure I can make many more points.

Edit How I see dao.eth being used, Aragon can reserve aragon.dao.eth, and other platforms might mint their own subdomains. Frameworks will become brands for org types. But end of the day, it is useful to understand in the context of this ask, what Aragon community sees as its value case.

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Voicing my support for this concept! it seems this isn’t an asset that a single entity can claim ownership over - it should be treated like the Public Good it is.

would be a really interesting coordination experiment: a collective of DAO platforms holding and managing the name at a multisig (or maybe an Aragon Org…?)