Do you manage the Telegram groups: Aragon official & Aragon Annoucement?

It looks like a scam groups with “tokens give away” if you send eth. They use Aragon’s logo

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AFAIK, we do not have any official channels on telegram!

You probably should do something about it as someone is using your name and logo for scams

Telegram has no way to report stuff like this and doesn’t take any active effort to combat scams on their platform. If you figure out a way to get their attention, let me know.

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We should think about what the risks/rewards are for us managing an official Telegram announcements channel (it can be just broadcasts, so no need to monitor it as no one but us could write to it and the members are not public)

I’ve already considered it and have no plans to give Aragon an “official” presence on Telegram.

I’m probably not familiar with all of the consideration around it but I would recommend you having one. You can pin a message there that it’s the only official one. Many people search in telegram and it’s a shame to leave it for scammers to use your name to swindle people.

Thanks for the suggestion but I won’t be making an account for Aragon on that platform.